Reef Doctors

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Follow doctors who work at Hope Island Clinic as they take care of the people who live there. They make sure the residents who are injured receive the proper care needed as well as help those who are ill get better, but they work on an island instead of in the typical metropolitan hospital.

Friday 9:30 PM et/pt on ZDF
1 Season, 13 Episodes
June 9, 2013
Drama, Kids & Family
Cast: Lisa McCune

Reef Doctors Full Episode Guide

  • It's "ňústinger' season and the arrival of dangerous Irukanji jellyfish shuts down Sonny's Beach. Sam discovers a massive aggregation of them and collects some for her research. When Jack is accidentally stung by an Irukandji, the Hope Island team ...

  • When Toby finally finds a relic from a shipwreck that will triple in value all the artifacts he has so far collected, an excited Erica flies out to see the piece for herself. After a grueling medical emergency, Sam comes face to face with Erica.

  • A wild storm heralds the coming wet season and damages the Clinic's satellite dish. The visiting repairman happens to be an old mate of Rick's. Freya is initially intrigued to learn something of Rick's past.

  • Sam has arranged a ceremony to scatter her beloved Father's ashes. Much to Jack's dismay Andrew is bringing his girlfriend and her daughter. A surly Jack predicts the event will end in disaster.

  • Sam and Jack are excited when two family friends renowned husband and wife wildlife film-makers come to the island for a bit of R and R and to film out on the reef for their latest TV series.

  • Sam is collecting deadly cone shells when Andrew calls with the news that the Foundation has agreed to fund her venom cream. The only problem is they have assigned her rival Malcolm to oversee the trials. Sam refuses to give Malcolm her data.

  • Toby runs into trouble with sharks while diving alone, in secret. Sam, Gus and Jack rescue him, but he refuses to explain what he was doing underwater. Sam worries that Jack is seeing too much of Toby, especially when she sees the mysterious.

  • While Sam heads to mainland to sort out the details of Hope Island Clinic's upgrade Andrew informs her what is expected of her to get that. Upset, Sam storms out refusing to give her venom research to some corporation.

  • It's a busy monthly Clinic day on Hope Island and Rick is keen to see some new patients. Sam and Livvy try to get him to improve his bedside manner and listen to their complaints, but Rick treats them all as if he is back in a big city ER.

  • It's Freya's day off and Sam and Gus take her on a venomous spider hunt. She has plans to later go snorkeling on the reef with Sonny. When Gus falls into a stinging bush and Sonny loses consciousness out on the reef.

  • To pay for a much-needed outboard motor, Sam gives a lecture to Andrew's medical students at the Mainland University. Whilst there she discovers her rival Malcolm has a newly renovated hi-tech lab, and an unhealthy interest in her venom discoveries.

  • Sam and Gus go on a monitor lizard hunt while the new doctor, Rick, has trouble adjusting to working in a remote clinic. When a new bride on her honeymoon steps on a deadly stonefish, Rick argues with Sam over the appropriate treatment.

  • Dr. Sam Stewart (Lisa McCune) and Pharmacologist, Gus Cochrane (Andrew Ryan), spend their spare moments chasing venomous creatures to discover the secrets of venom.