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This television program features various episodes that each deal with a different topic that has been on the minds of Americans, as well as topics that the journalists feel is of great enough importance to share with the public. Each episode portrays a different story, ranging from shockingly violent cases, news stories pertaining to the world of entertainment, and stories such as "Voices of Auschwitz" that take viewers back in time over half a century, to a moment of history that has been looked upon with great sadness. Each episode features the host in addition to guests who share their opinions.

CNN Special Report is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (99 episodes). The series first aired on July 15, 2014.

Where do I stream CNN Special Report online? CNN Special Report is available for streaming on CNN, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch CNN Special Report on demand at Hulu online.

Tuesdays 9:00 PM et/pt on CNN
4 Seasons, 99 Episodes
July 15, 2014
Documentary & Biography, Drama
Cast: Christiane Amanpour, Nic Robertson, Anderson Cooper, Alex Quade
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CNN Special Report Full Episode Guide

  • A look at the life of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, as she becomes the first woman to become vice president.

  • Wolf Blitzer anchors a special look exploring the origins and execution of the coup attempt Donald Trump inspired on January 6, 2021, to prevent his successor from taking office.

  • Fareed Zakaria examines the president's interest in conspiracy theories.

  • Jake Tapper examines President Trump's experiences with the legal system before and during his presidency, and he looks at the president's words and actions related to legal norms and the rule of law.

  • Anderson Cooper looks at how human infringement on bats' territory may contribute to the transmission of diseases, including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

  • The funeral service of George Floyd in Houston, Texas; anchored by Brianna Keilar and Victor Blackwell.

  • Host Don Lemon focuses on the violence and racism faced by black people in the United States.

  • Fareed Zakaria presents the story behind China's deadly secret including the timeline of what China knew and when they knew it about the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The timeline of how the coronavirus spread across the globe and how President Trump reacted to the virus's developments as they occurred.

  • Wolf Blitzer examines the stories of those who were imprisoned in Auschwitz.

  • An updated look at Harry and Meghan's lives as they step back from their roles as senior members of the British Royal Family. Alisyn Camerota hosts.

  • As the nation prepares for the impeachment trial of President Trump, CNN's Wolf Blitzer takes a look back at the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

  • All the best moments and all the worst moments from the year 2019.

  • An investigation into the Salesians, a Catholic religious order whose stated mission is to minister to children.

  • Jake Tapper speaks to scholars, historians, and philosophers about how the president's statements foster a culture of mistrust, leading Americans to question the integrity of scientists, economists, world figures, and the media.

  • In the last few decades, impeachment has become a political weapon. Now we find ourselves in the middle of an impeachment inquiry, looking to history to understand how, why, and even if Donald Trump should be impeached.

  • Fareed Zakaria looks at the frenzied competition for slots at elite schools that has exploded into the biggest cheating scandal in American history, a scheme that exploited the desperate quest for higher test scores.

  • Fareed Zakaria looks at the frenzied competition for slots at elite schools that has exploded into the biggest cheating scandal in American history, a scheme that exploited the desperate quest for higher test scores.

  • More than six years since CNNs first investigation into medical marijuana, Dr. Sanjay Gupta searches for the truth about CBD, which has turned into a multi-billion-dollar industry.

  • Alisyn Camerota takes a look back at the NBC sitcom "Friends" which debuted in September 1994.

  • CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta goes on a nationwide investigation to look at the real-life impact of dozens of deregulations at the EPA and what it means for the health of American families.

  • On the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, correspondent Bill Weir takes a trip across America, speaking with legendary musicians who performed at Woodstock and examining the historic event's impact on future generations.

  • Jeff Bezos founded Amazon 25 years ago. Now, it's a tech behemoth that fuels everyday life. CNN's Poppy Harlow examines Amazon's journey from online bookstore to e-commerce giant and beyond.

  • Kate Bennett profiles first lady Melania Trump, talking to those who know her best.

  • Erin Burnett takes a look at how President Trump and his businesses make money as he battles to keep his taxes and other financial documents away from scrutiny.

  • Fareed Zakaria explores a country where women are property and music and movies are evil, until a new crown prince brings unimaginable freedoms, but here is a dark side.

