Prank Science

Prank Science is a show that lures people to believes some wild and crazy stunts. It is a half hour Canadian series that is run on the Discovery Channel. Each prank has science behind it that the viewer can learn about. It is unique science and practical jokes combined and you learn and are entertained at the same time. Each episode is built around facts of science that the viewer can learn about. Topics range from testing the strongest superglue to psychology of the mind.

The special effect of Prank Science is fantastic. Brendan Callagan has created monsters to special effects for cannons. Episode 1 turns the viewers world into a test lab. The show tests people and their reactions. The show tests one man's reaction to drinking a health shake only to be told that a parasite grows inside you after you drink it. There is a gas powered scooter that removes hair from your legs and a fun competition with building sandcastles with waterproof sand.

Episode 2 has more interesting science experiment gags. Most should not be tried at home with children. We learn how poppy seed cake can register a false negative on drug test. Mike the actor doesn't like the policeman hounding him after the test. The psychology of the mob is tested on a restaurant patio. And two average people are cast as experts to see if they will be honest about their lack of expertise.

Many of these episodes test human perceptions and science to the limits. It is a great family show for teens 13 and older and their parents. They can learn some interesting science principles from the show. Parents should stress never to try these experiments at home. It can be a way to get teens interested in science in an entertaining way and learn new principles.

Each episode has special effects, psychology, science experiements and loads of entertainment. It is funny and serious at the same time. Learn that science can be fun by watching this show.

Discovery Canada
1 Season, 13 Episodes
Comedy, Science & Technology
Cast: Morgan Waters, Brendan Callaghan, Michael Pongracz, Eric Andrews
Prank Science

Prank Science Full Episode Guide

  • The prank science team continues to mess with people in the name of science.

  • The prank science team continues to mess with people in the name of science.

  • The prank science team continues to mess with people in the name of science.

  • Kisha accidentally becomes a witness in a CEO's embezzlement scheme, with the help of the prank science team, and is threatened by a federal agent.

  • Will test subject Darien take responsibility for an accident on a music video set that she caused to happen, so it seems.

  • Test Subject Aaron gets a close encounter when he's sent to investigate reports of strange sounds and lights coming from an abandoned warehouse.

  • An aspiring reporter gets pranked by a golf cart gone crazy. Controlled by Brendan's smart phone.

  • Former cheerleader Sasha is asked to assist a seismologist on a series of controlled underground explosions.

  • Test subject Mike ends up in a pretend baby delivery situation where he must pedal hard.

  • Our test subject aspiring journalist Bianca communicates with black goo while an elderly lady wins a strength contest all with the help of the Prank Scientists.

  • See how much abuse or new test subjects, Kevin and Sydney will put up with from an authority figure.

  • Meet aspiring actor Mike and a patio of test subjects in this episode of Prank Science.

  • See what the prank science guys do to the first test subject, Matthew, an infomercial host.

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