Filthy Cities

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Filthy Cities is a TV series about the dirty history of different cities. They tell about the corruption and how the cities were built. See New York, London, and Paris and their dirty secrets that they have left behind. They take you back in time to understand the history in its entirety.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Canada
1 Season, 3 Episodes
April 5, 2011
Travel, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Dan Snow
Filthy Cities

Filthy Cities Full Episode Guide

  • Dan learns how just 150 years ago, up to 1,000 migrants a day were ashowing in New York aboard boats from Europe and using CGI he looks at how rancid the living conditions were to which they were welcomed.

  • Dan discovers how around 200 years ago, Paris was one of the foulest and smelliest cities in Europe. By using CGI he is able to reveal the stinking streets as they were at the time.

  • Dan takes a look at what life would of been like in 14th-century London as he attempts to lift the lid on the untold story of the city's squalid past.