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In this web series, ten YouTube personalities are dumped into an abandoned hospital and must survive 72 hours locked inside the place with a horde of ravenous fake zombies. To survive, they must successful complete a series of challenges and puzzles. The series is available on the YouTube Red subscription service.

1 Season, 11 Episodes
January 1, 2015
Horror & Suspense
Cast: Dmitrious Bistrevsky, Leandro Dottavio, Karina Garcia, Miles Jai
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Fight of the Living Dead Full Episode Guide

  • With two more members of the group slaughtered by the zombie hoard, the survivors meet up with Dr. Altagracia to complete the antidote. The computer has ordered an air strike on the facility, and the doomsday clock is ticking. They must get the antidote to the other side of the facility where a transport is waiting for them, before Armageddon strikes!

  • The group attempts to get to the boiler room, but it won't be easy. Hundreds of zombies stand in their way and they must put their trust in Private Solo to get them there safely. The survivors are running out of time, and need to get to Dr. Altagracia before it's too late.

  • After successfully creating part 1 of the antidote, team 2 finally reunites with team 1 in the mess hall, and together the group decides to make their way to the boiler room to find and save Doctor Altagracia and complete the antidote.

  • After finding the map left behind by Dr. Sally Fischer, team 1 decides to venture out of the safety of the mess hall. Soon after, they stumble upon a soldier (Private Solo) who claims he can help them get to Dr. Altagracia in the boiler room.

  • Team 2 enters the Bio Lab and proceeds to mix together part 1 of the antidote.

  • Team 1 makes it out of the facility, only to find the way to freedom blocked by a courtyard crawling with zombies. Meanwhile, team 2 has escaped the infirmary, and must make their way to the Bio lab on the 3rd floor to create the antidote.

  • Team 1 has been locked away in a pitch-black room. When the lights come on they realize they have been captured by a mysterious paramilitary organization. With the help of Doctor Altagracia on the radio, team 1 must escape their captors, and get to the main courtyard of the facility.

  • A second team (Iman, Sam, Meghan and Jeana) wake up in the medical wing of the prison. On top of being surrounded by a zombie hoard, they discover that they are locked in a room with two zombies. They must find a hidden key and escape before time runs out.

  • The team is still trapped in the cell block, but Jesse has found the key. While opening the cells, he accidentally releases a dangerous Alpha Zombie into the open, who proceeds to wreak havoc on his team.

  • Jesse, Joey, Justine and Olga wake up in what appears to be an abandoned prison. With Joey, Justine and Olga locked away in jail cells, Jesse must quickly find a way to free his friends so they can escape the cell block.

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