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  • 2019
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Mixed-ish is an American television sitcom that premiered on ABC in September 2019. The series is a prequel/spin-off of the hit show, Black-ish, which follows the same family. The show follows the story of a mixed-race family adjusting to a completely new life after moving from a hippie commune in the 1980s to the suburbs.

The show stars Tika Sumpter, who plays the role of Rainbow "Bow" Johnson's mother, Alicia. Mark-Paul Gosselaar meanwhile portrays Bow's father, Paul. Arica Himmel is Bow at the age of 12, while the seasoned actor, Gary Cole, takes on the role of the family's new neighbor, Harrison.

The show's premise centers around the lives of the Johnson family who are moving from the hippie commune they used to live in to the suburbs in the 1980s. Bow, her siblings, and her parents must learn to adjust to a whole new way of life, and Alicia and Paul must confront their own cultural identities while raising their children. All the while, they must interact with the new neighbors and friends they make in the predominantly white neighborhood they've moved into.

At the start of the show, Bow is shown as the narrator, describing how her family found out that life on their communal farm was not sustainable and the Johnsons decided to move to a suburban neighborhood. The move was occasioned by their desire to provide better opportunities for Bow and her siblings. However, they soon realize that living in a predominantly white community isn't going to be easy. The show much like Black-ish, tackles timely social issues like racial identity, racism, and cultural differences.

As the Johnsons navigate their way through this new world, they find themselves running into obstacles and experiencing microaggressions from their new neighbors. To make things harder, Alicia realizes that her children must learn how to navigate the challenges of racism in a world that will never entirely accept them for who they are. And so, Alicia, Paul, and the kids must figure out how to balance their mixed-race identities with fitting in with their new neighbors.

Throughout the first season, viewers get to watch the Johnsons learn the ins and outs of their new surroundings while also realizing the importance of their cultural identity. There are odd balls like Uncle Hashem (played by Amir O'Neil), whom the family still visits in the commune, as they attempt to bridge the gap between their old lives and their new ones. The show plays around with the ideas of cultural identity and the way in which it shapes an individual's perspective on life.

Mixed-ish is cleverly written and never shies away from discussing the challenges of belonging in a world that segregates people based on their skin color. The show tries to cover all areas of their lives, including going to a new school, making new friends, and navigating the tricky terrain of race relations.

The acting in the show is excellent, with Tika Sumpter delivering a standout performance as Alicia. Her strength and courage in fighting for her children's rights without flinching about who she is are commendable. Mark-Paul Gosselaar's performance as Paul is equally impressive, and his humor adds a light touch to the serious issues explored in every episode. Arica Himmel is outstanding in her role as young Bow, always curious and ready to learn about the world around her.

Mixed-ish is a funny and educational show that brings to light issues that arise from having mixed-race families in predominantly white neighborhoods. Its themes of cultural identity, race, and family provide a perfect balance of humor and seriousness. It's an interesting and thought-provoking show that is well worth the watch.

Overall, Mixed-ish is an excellent sitcom that successfully mixes social issues, humor, and heart. With a stellar cast and an excellent script, the show is a great addition to ABC's lineup. If you love shows that tackle social issues with a touch of humor, then Mixed-ish is your kind of show.

mixed-ish is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 2019.

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Forever Young
13. Forever Young
May 18, 2021
In 2021, Adult Rainbow, Johan and Santamonica recall very different accounts of what happened the summer that they all got their new bicycles. In the '80s, an overprotective Alicia's worst fear comes true when one of the kids goes off on their own with their bike and gets lost. Meanwhile, Harrison catches Denise spending extra time in the office to get overtime and puts her to work.
Walk This Way
12. Walk This Way
May 11, 2021
Paul tries to become better friends with Denise so he uses his white privilege to help her out with her errands. Meanwhile, Rainbow, Jonah and Santi are selling chocolate bars for their school fundraiser but they pick up some questionable sales tactics.
Tainted Love
11. Tainted Love
April 27, 2021
After the Johnson family discovers Harrison on a date, Paul decides to give Harrison some dating advice, which turns things upside down. Meanwhile, Alicia feels a little insecure after finding out all of her children go to Aunt Denise for advice instead of coming to her.
You Dropped a Bomb On Me
10. You Dropped a Bomb On Me
April 20, 2021
Rainbow's best friend, Tamika, asks her to plan her 14th birthday party, so Bow goes out of her way to make sure it's the coolest birthday party ever. Meanwhile, Paul and Alicia battle it out for who is the "coolest," and Harrison takes Santi and Johan on a trip to Mexico for some quality time.
Material Girl
9. Material Girl
April 6, 2021
Alicia treats herself to a new Louis Vuitton bag; but when Paul finds out, he demands that she return it and Alicia ends up sneaking around with the bag behind his back. Meanwhile, Bow bribes Alicia to buy her a Jansport backpack so she can impress her friends at school.
She's A Bad Mama Jama
8. She's A Bad Mama Jama
March 30, 2021
Alicia's mom, Grandma Shireen, stays with the Johnson's after her surgery, but taking care of grandma becomes a full-time job. Meanwhile, Denise tests each of the kids to see who is best fit to take care of her when she gets old one day.
You Give Love A Bad Name
7. You Give Love A Bad Name
March 23, 2021
Paul and Alicia encourage sex-positive conversations with Bow until she invites her crush over to their house and they worry about what's happening behind closed doors. Meanwhile, Johan and Alvin are looking at advertisements, magazines and even the constellations to see if they can see boobs.
Just The Two Of Us
6. Just The Two Of Us
March 2, 2021
Alicia and Denise realize they've been boxed into Black women stereotypes at the law firm, and Harrison's attempts to help ends up causing more harm. Meanwhile, Paul worries his new job is taking time away from spending time with the kids.
My Prerogative
5. My Prerogative
February 23, 2021
It's not all fun and games when Paul wants to crash Denise and Alicia's neighborhood Spades match, so they teach him about the cultural and racial significance of the game. Meanwhile, Santi, Johan and Bow learn about divorce after watching a movie, so Harrison tries to teach them that divorce can be cool.
Livin' On A Prayer
4. Livin' On A Prayer
February 16, 2021
Bow takes an interest in going to church with her friends, much to her parents' dismay. Meanwhile, Santi and Jonah try to prepare for hell.
On My Own
3. On My Own
February 9, 2021
Paul surprises the family by inviting one of his students to live with them, and Paul and Alicia compete to be his mentor. Meanwhile, Rainbow has a crush on their new house guest.
Brand New Funk
2. Brand New Funk
February 2, 2021
Alicia and Denise bicker over who is the stronger Black woman, and Paul and Harrison come up with a new way of showing affection. Meanwhile, Rainbow is put in charge of Johan and Santamonica and she struggles to maintain control over them.
Sweet Child O' Mine
1. Sweet Child O' Mine
January 26, 2021
After finding out Johan has been pretending to be a different race, Rainbow gets mad, and Alicia and Paul try to find a way to encourage Johan to be proud of being Black. 
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  • Premiere Date
    September 24, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (2,866)