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The California lifestyle can be very strenuous, and when thousands of aspiring actors and entertainers want to train, they have to use what little time they have very effectively. Ian Lauer is an IFBB Pro and long-standing fitness trainer in the Los Angeles area. In 'Fitness: California Style' he'll share the secrets that work so well in Hollywood with the viewers as he trains his students.

Fitness California Style is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on July 18, 2018.

Fitness California Style is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Fitness California Style on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

Ammo Content
1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 18, 2018
Cast: Ian Lauer, Stacey Naito
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Fitness California Style Full Episode Guide

  • Smith Machine Calves, strength training during a walk, arm stretching. Cooking segment: veggie burger.

  • Pilometric Training, Chromium supplement, leg training, pushup series. Cooking segment: sprout soup.

  • Full Body Workout with Dumbells and Bench, Omega supplement, strength training lunges, lat pull down variations. Cooking segment: babaganoush.

  • Smith Machine legs, Glutamine supplement, old school calesthenics, abs with no equipment. Cooking segment: taboulie.

  • Chest and tricep workout, Creotine supplement, stretching techniques outside, abs with exercise ball. Cooking segment: tuna salad.

  • Stretching the glut and lower back, Brain chain Amino acids supplement, yoga flexibility outside, supersets. Cooking segment: turkey bites.

  • Ab workout, MSM supplement, strengthening exercises outside, full body barbell workout. Cooking segment: quinoa porridge.

  • Biceps workout, Omega 369 supplement, quad flexibility outside, proper stretching techniques. Cooking segment: arugula salad with chicken.

  • Shoulder workout, MCT oil supplement, plyometrics outside, lunges. Cooking segment: kale salad.

  • Abs with an exercise ball, soy protein supplement, strength training outside, dumbell side raise. Cooking segment: hummus.

  • Row variations, L-Carnitine supplement, Plyometrics and planks and staggered legs. Cooking segment: tuna tar tar.

  • Back and body bicep, the power of cranberry supplements, dynamic workouts outside, plus a lower back workout. Cooking segment: whitefish.

  • Dumbell and bench workout, plus coffee supplements, stretching outside, chest presses. Cooking segment: curried scallops.