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Degrassi Junior High is a series that follows a group of Canadian teenagers during the late 1980s. The series told the story of several students in grades seven through nine, and a new group of students made their debut later in the series. Most the series took place at the Degrassi Junior High School, with several students taking a class at Borden High School in the third season.

The show is known as the first soap opera for kids and teenagers, and the characters face a variety of realistic problems. Teenage pregnancy, divorce, drug abuse, alcoholism and body issues are just a few of the problems exposed on this television show. The show takes on difficult challenges that many teenagers face but may never discuss.

Degrassi Junior High starts with an introduction of the characters, and the second season focuses on the teenage pregnancy of a main character. The third season showcases their last year in junior high, and the students of Degrassi prepare to move to high school.

Degrassi Junior High is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on January 18, 1987.

Where do I stream Degrassi Junior High online? Degrassi Junior High is available for streaming on CBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Degrassi Junior High on demand at Apple TV online.

3 Seasons, 42 Episodes
January 18, 1987
Cast: Maureen McKay, Anais Granofsky, Amanda Stepto, Neil Hope, Dayo Ade
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Degrassi Junior High Full Episode Guide

  • Wheels is concerned about whether he can pass, and Joey has made a deal with his parents that he can go to the graduation dance only if his grades are good enough. Ms. Avery tries to persuade Spike to continue school. During the school dance, bad wiring causes the school to burn down, leaving the kids wondering if they'll see each other for next year.

  • Lucy hosts a secret party when her parents are away, but doesn't tell Clutch. Joey, Wheels, and Snake convince Clutch to buy them some beer, which he does, and Clutch comes to the party drunk.

  • BLT is led into a fight because of he was called a racist name. Michelle's parents disapprove when BLT asks her to the dance. Spike is rejected from a job because of her punk haircut. Liz wants to break the windows because they were bigoted of her hairstyle.

  • When Arthur's Dad begins dating again, Arthur feels left out and jealous, so he and Yick try to break them up. When Arthur's dad and his girlfriend breakup, Arthur feels horrible. Melanie gets jealous when Snake is attracted to Allison.

  • Wheels is sick of school and of his grandparents strict rules, so he takes off looking for his biological father Mike. Luke and Shane does acid at the Gourmet Scum concert. The next day, Shane is missing.

  • Melanie spends $20 treating her friends to a fries and cokes on 13 Busy Street, a local Degrassi burger joint. When Snake asks her to go to a concert with him, she "borrows" $20 from her mother. Shane tells Spike he's too broke to give her the child-support money, but then spends $20 on a concert ticket. Spike find out and gives him hell. BLT bets Joey $20 that Joey can't get a date to the concert.

  • Erika falls in love with Clutch, when she read her horoscope. Alexa decides she wants Simon back after losing him to Michelle.

  • Liz organizes a protest against cruelty to animals. Scooter and Bart buy what they think are "sea creatures" for the aquarium. Joey becomes a problem at the radio station

  • Snake is devastated to learn that his all-star brother Glen is gay, and fears he could also be gay.BLT makes fun of Joey's new idea of getting his band onto the radio, by being a janitor at the radio station.

  • Caitlin is hurt when she misunderstands Joey's intentions about a dance. Alexa tries to help shy Michelle gain the attention of BLT, while little Dorothy has a crush on Yick.

  • Yick and Arthur are mad at each other, over arguments about whether Arthur is "rich" while they exchange gifts. Arthur's cousin helps them remember the "good times". Spike brings her baby to school but is reluctant to let Shane hold the baby

  • Lucy's relationship with Paul makes her a neglectful friend to L.D., and the twins. When she decides to have a sleepover, Paul tells her to have a high-school party, and tries to have sex with her. She refuses, but the next day, everyone thinks they "did it". Kathleen becomes school vice-president, and puts her friendship with Melanie on hold.

  • Wheels has troubles going back to school after his parents' deaths. Lucy becomes involved with Paul, a high school boy.

  • Wheels' parents forbids him to spend time with Joey, who they think is a troublemaker. Spike returns to school, after having her baby, Emma, during the summer. She ignores Shane. Yick finds out Arthur's mom won the lottery. Meanwhile, when at Joey's house, the cops come and tells Wheels some horrible news that will affect the rest of his life.

  • The 8th graders learn they are staying at the same school for 9th grade, while Joey learns he will have to repeat grade 8. Meanwhile, The Zits Remedy are scheduled to play at the dance but will Joey show up?Spike feels labor pains during the dance.

  • When Mr. Colby returns, Lucy tries to warn Susie about him. Mr. Colby seems to be attracted to Susie as well, as he starts to make her feel more than his student. Alex tries to raise money for the yearbook.

  • Joey and Wheels talk Snake into letting them have a party at Snake's house, while his parents are away. Heather and Erica feels bad when the community succeeds at having Spike thrown out of school for "setting a bad example to students", so they bring her her homework.

  • The parents of the children at Degrassi wants Spike to be kicked out of school because they think her being pregnant is influencing more to be sexually active. L.D. discovered pictures of half-naked girls in Joey's locker. Thinking he's sexist, she puts similar male pictures in her locker to get back at him.

  • Steph becomes depressed, and even suicidal when her father fights for custody over her and Arthur and her mother's plans to remarry. Arthur find a puppy, names it Phil, and tries to sneak him to school.

  • Erika becomes involved with a strange boy at the school dance, making Heather jealous. Wheels rejoins the Zit Remedy, but Snake begins to have second thoughts about the band.

  • The Degrassi quiz team goes to Kathleen's house to prepare for a match and discover that Kathleen's mother is an alcoholic. Scooter and Max try to change their image when Yick and Arthur call them nerds.

  • Joey causes trouble when he crosses Dwayne, the school bully. Steph finally realizes Simon likes Alexa more than he likes her.

  • Caitlin has received the lead in the school play. But when she had a seizure at Susie's house during a slumber party; she learns she has epilepsy, so she loses the part to Kathleen. Michelle is overcome with shyness when Mr. Raditch asks everyone to make a speech.

  • Shane's parents are upset that Shane is the father of Spike's baby and invite Spike's family to dinner.Yick asks Melanie out to a movie, but when Snake asks her too, she tries to make up an excuse, so she can go with Snake.

  • Joey tries to sleep with the new girl, Liz, because everyone says shes "easy". Arthur is confused because he is having wet dreams.

  • Lucy starts crushing on the substitute teacher, Mr. Colby, who always looks at her. L.D. tells Lucy that she saw him look down her shirt, but Lucy thinks that L.D. is jealous. Lucy stays after school so she can help him. Wheels comes into the room they are in, and sees Mr. Colby's hand on her shoulder. Wheels is failing school, so he has to quit Zits Remedy.

  • Spike has to take care of an egg for class, and gives it to Shane to see how he takes care of it, to reflect what kind of father he'd be. Meanwhile, Alexa and Steph fight for attention for the new student.

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