First Person

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In this documentary series, filmmaker Errol Morris conducts interviews with a variety of subjects. Many of the interviewees are either criminal perpetrators or victims, but some aren't. The one thing that the subjects have in common is that they all have a fascinating story to tell. The series' hook is that it uses technology that allows the subject to look directly at the camera while still seeing the interviewers case, bringing a sense of immediacy and connection to the interview footage.

1 Season, 17 Episodes
March 11, 2015
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Errol Morris
First Person

First Person Full Episode Guide

  • CSI fans and folks with a cast-iron stomach are the ideal audience for this gleefully gruesome episode of Errol Morris' FIRST PERSON, featuring crime-scene cleaning queen Joann Dougherty. This normal-looking lady could be your mom, but when Joann goes to work in the morning she's picking up body parts, scrubbing down bloodstained ceilings, and fighting off roaches, maggots, and her own gag reflex. Yet Morris skillfully looks past the gory details to expose the sad tale of grief that makes Joann's work more than just a lucrative profession. One of our very favorite episodes_4-18 of the series.

  • As the debate over the role that guns and mental health play in mass killings continues to rage, this short film by Errol Morris explores a famous early 90's shooting spree that could have easily been torn from today's headlines. Postal supervisor Bill Kinsley wisely fired Thomas McIlvane over his untamed temper and took steps to keep his other employees safe, but they weren't enough to stop his bloody massacre. In the weeks that followed the shooting, Kinsley's life became a nightmare as the victims' families and the media blamed him for the terrible tragedy. A gripping exploration of anger, violence, and revenge.

  • In this thoroughly bizarre episode of FIRST PERSON, filmmaker Errol Morris looks at an early 90's murder case, a true-life version of a storyline from David Lynch's TWIN PEAKS. When Jane Gill is murdered in the middle of the night, all eyes are on business partner Gary Rasp, who strangely had taken multiple life insurance policies out on her. But if Rasp is guilty, why does the talking parrot found at the scene of the crime keep shouting, "Richard! No! No!" Morris has fun with the pulpy cast of characters, while revisiting themes of truth and justice found in THE THIN BLUE LINE.

  • Errol Morris is a master at confronting morally-challenged subjects about their bad behavior, and this morbidly funny episode of FIRST PERSON featuring Mafia defense attorney Murray Richman is no exception. Richman is a LAW & ORDER character come to life: ruthless, duplicitous, and determined to get his murderous mobster clients off, no matter how guilty they may be. Is it all just a game to Richman? Or is there something from his past that explains his behavior? Whatever the answer may be, leave it to Errol Morris to locate the humanity in an unscrupulous man.

  • In this tense episode of FIRST PERSON, filmmaker Errol Morris sits down with Antonio "Tony" Mendez, the former CIA operative whose most famous mission - freeing six Americans hiding in Iran - was turned into Ben Affleck's 2013 Academy Award-winning Best Picture ARGO. You'll learn how this legendary spy got his start in disguise thanks to his Mom's eyebrow-plucking skills, along with the other extreme qualities an agent needs in order to infiltrate foreign governments and achieve heroic feats of espionage. Think you've got what it takes to be the next 007? Watch and learn.

  • Whether you're familiar with pioneering animal behavior scientist Temple Grandin from her writings or from the award-winning HBO movie starring Claire Danes, you'll get a personal introduction to the woman herself in this fascinating episode of Errol Morris' docu-series FIRST PERSON. After developing unique devices and techniques for calming herself during autistic episodes_4-18, Grandin applied her skills to developing kinder, more humane ways to slaughter animals, and succeeded. Morris' signature combative style is nowhere to be found here, just a moving conversation with an unusual yet courageous woman he clearly admires.

  • In this unsettling episode of FIRST PERSON, Errol Morris interviews Chris Langan, who holds the highest recorded IQ on the planet, but for some reason works as a bouncer in a bar. As Langan explains how people's jealousies kept him from success, you may start to suspect something darker behind his difficulties in life. Sure enough, when Morris presses Langan for answers to some of the world's most pressing problems, his solutions reveal a disturbing look on humanity. Could the smartest man in the world just be too smart for his own good? Watch and learn.

  • In this deeply profound episode of FIRST PERSON, Errol Morris tells the stranger than fiction story of one man who tried to travel back in time to fix past mistakes, but then lost his way in the present. High-school nerd Richard Rosner began re-enrolling at nearby schools after graduation in a GROUNDHOG DAY-like attempt to experience the fun he felt he deserved. Then, years later, Rosner became obsessed with proving his elimination on a popular game show was a mistake. This Sisyphean-story of frustration and blind persistence is shot through with extraordinary compassion for the way regret and obsession can ravage a life. Essential Errol.

  • In this chilling episode of FIRST PERSON, Errol Morris finally meets someone who loves true crime tales more than he does: criminal psychologist Michael Stone, who studied thousands of horrible cases and developed an intricate rating system to measure the sociopathic qualities of a given subject. What separates us from psychopaths, serial killers and depraved monsters? Where would you fall on a scale of naughty to pure evil? The answers to these questions and more await you, that is if you dare to take Stone's test...

  • Long before Occupy Wall Street turned our attentions toward the dirty business practices of credit card companies, debt lawyer Andrew Cappocia was fighting back one case at a time. Yet in a twist Morris must have loved, Cappocia himself was sentenced to 15 years in prison for stealing from his clients shortly after this episode was filmed.

  • The 296 passengers and crew of a flight leaving Denver fastened their seatbelts in the summer of 1989, yet none was prepared for the massive mid-air explosion that took out the aircraft's flight control system. Fortunately, one man was prepared to land the plane. Climb aboard with Denny Fitch - pilot, survivor and hero - as he relives each intense moment of the ill-fated flight.

  • Gary Greenberg was an aspiring writer who began writing prison pen pal letters to "Unabomber" Ted Kacynski in the hope of landing a big book deal. Morris' interview with Greenberg offers a dark look inside the mind of America's most wanted domestic terrorist and the man who embarked on a strange, almost romantic courtship to win him over.

  • A conversation with Saul Kent. He is one of the pioneers in the field of cryonics, that being the freezing of persons for resuscitation in the future. He tells about his thoughts around life extension, and also about his personal experiences about this.

  • Clyde Roper has dedicated his life to become the first person to see a giant squid. He started off as a lobster fisherman, but then became a zoologist, and for 30 years he has been searching for this mythical creature. The giant squid is supposed to be the size of a football field with eyes as big as volleyballs.