Watch TV Shows on Discovery Canada

Discovery Canada is owned by CTV Specialty Television Inc. It is a specialty channel that can only be seen by subscribers of satellite and cable television. The programming that can be seen on Discovery Canada is scientific based. Viewers expect programs to offer insightful exposés and documentaries that involve new technology, nature, adventure stories and scientific revelations.

Daily Planet is one of Discovery Canada's shows that it produces. It premiered on the same day as Discovery Canada. Daily Planet features interesting news segments that run approximately an hour long. The segments are scientific in nature, and they are meant to replicate the authenticity of a scientific journal. The show has regular, weekly and daily segments. One of its segments is called Behind the Scenes. In this segment a journalist shows the reality of factories and how things are produced in them.

Another popular program on this channel is Highway Thru Hell. This program is a reality show that follows the adventures of a towing company in British Columbia. The show has received high ratings, and it was ranked as #1 for sometime. What makes this show so compelling is that it portrays real people dealing with devastating weather conditions and fatal car accidents needing to be removed from Canada's highways.

Most programs on this channel are rated as Exempt. This means that they do not receive a rating because they are suitable for most audiences. However, there are a few programs that do receive a rating due to graphic content.