  • Jim Sciutto and Pamela Brown present live reaction and analysis of James Comey's first interview since being fired as F.B.I. director. This follows "James Comey - An ABC News Exclusive Event Interview" just broadcast with George Stephanopoulos interviewing Comey.

  • An in-depth look at the tragic and gruesome fraternity death of 19-year-old Penn State University student Tim Piazza; his murder led to one of the largest criminal indictments in history against a fraternity and its members.

  • Trump one year later. Jim Sciutto and Pamela Brown host.

  • All the best moments and all the worst moments from the year 2017. Tom Foreman hosts.

  • Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, a decorated military intelligence hero and leader in the War on Terror, finds himself caught up in the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election. Hosted by Jim Sciutto, Chief National Security Correspondent for CNN.

  • The demand for Donald Trump humor transforms late-night talk shows and the hosts who front them; CNN analyzes the impact of President Trump on current comedy; the blurred lines between late night and news. Hosted by Brian Stelter.

  • Jake Tapper hosts live coverage on the day's developments in the Special Counsel investigation, led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller. The first criminal charges are filed in the investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 Election. New evidence shows the Special Council zeroing in on possible collusion.

  • Donald Trump first used twitter to promote himself and his projects; candidate Trump used twitter to rally his supporters; President Trump still tweets, but it may be possible that twitter will become his Achilles' heel.

  • North Korea has shown the world its missiles and military might; the rest of the country remains veiled in secrecy; exclusive and unprecedented access; Will Ripley returns to North Korea for a record twelfth trip.

  • Twenty years after Princess Diana died in a tragic car crash, CNN's senior international correspondent Clarissa Ward examines the events and circumstances surrounding her 1997 death. This report explores the lesser-known moments of the princess' journey and shares intimate details from interviews with some of her closest friends and those near to her on the night of her death, some of whom have never spoken publicly on the subject before.

  • Fareed Zakaria examines how Trump's own life story helped him forge a powerful connection with Americans who felt they'd been left behind.

  • Carolyn Warmus has maintained her innocence since the day she was charged with the murder of her married lover's wife. Kyra Phillips investigates.

  • Fareed Zakaria examines how Trump's own life story helped him forge a powerful connection with Americans who felt they'd been left behind.

  • CNN correspondent Kyra Phillips plays never-before-heard excerpts from the tapes that rocked the O.J. Simpson trial and sits down for a rare interview with the woman who recorded them.

  • An investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 presidential election and possible ties to President Donald Trump's campaign has bogged down the administration's agenda and created turmoil in the White House; Jim Sciutto and Pam Brown host live.

  • Anderson Cooper returns to the Pulse night club to help tell the stories of the people of Orlando; the battle to establish the legacy of the attack from agony to triumph.

  • Doctors at Montefiore Medical Center separated conjoined twins Jadon and Anias McDonald in 2016; CNN follows the twins through separation and recovery.

  • CNN looks at the charges against Bill Cosby as his criminal trial begins.

  • CNN looks at the charges against Bill Cosby as his criminal trial begins.

  • 10-years ago, 3-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared. Could she still be alive? CNN's Randi Kaye investigates.

  • Almost two months after spending 28 hours under siege in ISIS-held Mosul, CNN senior international correspondent Arwa Damon and photojournalist Brice Laine go back to the beset city to discover what happened after they escaped.

  • Clarissa Ward investigates the history of 28-year-old Younnes Delefortrie, a past Catholic altar boy from a middle-class Belgian family, who converted to Islam and became part of ISIS in Syria.

  • Fareed Zakaria searches to find the true nature of the relationship between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, and the implications of their relationship for the world.

  • Friends and longtime Trump watchers give insight into Melania Trump's upbringing in Slovenia, her relationship with Donald Trump, and how she may shape the office of the First Lady.

  • President Donald Trump addresses a joint session of Congress followed by commentary and summation by CNN News staff.

  • Spotlight on Ivanka Trump, her role as one of her father's most successful surrogates on the campaign trail, and the issues she's most passionate about as her father moves into the White House; Gloria Borger hosts.

  • Exploring the theories, secrets and bombshells of the mysterious murder of JonBenet Ramsey; a rare interview with John Ramsey.

  • Former presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Michael Dukakis, John McCain, Walter Mondale and Bob Dole share their experiences of losing the presidential race.