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Dharma Freedom Finkelstein-Montgomery is a free-spirited yoga instructor with an incredible knack for looking on the bright side. Raised by hippie parents, she was taught to shun convention, trust her wildest instincts, and find the joy in everyday life. Her husband, Greg Montgomery, is a conservative, Harvard-educated attorney and the yin to Dharma's yang. Married on their first date, they have remained committed to each other from day one, despite the obstacles presented by the world around them.

Among those obstacles are Dharma's counterculture parents, Abby and Larry, who recently brought another bohemian bundle of joy

Dharma & Greg is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (119 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 1997.

Dharma & Greg is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dharma & Greg on demand atHulu online.

5 Seasons, 119 Episodes
September 24, 1997
Comedy Romance
Cast: Jenna Elfman, Thomas Gibson, Joel Murray, Mimi Kennedy, Alan Rachins
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Dharma & Greg Full Episode Guide

  • In the second half-hour, Dharma and Greg get stuck in a snowstorm after leaving the chalet and begin to wonder how their diverse upbringings will affect them as parents.

  • Dharma and Greg find themselves once again trying to make peace between their polar opposite parents when an argument breaks out over whether the couple will vacation with the Finkelsteins or the Montgomerys.

  • A little girl forms an attachment to Dharma and Greg; Kitty is ordered to perform community service.

  • While Kitty prepares to renew her marriage vows, Dharma entertains Marlene's parents.

  • Dharma encourages Larry to ask his brother for a loan to buy a conspiracy bookshop. But when strange things start to go wrong, Dharma suspects that something's afoot. Mitch Pileggi makes a guest appearance.

  • When Dharma takes her ring to a jeweler to get it cleaned, she learns that what she'd believed for the past five years to be a priceless family heirloom is, in fact, just a really good fake.

  • A young lawyer, who attended the same law school as Greg, initiates an old school prank. Dick Clark appears.

  • After suddenly joining a rock band, Dharma invites the musicians to live with her and Greg.

  • Dharma and Greg see fantasy versions of the instructor who took over her class and his firm's new lawyer (Claudia Schiffer).

  • As Greg begins work in his father's firm, Dharma becomes the model for a comic book's superhero.

  • After suffering a mild heart attack, Edward finds a new interest in life, much to Kitty's chagrin.

  • Dharma gets involved with an environmental protest that helps her mother-in-law. Ed Begley, Jr. appears as himself.

  • Discovering that they were at the same concert in 1997 leads to a look at how the couple nearly met sooner.

  • Greg's announcement that he and Edward are going fishing lands him in deep trouble with Abby.

  • Dharma tries to learn the identity of Greg's fantasy girl; Greg's truthfulness upsets things at his parents' place.

  • Bad weather grounds Dharma and Greg's flight in Indiana. Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo appear as themselves.

  • Dharma accepts an invitation from a performance artist (Bodhi Elfman) to spend a week in an art gallery on display to the public.

  • Dharma's worried about karma and Greg when his personality starts to resemble that of the previous owner of a car she buys.

  • Dharma tries to compete with a childhood friend (Juliette Lewis) who pays a visit. Feeling guilty over how much her own life has changed, Dharma decides to get back to basics.

  • Greg doesn't put out a welcome mat when Dharma turns their place into a temporary bed-and-breakfast.

  • Once Dharma's physical therapist says that it's okay for her and Greg to rekindle their romance, she develops a one-track mind.

  • Back home, Dharma thinks that her accident happened so that she could help others, while Greg deals with an insurance problem.

  • Season five begins in the aftermath of May's car crash, with both sets of parents arriving at the hospital and Dharma just out of surgery. Greg has a few minor cuts, but he's mostly feeling guilty because he was driving.

  • Greg finds an intimate letter from Charlie to Dharma and suggests they see a marriage counselor.

  • Dharma encourages the gang to use a plot of land next to Montgomery Industries for a community garden. She finds a bag of money there that leads to a man falsely accused of a crime and tries to make things right.

  • Dharma realizes she's prejudiced against little people. Meanwhile, Abby and Larry play bridge with Edward and Kitty.

  • Dharma encourages Kitty when she finds out Kitty writes erotica. And Greg and Pete put together a model boat.

  • Kitty embarrasses Greg and they stop speaking to each other. Then Kitty meets a friend of Dharma's who becomes like a surrogate son.

  • Greg leaves for two weeks for the Army Reserve and Dharma starts putting a pass-through window between the kitchen and living room. She also gets Pete a law case to handle by himself to build up his confidence.

  • Dharma shows Kitty how to use her talent playing pool to hustle people for money. Greg and Pete try to rid the apartment of a rat, humanely.

  • Dharma and Greg crash a high school's 20th reunion party. Edward and Kitty get sex advice from Abby and Larry.

  • Dharma watches Greg's extended family like a soap opera when they gather for Edward's 65th birthday and expect to hear him announce the successor to the company.

  • Dharma tries to work through the feelings she obviously has for Charlie.

  • Dharma decides to take the G.E.D. And has a history professor tutor her. Meanwhile, Greg takes on a bratty rich kid as a client.

  • Dharma struggles to keep the co-op financially solvent. Greg faces off with a successful lawyer who once lived with Dharma in Berkeley.

  • Dharma finds Greg's lockbox under the bed and becomes extremely curious about its contents. Meanwhile, Kitty takes Larry shopping to find a gift for Abby, the new mother.

  • Dharma and Greg argue about who saved who when they got married and they decide to go dutch.

  • Dharma gets into a barfight and tries to find ways to control her anger. Meanwhile, some execs at Montgomery Industries begin using Larry to get to Edward.

  • Dharma throws greg a surprise birthday party and manages to get the crossword puzzle editor of the newspaper to hide a personal message in the puzzle.

  • Dharma tries to help Marlene's loneliness by fixing her up on a date with a guy who Greg doesn't approve of. And Pete moves in with them after his divorce.

  • Dharma suffers from sleep deprivation while helping Abby and Larry with the new baby. Meanwhile, Greg attempts to learn more about Edward.

  • Dharma is jealous when Abby hires a famous midwife to help with the birth. The Montgomerys want to give the Finklestein's a new van they won in a raffle but Larry insists on paying for it.

  • Greg joins the Army Reserve against Dharma's wishes. And Abby has a baby shower.

  • Kitty suspects Edward's having an affair and Greg tries to rally the co-op softball game.

  • Greg, eager to prove he's "with it," joins Dharma and her friends on a spontaneous road trip to Mexico. Larry, meanwhile, takes a job as a night security guard with Montgomery Industries.

  • Dharma becomes jealous when she learns Abby and Larry will raise the baby differently than how she was raised, but turns to guilt when Abby is rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Pete and Jane use Greg as a "marriage counselor."