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Disney's TV miniseries about animals.

Disney Now
1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 4, 2018
Animals, Mini-Series, Short
Cast: Graham Murphy
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Disney Animals Full Episode Guide

  • Warthogs are loyal and courageous animals that aren't afraid to face danger head on. Charge along the savanna with the warthog and learn about more about this fascinating African animal!

  • Dive into the underwater world of sharks and stingrays and discover the role these incredible animals play in the aquatic habitats they call home!

  • For animals at the Walt Disney World Resort, enrichment is more than just playtime-it's an exciting way to give animals choices and encourage natural behaviors!

  • Dig into the underground world of these amazing rodents and uncover more about the remarkable life of the naked mole-rat!

  • Discover the journey of theses massive wonders and watch sea turtles cruise the warm deep blue oceans -- from eggs to old age.

  • Meet Riddler and his pack of African painted dogs! These dogs have some of the most colorful coat patterns in all of the animal kingdom!

  • Meet Aella, a newborn Masai giraffe! Watch as she learns from her mom how to use her unique abilities in the tall grassland she calls home.

  • Small and colorful, seahorses are one of the most unique fish you'll find throughout the oceans of the world. Dive underwater to meet Sheldon, a northern seahorse learning how to navigate his aquatic home.

  • Animals spend a lot of time playing! Luckily, all of their silliness contributes to their learning and growing.

  • Meet Quill and Gamora, they are a couple of red river hog piglets who LOVE mud!

  • Meet Stella, she is a baby African elephant! Stella may be small now, but when she grows up she could be as big as 18 feet and 7,700 pounds!

  • Meet Augustus, he is a baby Nile hippopotamus! He loves to spend most of his time in the water!

  • Meet Anala and Jeda, they are tiger cubs! They may look the same, but they are different in many ways!

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