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CNN Presents is a weekend news program. The shows highlights information about current events in the United States and some events abroad. The show features information about natural disasters and other current events; on one episode they did a episode on super storms. This episode aired after Super storm Sandy hit the north eastern United States. The show featured victims of Super Storm Sandy and experts on climate change.

CNN Presents is an hour long broadcast and features three stories in one hour. The series features video footage of events taken place and get testimonials about events they are covering. The show has a host and feature the experts throughout the segment. They may do follow up documentary on certain stories.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 24, 2004
Cast: Randi Kaye, Christiane Amanpour, Judy Woodruff, Soledad O'Brien
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  • Every day in Iraq, there are untold stories of life and death... wounded troops struggling to survive... and heroic efforts to save their lives. "CNN Presents: Wounded Warriors" offers a rare glimpse at the medical care U.S. troops are receiving in Iraq. Correspondent Alex Quade was given unprecedented access as she traced the journey of injured troops from battlefield to home. It's an inside look few civilians have seen.

  • With 800 tracks in 49 states, 30 million fans, and a billion dollars a year in revenue, dirt track racing is the biggest sport you've never heard of. In this energetic hour, CNN takes you inside this full-speed world of "bad fast" cars to meet the stars, watch the races, and join the millions for whom dirt track racing is a way of life. Before NASCAR became the largest growing spectator sport in the nation, drivers raced on dirt - and still do. In tracks across the country, competitors ranging from long-timers to weekend warriors, local mechanics to consummate pros race roaring racing machines engineered nearly from scratch before legions of committed fans.

  • Cancer is now the number one killer of Americans under 85. More than thirty years after the government declared war on the disease, it refuses to surrender, claiming nearly 1,500 lives every day in America. In this hour, Dr. Sanjay Gupta goes inside this brutal war, to the front lines of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, where every day thousands of patients, doctors, and practitioners fight against this terrifying enemy. Gupta takes us to meet those both finding cures--and living them. For many patients, the cancer center is a last stop, when cancers either rare or advanced force them to search out cutting edge cures. CNN Presents goes deep inside this world-renowned medical complex to see the battle up close--the most promising new ideas, the disappointments, and the risky and life-saving science. And, we see it all through the eyes of those living with the disease.

  • Is it okay to cheat? Surveys show a rise in infidelity -- and the taboos against it seem to be fading away. An exploration on the front lines of society's shifting sexual mores. "Infidelity" explores the monogamy myth. Is fidelity realistic, even relevant? We pay it lip service yet our culture undermines it at every turn. We condemn affairs but relish gossip about them; we deplore adulterers but devour movies about infidelity, often rooting for the cheater. Experts say the current generation of middle-aged marrieds is twice as likely to have cheated as the generation before them. Are we in denial?

  • Anderson Cooper goes inside 15 square miles of Los Angeles terrorized by 34 different gangs, where death is a constant menace and gangsters rule the streets. Police daily face a losing battle; parents dread the violence that threatens their children; and young kids routinely fall prey to the glamour of gang life. Gangs are spreading across America and nationally gang homicides are climbing. Nowhere is it worse than Hollenbeck, a community where a homegrown brand of terrorism is a daily fact of life.

  • The extreme medical procedures used to keep us looking young. A look at the cutting edge procedures -- and the people who use them. In CNN Presents "Fountain of Youth," CNN Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen explores America's fight to stay forever young.

  • We know about their dedication, their weapons, and their missions. But it's taboo to talk honestly about what military forces actually do: they kill. CNN Presents: Fit to Kill breaks that taboo with personal accounts -- often in graphic detail -- of soldiers from World War Two to the recent war in Iraq.

  • It is an epidemic of staggering proportions - both literally and figuratively. Americans are fat and getting fatter, and the health implications are growing along with us. In this hour, we'll explore how we got here and what the risks are. We'll see how dieting pits us in a battle against evolution and genetics. We'll reveal the common behaviors of the uncommon people who have lost lots of weight and kept it off for years. And, we will look at the future and the scientists working on solutions that would help us win the battle of the bulge.

  • llegal drugs grab the headlines when it comes to addiction. But in fact, alcohol is the most abused substance in the world. In this hour, CNN Presents takes an inside and very personal look at how alcoholism is treated in this country. We'll follow the story of one young woman's struggle to overcome her addiction and go inside addiction research clinics on the cutting edge of new treatments. We'll learn how new brain imaging techniques and genetic research is leading to controversial new treatments that are challenging the long-held belief that "the 12-Steps" is the only way to manage addiction.

  • It is the fastest-growing form of Christianity in America. Some surveys say nearly 40% of Christians in this country describe themselves as "evangelical" or "born again." They are making their presence felt across the country. They flocked to see Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ," making it one of the most profitable films ever released. And their conservative, strict interpretation of the Bible has set off fierce battles that threaten to tear apart mainline protestant congregations across the country. What does it mean to be an evangelical in America 2004 - and why is this brand of Christianity spreading so rapidly right now? Carol Marin investigates.

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CNN's Wolf Blitzer Faces Off With Donald Trump

It won't die. It will never die. Footage could be found of Barack Obama doing the hula as he exits Mama Obama's birth canal, and some people will just never believe he's U.S.-born. Case in point? Donald Trump. Money can't buy sanity, folks.

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