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Monster Math Squad is a children's television show designed to teach children important mathematical skills while thoroughly engaging them at the same time. The show features several fuzzy math monsters as stars of the show. The monsters have daily adventures that require simple mathematical processes to solve problems. Children learn skills such as counting numbers, adding and subtracting numbers, counting and sorting objects, telling time and reading clocks, creating and recognizing patterns, measuring solids and liquids, recognizing shapes, and so much more! This television show teaches math in a way that is fun, witty, engaging, and relatable to children of all ages.

Monster Math Squad is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on May 7, 2012.

Where do I stream Monster Math Squad online? Monster Math Squad is available for streaming on CBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Monster Math Squad on demand at Netflix, Amazon, The Roku Channel, Google Play, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

2 Seasons, 50 Episodes
May 7, 2012
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Julie Sype, Jenna Warren, Cory Doran, Annick Obonsawin
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Monster Math Squad Full Episode Guide

  • The Squad is enlisted by Maker Monster to help count and package up large numbers of toys quickly and accurately.

  • The Squad use their knowledge about "next" numbers in order to put Number Line Monster back together after he falls apart and to play a counting game.

  • Freezy Treat Monster's cart has broken down, so it's up to the Squad to reproduce the correct patterns of frozen gloop and decorations on the cones.

  • The Squad helps Miss Hand Monster get her nails ready by using their knowledge of five to select the correct amount of nail polish.

  • Muddle Monster wants to play Whack-a-Monster-Ball with Double Monster, but the Squad has to learn how to make everything double before DM will play!

  • Three monsters of different weights learn which of three different-sized Honkers are the right match for them.

  • When Lickity Monster licks the stamps off the mail, the Squad put things right by learning that different shapes have different numbers of sides.

  • The Squad learns about measuring time while helping Sporty Monster figure out which of his Slugmonsters can win the annual Slugmonsters' Race!

  • The math-tastic power of Counting by Tens helps the Squad and Sally Scout Monster quickly figure out how many Crabapple Cookies Sally has to deliver.

  • The Squad helps Miss Murkley make identical double cake orders for Even Stevie and Even Evie by cutting cakes into two symmetrical pieces.

  • The Squad help bring about peace and quiet with the little monsters by learning that two sets of objects are equal if they each have the same numbers.

  • The Squad must go backward down a number line -- that is, from 5 to 3, and then from 5 to 1 -- to help Delivery Monster stay on schedule.

  • The Squad help unlock a joke box by using keys of differing shapes that fit into their keyholes only when they are in the correct position.

  • Some little monsters want to ride the new Monster-Go-Round, but they won't all fit, so the Squad use "subtract" to make two smaller sets of monsters.

  • The Squad help a monster follow a recipe for making a compost bed by learning that "sum" indicates the total of two or more objects added together.

  • The Squad help Farmer Monster, who grows Toothy Plants with differing numbers of teeth, as he counts how many teeth each plant has.

  • Monstrous romance is in the air as Nervous Nelly Monster calls the Squad to ask for help preparing a stinkweed bouquet on her wedding day.

  • Mr. Cranky Pants Monster asks for help in packing up orders of Slime Cubes when he can't figure out the proper size of boxes in which to pack them.

  • Mr. Cranky Pants Monster needs the Squad to put away some toys for him, but he warns them the toys can be very fussy and hard to put away properly.

  • The Squad use math to help Mr. Cranky Pants Monster deliver some fungus fingers, and discover that he's following the wrong line on the road.

  • Garbage Monster calls the Squad for help making teams for road hockey. Using the word divide, they get the right number of monsters for each team.

  • The Squad are asked to be judges at the famous Fang Festival, and they quickly make their way to the local park where the festival is taking place.

  • The Squad offers to help some little monsters count the right number of coins to make a bucking monster toy give them a fun ride.

  • Sydney Squid Monster is having a pink ink tea party, but she needs help counting the mucky-ucky marshmallows to see if she's ordered enough.

  • Picky Eater Monster is afraid he doesn't have enough time to make loot bags for his brother's birthday party just the way he likes them.

  • When Garbage Monster wants to take a nap, he climbs on top of his garbage heap, but he needs the Squad to save the day when his heap gets too high.

  • The Abominable Fridge Monster has a problem: he needs to be full of food for his picnic with Mr. Cranky Pants Monster, but he can't fill himself up!

  • Hoppity Monster loves the game Monster Hopscotch, with its ten squares, but he wants MORE squares to hop in, so he calls in the Squad.

  • Mr. Googly Eyed Monster needs help to get his Wally Ball-y rolling again, and the Monster Math Squad learns that Wally Ball-y needs to be on a slope.

  • Miss Murkly leaves her nephew, Muddle Monster, in charge of her muffin shop, but he gets everything so mixed up that she needs the Squad to help.

  • The Squad is called by Stinky Feet Monster to find his footbath ingredients, and they discover that what he needs is located in unusual places.

  • The Slime Cream Monster needs help counting the Slime Cream Sundaes he's selling from his truck to make sure he's giving customers the right amount.

  • Miss Hattie Monster is trying to finish three hats for her next customer, but the Jingle Monsters and the Puff Monsters keep jumping off the hats.

  • Mrs. Mopely is having a terrible time sorting out all the different scary face masks the little monsters have made for Scary Face Picture Day.

  • Long Tail Monster is trying to lead the Monster Stinkiness Parade, but whenever he starts marching all the other monsters suddenly disappear.

  • Miss Murkly is all in a tizzy when a customer wants to return one of her famous Heavenly Half Muffins, even though the proportions were perfect.

  • Picky Eater Monster is at Barks and Stench General Store to figure out how many items are needed for the picnic he is planning for his brother.

  • The Squad drop by and show twins Even Stevie and Even Evie how to play a game of bowling and keep all the pins even as they go.

  • The Monster Math Squad help a group of little monsters figure out a game of musical chairs by knowing all about "more."

  • The Monstrovia library is being shaken to its foundation as Big Burp Monster searches for a book!

  • Mr. Cranky Pants Monster's last customer left with the wrong scooter, and the Monster Math Squad has to learn about patterns to follow the trail.

  • A call comes in over the Scream Screen - its Mrs. Mopely, the Day Scare teacher, who needs help to stop the scary face balloons from floating away.

  • In the town of Monstrovia, the Garbage Monster delivers garbage to everyone's house, but he needs some math help to get all the orders correct.

  • Mr. Cranky Pants Monster is crankier then ever after Mess Monster has turned his store upside down. Can the Monster Math Squad fix the damage?

  • Mrs. Huge Horn Monster is missing her house! Smooth Moves Monster sets the Monster Math Squad on the track, but first they need to learn about size.

  • Miss Murkly can't bake her slimy grimy monster muffins! She has no way to measure the ingredients as someone has taken the numbers off her scale.

  • Bad Mood Monster needs the Monster Math Squad to walk his pet monster, Woofy, while he attends his nephew's party in the park.

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