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  • 2013
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.1  (110)

Boundless is an adrenaline-pumping adventure series that premiered on G4 network in 2013. Hosted by three pro-athletes, Rory Bosio, Paul Trebilcock, and Hunter McIntyre, the show chronicles their journey to conquer some of the toughest endurance events in the world.

The show revolves around the idea of pushing one's boundaries beyond the conventional limits and testing their physical and mental limits to the extreme. The hosts are on a mission to challenge themselves in some of the most treacherous and challenging competitions, including ultra-marathons, extreme triathlons, and adventure races.

Rory Bosio, an accomplished ultra-athlete and trail-runner, is one of the show's hosts. She has won numerous titles in some of the most challenging endurance events, including the infamous Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. Her expertise in trail-running and her unwavering determination are her undeniable assets in the show.

Paul Trebilcock, on the other hand, is a triathlete and extreme sports enthusiast. He has completed multiple Ironman and ultra-distance triathlons, and adventure races worldwide. In the show, Paul brings his strength and endurance to the table and helps the team take on some of the most grueling competitions.

Hunter McIntyre, the third host, is an accomplished obstacle course racer and fitness expert. With his charismatic personality and can-do attitude, he completes the dream team and empowers them to tackle some of the most daunting challenges.

Each episode of the show documents the host's journey as they prepare themselves for the next competition. The three hosts travel to different parts of the world, from Canada's Patagonia to Michigan's frozen rivers, looking for their next challenge.

From climbing sand dunes in the Sahara Desert to paddling through icy waters, the show features the hosts enduring physical hardships and mental fatigue to keep up with the demands of the competition. Whether it's running a 100-mile race in the middle of the night or trying to keep their balance on a SUP board during a hurricane, the team gives their all in their quest to complete the challenge.

Boundless is not only a show about extreme endurance events; it's also a showcase of some of the world's most breathtaking landscapes. Throughout the series, the viewer can witness stunning, hard-to-reach locations, from the snow fields of Finland to the dense forests of Canada.

Their journey is not just about their personal conquest; it's about the people they meet, the stories they hear and the communities they interact with. The show captures the heart and soul of every location they visit, highlighting the local customs, food, and culture.

Overall, Boundless is a must-see show for anyone looking to challenge themselves or find inspiration. The incredible feats achieved by the hosts will leave viewers in awe of what the human body and mind can accomplish. As the team says, "limits only exist in the mind," and this show epitomizes that message.

Boundless is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on September 25, 2013.

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Canada: 100 km Multi-Sport Race
10. Canada: 100 km Multi-Sport Race
June 14, 2016
The Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race is a 100km competition that features 16km kayak, 62km of treacherous road and trail biking and 21km of running along the beautiful Niagara Escarpment in Ontario, Canada.
Sweden: Otillo Swimrun World Championship
9. Sweden: Otillo Swimrun World Championship
June 7, 2016
The birthplace and world championship of the newest trend in ultra-racing, Otillo is a unique race combining 10km of swimming and 65km of running across 26 islands in the Baltic Sea archipelago in Sweden.
California: Spartan World Championship
8. California: Spartan World Championship
May 31, 2016
The Superbowl of Obstacle Course Racing (ORC,), the Spartan Beast World Championship, unites the world's top OCR athletes together for a 38-obstacle course track in Squaw Valley, California.
Colorado: Vail Mountain Games
7. Colorado: Vail Mountain Games
May 24, 2016
The Boundless athletes take on the punishing Ultimate Mountain Challenge, the toughest event in the multi-day Vail Mountain Games festival. Cheered on by friends and family, they complete in standup paddling, mountain biking, trail running and a road bike time trial - each race pushing the athlete's fears, injuries and endurance in ways they never expected.
Scotland: Scottish Highlands Quadrathlon
6. Scotland: Scottish Highlands Quadrathlon
May 17, 2016
This very demanding Quadrathlon race is amidst the scenic rolling hills of Aberfeldy, Scotland. The competition features a nearly one-mile swim across Loch Tay, 60 miles of fell running over seven hills above 3,000 feet, a seven mile kayak, and a 34-mile road bike. Simon and Turbo, as Team Canada, push and pull one another over some daunting moments through their combined sense of discipline, while the young and hungry Hunter and Rory, as Team America, push forward full force. It'll take more than just trash talking to beat the mental stamina required to reach the finish line.
France: 140 km Mountain Bike Race
5. France: 140 km Mountain Bike Race
May 10, 2016
Deemed the hardest mountain bike race in the world, the MB Race Culture Velo set in the French Alps features 70km, 100km and grueling 140km course option with over 7,000 meters of single-track climbs, and harrowing descents. On and off the track, the athletes encounter a few obstacles along the way. Rory tries to overcome her mountain biking inexperience and retain her racing legacy. Simon's bike goes missing and is forced to maneuver the rugged terrain on a rental and Hunter's cramping threatens to take him out of the race entirely. On a high note, Turbo is pacing well in the race and decides to go further than he originally planned.
Utah: Adventure Xtream Race
4. Utah: Adventure Xtream Race
May 3, 2016
The Adventure Xstream Moab race in Utah is a riveting one-day, 60+ mile adventure competition. The race marks the first time Simon, Turbo, Rory and Hunter compete as a four-person team.
Chile: Atacama Extreme 100 Mile Run
3. Chile: Atacama Extreme 100 Mile Run
April 26, 2016
The athletes head to the Atacama Desert, the driest place on Earth for a 100-mile foot race that could be the mental and physical breaking point of the race season.
Greenland: Arctic Circle Race
2. Greenland: Arctic Circle Race
April 19, 2016
Set north of the Arctic Circle, this three-day cross-country ski race is considered one of the most challenging of its kind due to unpredictable weather conditions.
Arizona: 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race
1. Arizona: 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race
April 12, 2016
The "Burning Man" of the mountain biking world, this race attracts some of America's most eccentric mix, as competitors pedal a 24-hour loop course through the wild and dangerous cacti forest of the Sonoran Desert. The squad experiences equipment breakdowns, a race-stopping emergency, night time exhaustion and the fight to work their way onto the podium.
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Boundless is available for streaming on the G4 website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Boundless on demand at Amazon Prime and Vudu.
  • Premiere Date
    September 25, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (110)