Bruno and the Banana Bunch

Bruno and the Banana Bunch is a television for children that premiered in 2007. It only consisted of one season which had 26 episodes. The television show aired in more than 70 countries. The show is ideal for children around preschool age. Bruno is a monkey and the main character. He has a big eye for adventure and is always looking to have some fun with his friends while learning from the world around him. Bruno has many friends that make up the Banana Bunch. These friends include a Hippo, and Alligator, a Flamingo, a Penguin, and a Sheep to name a few.

1 Season, 27 Episodes
September 17, 2007
Children, Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Maurice Dean Wint
Bruno and the Banana Bunch

Bruno and the Banana Bunch Full Episode Guide

  • Bruno blasts off into space in search of new friends. He travels to the Pink Planet, where he meets a Space Cow, but she's very shy.

  • After losing to his friends in a game of basketball, Bruno falls asleep wishing he were much taller.

  • It's the day of Pink Cow's dance recital, and Bruno is in charge of the music. When the music player doesn't work, Bruno comes up with a new plan.

  • Oh no! Bruno has forgotten all about Big Elephant's birthday party, and now he doesn't have a present to bring!

  • When Bruno loses a piece of his favorite puzzle, he decides to retrace his steps to find it.

  • Bruno is invited to a costume party but can't decide what to wear!

  • Bruno and his friends are playing a round of Bananaland Golf, but the game is cut short when the ball falls into the water.

  • It's time for the annual Bananaland Games, and the competition is fierce! Bruno really wants to win first prize this year.

  • Bruno really wants to buy a kite at Green Frog's garage sale, but he doesn't have enough money.

  • Bruno is excited to put on a magic show for the Banana Bunch, but he mixes up his magic words and makes his friends disappear!

  • Bruno invents a time machine and goes back to the time of the dinosaurs.

  • When Bruno's picnic basket floats off into the sky with some helium balloons attached, Bruno and his friends make their own balloon and give chase.

  • Inspired by a comic book, Bruno becomes a superhero and spends the day performing feats of heroism all over Bananaland.

  • Bruno is having fun playing hide-and-seek, but when it's his turn to find his friends, he can't find anyone!

  • Bruno loses his ball in a tree and discovers a silly goose nest, but when one of the eggs hatches, the little silly goose thinks Bruno is his mother!

  • Bruno wants to go on a holiday, but where will he go? He enlists the help of the Banana Bunch to help him decide.

  • Everybody is very disappointed when a rainstorm ruins Bruno's backyard campout, so Bruno comes up with a new plan -- they'll camp in!

  • Bruno promises to watch Pink Cow's racing turtles while she's out, but the trouble starts when they accidentally get away!

  • Bruno's tree house is a mess, but instead of tidying up, he builds a robot out of brooms, buckets and cleaning supplies.

  • When Bruno invites his friend Purple Penguin to sleep over, he soon realizes that they are very different.

  • When Bruno finds a treasure map, he puts on his eye patch and scarf and sets sail for adventure along with his swashbuckling mateys!

  • Bruno puts some chairs together to make a train and picks up his friends at the station.

  • Bruno has decided to paint a picture for his wall. He visits his friends for inspiration and literally jumps into their paintings!

  • It's show-and-tell day in Bananaland, but Bruno has forgotten to bring something special!

  • When Bruno discovers that all of his bananas have disappeared, he sets out to get to the bottom of this perplexing mystery.

  • Bruno is putting on a spectacular circus show, and he's invited all of his friends to perform!

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