Orangutan Island

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Judith Curran created and produced this documentary about a group of orphaned orangutans living in the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. The orangutans featured in this dramatically narrated program are being raised to cooperate with each other as a unit in order to survive in the wild together. This is a fairly revolutionary tactic as orangutans are generally solitary creatures so it is not natural for them to function as a socially dependent unit.

The program features regular appearances by executive producer Martha Ripp of Animal Planet and Lone Dr

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
November 2, 2007
Mini-Series, Documentary & Biography, Nature
Cast: Rodd Houston, Iain Fraser

Orangutan Island Full Episode Guide

  • Bonita gives an unexpected reaction after an action by Jupiter, and she leaves the island after her run in with Hamlet. Lone sets out to find Bonita, fearing that she is in danger of poachers.

  • Hamlet's future may be compromised after he strolls into the wild side. A plump Chen Chen had no one to meet him after returning from the clinic having mended. Lone tries to find the best way to ensure Bonita's health. Meanwhile, the males of Palas Island go on a rampage to targeting Kiki, and leaving baby Hardi in harm's way.

  • Reno's attempt to establish himself on the island ends with disastrous results.

  • Kiki allows the other females to watch over her offspring despite better her judgment.

  • Although things have seemed to calm down since the return of Hamlet, it's a precarious peace between the two Orangutan's populations.

  • The orangutans are in the midst of a power struggle.

  • Now that the borders are open, the weakest orphans try to make adjustments.

  • Lone hopes the older orangutans will come in and teach the younger ones after opening up the island borders.

  • Season 2 begins with the 32 orangutan left on the island get aid from 2 visitors who are risking their lives.

  • The end of season one finds Lone making a visit on the first anniversary of the island and gets some happy news when Chen Chen, Cha Cha and Donald makes a return to the island.

  • Back on Palas Island, Hamlet is seen with an older male. Lone urges th younger apes to sleep in the trees, fearing they will never learn how on their own. Meanwhile, Mogok and his friends find a new source of protein.

  • When a pit viper gives Nadi a potentially lethal bite, she is treated by the vets. Also, the apes get a gift when the flooded river recedes, revealing a large bank for the apes to play on. Meanwhile, the entire island benefits when Alibaba begins stealing, while Daisy and Nadi face off.

  • After a nine month period, the apes seem to have formed a solid relationship, with the alpha position being occupied by Hamlet and Jordan located at the bottom.

  • Donald, Togar, Mercury and Bonita undergo treatment, as the vets fret over a disease that is sweeping the island. Meanwhile, Bertha has an abscess and Jupiter is acting peculiar.

  • Donald is treated for malaria, but test results indicate something else and the staff worries it may be contagious; Chen Chen sets off to find a new playmate and succeeds in piquing the interest of Yeyen.

  • Lone Droscher Nielsen returns to the island after the death of Oyoy for the orangutans' six-month health checkups; dominant males Hamlet and Chen Chen face off; Cha Cha goes missing.

  • An unexpected loss diminishes the community; the rainy seasons continues unabated; Hamlet discovers an effective way to gather food in the flood waters.

  • An unexpected loss diminishes the community; the rainy seasons continues unabated; Hamlet discovers an effective way to gather food in the flood waters.

  • The rainy season has arrived on the island and caused flooding, creating new challenges for the inhabitants of Orangutan Island. Meanwhile, Mogok has disappeared.

  • 35 orphaned orangutans are rounded up and transferred to a wildlife protection sanctuary.