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Threatened with disbandment, the scrappy players from Team Inakuni take over the now-defunct Raimon Eleven team and aim for the top, despite all odds! Faced with uncertainty, they'll strive to become the best they can be -- even if it means playing for another school.

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2 Seasons, 55 Episodes
April 6, 2018
Animation & Cartoon, Anime, Sports
Cast: Jun Fukuyama, Hiroshi Kamiya, Ayumu Murase
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Inazuma Eleven: Ares Full Episode Guide

  • The match between Inakuni Raimon and Outei Tsukinomiya is almost coming to an end with the score being tied 2-2. Both teams are using several hissatsu to get past their opponent or to try to score the winning goal for their team but they have yet to succeed in scoring the winning goal for their team. Which team will win this match and the Football Frontier?

  • The match between Inakuni Raimon and Outei Tsukinomiya finally started. The final battle for both teams in the Football Frontier. Right at the start of the game, Outei Tsukinomiya initate their hissatsu tactic, Grid Omega. However, because of their training, Inakuni Raimon manage to withstand that blow. Haizaki Ryouhei and Nosaka Yuuma play ferocious against each other, with both of them suffering heavy blows. Which one of these great teams will finish up top in the end?

  • The final showdown between Raimon and Lunar Prime is almost here, but illness and injury plague both teams. While Maxime recovers from his wound, who will sub in for him? There will be more to this match than just winning the game when Heath puts his and his teammate's freedom on the line in a bet against The Scales of Ares.

  • Now that Maxime has stepped up and rallied the team, the Raimon Eleven are back in business! But when Everytown's midfielder is knocked out of the game, who is this mysterious twelfth player? With this new threat on the field, will the Raimon Eleven be able to finally score on the goalkeeping legend, Mark Evans, and move on to the finals?

  • Endou Mamoru is the legendary captain of the former Raimon Eleven. When Michinari doubts his ability as a captain of the Inakuni Raimon, Endou comforts him by telling Michinari to be his own kind of captain and continues playing the match with Inakuni Raimon. Michinari raises the spirit of his team and as a result, the match gets intense.

  • Due to the pressure of getting close to the final, the team is starting to fall apart. Michinari has to step in as captain, but fails to raise everyone's spirit.

  • Even though Hiroto and Tatsuya both entered the match, they still don't work together well. Can Hiroto find out the meaning behind the Ultimate Technique?

  • As Hiroto comes in during the match, he shows some great technique. However, all plays he makes are made by individual plays. Inakuni Raimon can't keep up with these plays, and loses points.

  • Hiroto tries to get Tatsuya back on the field for training and the match, however, he is unsuccessful. Can he persuade Hiroto to join the team again for the match against Inakuni Raimon?

  • Shiratoya Nae enters the field on Someoka's nod. She shows some extreme speed and manages to play with the rest of the Hakuren team. Can Inakuni Raimon figure out how to stop this new threat?

  • The match between Hakuren and Inakuni Raimon finally started. However during the match, inspired by the weave play made by snowstorm brothers and Atsuya's strategy, internal division occurred between Raimon Eleven ....Could it be possible for people to overcome this pinch tomorrow?

  • The first game of the finals tournament. Seishou Gakuen was forced to struggle in front of the emperor's shogunate. Haizaki approaches with an imminent opponent who can never lose. On the other hand, Nosaka 's facial expression, which should be in the dominant position, is dark and it will blur even the impatience. Meanwhile, Kanemon Gakuin vs. Uko 's middle - aged game was fierce battle between both teams. Seiko who is standing in a pinch in Raimon's attack. However, a smile appeared at the mouth of Aphrodi ....

  • Football frontier final match opens! The eleven teams of the teams who make a spectacular entrance march. There was also a figure of the Imperial Moon in the Imperial Palace, which is said to be the winning candidate, as it was the first time for the tournament. Captain Nosaka talks that he will be able to understand the wonder of 'Balance of Ares' in their play. The story of Nosaka Yuuma, the 3rd protagonist, wrapped in a mysterious veil, finally opens the curtain ...!

  • Raimon Eleven, who is trying to get over to playing Seishou Gakuen, centering on Haizaki. Haizaki who will appeal tomorrow tomorrow who believes that "Absolutely win" while the two teams' captain Mizukamiya and Michinari confrontation and intense ball competition continue.Latter half of the game, the remaining time is only a little. Haizaki cuts towards the goal and one fight of a man tomorrow standing in front of it.

  • Kanemon Mid VS The empire school fight started. Imperial school which decided to challenge the game with a new spike by instructions from Kageyama. In addition, as a result of joining the new member Shimerigawa, unsteady air flows through the team. There was a figure of a windmill staring at the back of Sakuma with a dark eyes as if the darkness fell. On the other hand, although the Raimon was wary of the movement of Imperial Gakuen, shoot opportunities arrive early.

  • The second half of the game is also 10 minutes left. Seishou Gakuen chasing two points. Haizaki evolves as a true ace striker. Haizaki began to show a movement that seems to be a mistake with the play style so far, easily removes the strict marks in the Kidogawa Shimizu. And the folk acted a deadly technique, and he picked up one point. Continuously continuing through a thorough and fast path turn of communication, the middle of the Kido river refreshing to come to Seishou Gakuen. Although it is a star school gakuen which has been energetically centered on Haizaki, "Fire Tornado" of the Buddhist temple bursts and one point is added. The difference is 2 points in the remaining 5 minutes .... Stellar Gakuen still struggling, can you grasp victory !?

  • Inakuni Raimon are informed that the Football Frontier's Preliminaries are a group stage, so they still have a chance of proceeding in the tournament. Their next opponent will be Minodouzan, who are known for their fortress level defense, however, Coach Jin Yun wants the team to focus on strengthening their own defense, frustrating the players. Furthermore, Iwato and Kirina are assigned the respective chores of scrubbing a wall and watering the school grounds. The student council is planning to disband the soccer team, believing they will dirty Raimon's "legendary" status in soccer, however, Anna has doubts after speaking to the coach.The team's next practice involves them training long pass trapping, further angering Kozoumaru who begins to withdraw from the others. The next evening, Kozomaru tells Asuto about how he once met famed striker Gouenji Shuuya, when prevented a woman's mugging. The event caused his change from a defender, and his obsession with offense. The following day, Anna joins Inakuni Raimon as a manager, and everyone has their photos taken to be used on official merchandise. They begin their match against Minodouzan.

  • On Inakunijima, a small island off the Japanese mainland, Inamori Asuto plays soccer for his school's soccer club. However, the club, which lacks a sponsor, is abolished due to the "sponsorship system", which determines the need for a soccer team to be sponsored. Soon afterward, Asuto's mother passes away, her dying words to Asuto being that soccer will always be there for him. The club members are told that there is a sponsor willing to support the club, under the condition that they enter the "Football Frontier", a national youth soccer tournament, and win a single match. However, their opponent will be a higher ranked Seishou Gakuen. Furthermore, they will be transferred to Raimon Junior High in Tokyo, where they will become the new "Raimon" team.After everyone is on board, they arrive in Tokyo. They begin their match against Seishou Gakuen, and Inakuni Raimon gains an early lead when Kozoumaru Sasuke scores with "Fire Tornado". However this "awakens" Haizaki Ryouhei, Seishou Gakuen's star forward, into a far more maniacal and aggressive player, as he and his teammates prepare to initiate the "Death Zone" soccer play.

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