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  • 2010
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (215)

A football team in Japan is having a hard time because their players aren't that good and the fans have completely lost interested. An old football player that used to play for the same school decides that it would be a good idea to help by teaching them to play.

Giant Killing
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Giant Killing 26
26. Giant Killing 26
September 26, 2010
Akasaki appears in a match as an Olympic team member. Tatsumi removes Akasaki from the next game's starting lineup so he can regain his strength. Meanwhile, Gino complains about the condition of his foot and Tatsumi pulls him from the starting lineup as well. With the starting lineup for the next match against Kawasaki settled and two of the primary players sitting out, Tatsumi has a thought: To organize a certain event with the local people, the ETU staff, and all the players!?
Giant Killing 25
25. Giant Killing 25
September 19, 2010
ETU has tied the game with a goal off a free kick earned by Tsubaki's legs and stamina. While Matsubara is excited and presses for the next strategy, Tatsumi responds with a disappointing "My plan was to keep Osaka at one point and to win 2-1. I dunno about the 3rd goal." Matsubara is shocked, but Tatsumi continues "I am counting on him changing the fact that ETU lacks the last bit of strength in the end."
Giant Killing 24
24. Giant Killing 24
September 12, 2010
ETU continues their run. Will they prevail? Only time will tell.
Giant Killing 23
23. Giant Killing 23
September 5, 2010
Just before the match against Osaka, a question is posed to Natsuki... Does the ball belong to your team? Or you?
Giant Killing 22
22. Giant Killing 22
August 29, 2010
Sugie and Kuroda, both vital defensemen for ETU, give up two goals in the first half. How will they recover?
Giant Killing 21
21. Giant Killing 21
August 22, 2010
ETU has their backs to the wall due to the Osaka Gunners' vicious attacks. They stiffen their defense and brace for a comeback.
Giant Killing 20
20. Giant Killing 20
August 15, 2010
ETU begins their match against the Osaka Gunners. They are holding their ground man-to-man for now, but...
Giant Killing 19
19. Giant Killing 19
August 8, 2010
The battle against the Osaka Gunners is about to begin. They employee a highly aggressive offensive formation utilizing four forwards. This is a point of pride for all of Osaka.
Giant Killing 18
18. Giant Killing 18
August 1, 2010
ETU is coming off its fourth match in a row. No one is sure if the team is in top shape or not when the match against Albireos Niigata begins. The built-up pressure and excitement leads Akasaki to get a yellow card while defending. At halftime, Akasaki says something that sparks a giant argument. The coach and others try to break it up in haste when they come to a quick conclusion.
Giant Killing 17
17. Giant Killing 17
July 25, 2010
The team loses a critical starter for a week with a sprained ankle.
Giant Killing 16
16. Giant Killing 16
July 18, 2010
Natsuki returns to practice with ETU. He was their top goal scorer the previous season.
Giant Killing 15
15. Giant Killing 15
July 11, 2010
ETU faces off against FC Sapporo for the prelims in the Japan Cup.
Giant Killing 14
14. Giant Killing 14
July 4, 2010
Delighted over their first win, Goto takes ETA out to the shopping district and thinks about reviving the old cheering squad. But, the old fans don't seem 100% on board when asked. Though he tries hard, it is not successful and night sets in.
Giant Killing 13
13. Giant Killing 13
June 27, 2010
ETU control the Brazilian trio and successfully take the lead. 15 minutes left and Nagoya comes attacking back. But, ETU's composure as a team allows them to withstand the onslaught.
Giant Killing 12
12. Giant Killing 12
June 20, 2010
Nagoya can't break ETU's defense line, so they put Carlos up front and attack with their strongest formation. This is exactly what Tatsumi has been waiting for. ETU is desperate to withstand the Brazilian onslaught. They block their shot and begin their own counter attack. That was Tatsumi's plan all along. The ball goes to Gino and ETU's attack finally begins. Who will score?!
Giant Killing 11
11. Giant Killing 11
June 13, 2010
ETU vs Nagoya Grand Palace. In the first half, ETU is faced with a relentless assault, but thanks to Tsubaki's repeated smooth plays, the danger of losing a point is always averted. Fuwa slowly starts to realize that Tatsumi's plan has been set in motion. However, ETU does not launch a full assault. While Matsubara can't hide his worries about the defense-only match, Tatsumi is grinning smugly. And the thing Tsubaki sees when he gets on the field is!
