Degrassi: Showdown

Degrassi: Showdown is presented by a fashion designer, in the show women and young girls are taught how to dress well. That is, how to select colors and match them up. The presenter says that, when she looks at women and the way some of them dress she is not happy. Since she is a fashion designer, she decided to start this show to help them.

One episode turned out to be like a fashion show. She brought a variety of dresses and designs with matching shoes. She also brought matching hand purses and other accessories. They selected young, good looking, slim ladies who were present in the show to put on the dresses and matched them up with their corresponding purses and shoes. This was very interesting as colors that people thought could not be matched were put together and they looked amazing. The interesting part of the show was that, every women who tried on a dress took it home including the shoes and purse. They did not pay anything for the articles. The women were very excited and extended their appreciation.

The show is very interesting and educative. A lady testified that since she started watching the show, she has improved in her dressing. That formerly she thought that wearing expensive clothes is what matters. But now she has learned that simple clothes that fits you and looks good on you are the best.

1 Season, 2 Episodes
July 16, 2012
Degrassi: Showdown

Degrassi: Showdown Full Episode Guide

  • After blacking out, Drew tries to piece together what happened at the party.

  • Drew returns from break ready to end things with Katie. Clare is thrilled to see Eli, but is it mutual?

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