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The Dew Tour is a live broadcast television show that gives real time coverage of the extreme sports competition for the infamous Dew Cup, which will be awarded in Orlando. Featuring some of the most fearless athlete's from all across the world. This live show was broadcast on several various networks such as NBC Sports, MTV, MTV2, USA, Fuel TV, and Universal HD. It also broadcast on many international channels such as Eurosport, Fox Australia, Extreme Channel, and even the Allarco Superchannel. The Dew Tour also has millions of people who attend, in order to see the action first hand. Some will compete at their finest, while others will make mistakes that can cause them to lose their chances at winning the Dew Cup. This television show is appropriate for all age groups.

This live broadcast show has live coverage of some of the world's top performing athletes, as they all compete for the honored Dew Cup. Witness live footage of these athlete's putting in all of their effort, hard work and time into their techniques, and performing long hours of tricks and jumps. This event takes place all over the country, and has five high intensity sporting events. You will get to see both park and vert skateboarding, intense park, vert, and dirt BMX riding, as well as nail biting freestyle motocross. The Dew Tour is jam packed with various trick's and jump's, as well as a lot of high air jumps and fast speed. Watch these top athlete's as they push themselves and strive to best the best of the best in the competition. Action packed live show for chalked full of wild stunts, high flying action, tricks, and jumps that wow the audience.

9 Seasons, 104 Episodes
November 30, 2007
Dew Tour
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Dew Tour Full Episode Guide

  • Watch the highlight reel from the Breckenridge Dew Tour.

  • The Dew tour attracts some of the top athletes in the world such as Shaun White, Louie Vito, Kelly Clark, Bobby Brown and more.This years event will be more significant than ever serving as the first official US Ski and Snowboard Team Olympic selection event and the first qualifying events for lympic freeski slopestyle, freeski superpipe and snowboarding slopestyle disciplines.

  • A recap of the Snowboard Pipe Finals that were held at the Ion Mountain Championships in Breckenridge, CO.

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