Giant Killing 10
10. Giant Killing 10
June 6, 2010
The fans are demanding that Tatsumi is canned. The opponent they face during their last stand is Nagoya Grand Palace, led by ETU's former manager Fuwa. In a stark contrast to ETU, Fuwa has been winning cup and league matches. He is an absolutely rational coach who used expensive foreign players to raise the power of the entire team. In the beginning, the Brazilian trio goes on a fierce offensive, but Tatsumi's plans are already in motion.
Giant Killing 9
9. Giant Killing 9
May 30, 2010
Since Tatsumi became manager, ETU has lost 4 matches in a row. The Skulls fan group can't conceal their anger any longer. At the peak of their anger, they stop the players. bus and demand an apology from Tatsumi. Tatsumi stops Murakoshi from appeasing the crowd and tries to go out himself. Does he have a secret strategy against Nagoya Grand Palace?!
Giant Killing 8
8. Giant Killing 8
May 23, 2010
After hearing a rumor that Kuroda is about to transfer, Matsuhara feels uneasy. However, Tatsumi declares again that the starting players will be picked with the soccer tennis game. Amongst the disgruntled players, Kuroda finally lets his anger explode and boycotts the training. Matsue, who also left the training, begins to tell Kuroda about a mistake that they as center backs had not noticed yet.
Giant Killing 7
7. Giant Killing 7
June 6, 2010
A league match against manager Kurashi's Javelin Iwata. After a lucky shot puts Iwata in the lead, ETU is totally overrun by Iwata's assault. After being dissatisfied by the way the game went, the free reporter Fujisawa asks Tatsumi a question at the press conference. While he answers it cooly and whips up another frenzy there, the next match against Sun Arrow Hiroshima is another loss.
Giant Killing 6
6. Giant Killing 6
June 6, 2010
A league press conference is being held. While everybody is in formal attire, Tatsumi wears his normal clothes. He meets Nagoya Grand Palace's manager Fuwa, who has history with ETU, and meets last season's 2nd, Osaka Gunners manager Dulfer. When the ceremony begins, Goto and Yuri are worried; quite right, as Tatsumi lets loose once again. A dubious Frenchman takes a liking to Tatsumi and takes him away.
Giant Killing 5
5. Giant Killing 5
June 6, 2010
Second half of the Tokyo Victory match. Tsubaki screwed up and gave the opponents a chance to score. Tatsumi tries to fire up Tsubaki by saying that he shouldn't worry about a foul. In order to combat Victory's increasing pace, Tatsumi puts in offensive players midfield. Though Tsubaki was motivated by Tatsumi, it doesn't go well and his efforts turn our disastrous. Meanwhile, Murakoshi re-examines himself as a player and tries to find a hole for the counter attack.
Giant Killing 4
4. Giant Killing 4
May 30, 2010
The first match for the new ETU under Tatsumi's lead is against the champion, Tokyo Victory. The Victory players take note of Gino wearing the captains mark, and the new starter, Tsubaki. During camp Tsubaki did not show much potential, but in this match he shines in tandem with Tatsumi's tactics, shaking up the Victory bench. Tatsumi starts to explain his reasons to coach Matsuhara who was surprised by Tsubaki's good performance.
Giant Killing 3
3. Giant Killing 3
May 30, 2010
On the first day of camp, Tatsumi's instructions were: self-training. On top of that, Tatsumi makes it even harder by insisting that they all share a single ball. When the players start arguing about what should be focused on, finally a brawl breaks out. While the coaches are trying to break it up, a late player called Prince appears.
Giant Killing 2
2. Giant Killing 2
May 30, 2010
Tatsumi takes on the veteran team with his new starter candidates in a skirmish. The young players follow Tatsumi's instructions in order to strike at the weaknesses of the veterans, and thus secure their own starting spots. The next day at a press conference, Tatsumi announces another big shocker. Murakoshi then let's his anger explode at Tatsumi.
Giant Killing 1
1. Giant Killing 1
May 23, 2010
Takeshi Tatsumi led the 5th division team of Eastham, England to 32nd place in the FA cup. Now he's been called back to coach his old home team, the small and weak East Tokyo United (ETU). On the first day of training, Tatsumi picks the starter candidates with nothing but the times from 30 meter sprints.

A football team in Japan is having a hard time because their players aren't that good and the fans have completely lost interested. An old football player that used to play for the same school decides that it would be a good idea to help by teaching them to play.

  • Premiere Date
    May 23, 2010
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    7.8  (215)