Don't Forget the Lyrics (2022)

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  • 2022
  • 3 Seasons

Don't Forget the Lyrics is a singing game show that first premiered on Fox in 2007. The show returned in 2022 with a new host and a revamped format that includes exciting new features and larger cash prizes. In this show, contestants are given the opportunity to win big money by correctly singing the lyrics to popular songs.

The format of the show involves two contestants competing against each other. They are given a choice of two songs and must select one to sing. They are then given the first few words of the song and must complete the rest of the lyrics when the music stops playing. The first round requires the contestants to correctly fill in five blank words in a row. If they are successful, they move on to the next round, where they must fill in ten blank words in a row. The third round requires the contestants to fill in 15 blank words in a row, and so on. As they progress, the songs get harder and the amount of money they can earn increases.

One exciting new feature of the 2022 version of the show is the "Lyric Predictor." This feature allows contestants to choose a "Lyric Predictor" for each song they sing. The "Lyric Predictor" gives them a hint about what the missing lyric might be. For example, if the missing word is "love," the "Lyric Predictor" might give the contestants a clue that the word rhymes with "dove." This feature makes the game more challenging and adds a strategic component that was not present in the original version of the show.

Another new feature is the "S.O.S." button. As the game gets harder, contestants are given the option to use the "S.O.S" button. This button allows them to ask the audience for help in filling in the missing lyrics. If the majority of the audience gets the answer right, the contestant is allowed to move on to the next round. This feature adds a new element of suspense to the game, as the contestants must decide whether to risk using the "S.O.S." button or to try to fill in the lyrics themselves.

The host of the 2022 version of Don't Forget the Lyrics is singer and songwriter, Jessie J. She brings a new energy to the show and helps to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. Jessie J interacts with the contestants and keeps the game moving at a fast pace. She also provides commentary on the contestants' performances, adding to the competitiveness of the game.

The contestants come from a variety of backgrounds and bring their unique talents and personalities to the show. They range from amateur singers to seasoned performers, and all are looking to win big money by correctly filling in the lyrics to popular songs. As the game progresses, the contestants become more and more confident, and the competition becomes more intense.

Each episode of Don't Forget the Lyrics features a different set of contestants and an exciting mix of popular songs from various genres and eras. From classic rock to modern pop hits, the show offers something for everyone. The music is provided by a live band, adding to the excitement of the show.

Overall, the 2022 version of Don't Forget the Lyrics is a fun and exciting game show that is perfect for music lovers. With its new features, larger cash prizes, and energetic host, the show is sure to keep audiences entertained and engaged. Whether you're a seasoned singer or just love to sing along to your favorite songs, Don't Forget the Lyrics is a must-see for anyone looking for a good time.

Don't Forget the Lyrics (2022)
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