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  • TV-PG
  • 2010
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (132)

And Yet the Town Moves is a romance-comedy series, which was first aired on October 8, 2010. The story revolves around a young high school girl named Hotori Arashiyama, who lives with her grandfather in a local town. She is known for being a dreamer and always having her head in the clouds.

The show begins with Hotori working in a coffee shop named "Seaside Maid Café," where she serves drinks to her customers while wearing a French maid outfit. Despite her unconventional choice of job, Hotori always finds herself getting tangled up in odd and sometimes bizarre situations.

The show's tone and humor originate from the quirks of the main character, Hotori. Her surreal imagination often leads her to believe that there's more to the world than meets the eye. She is always looking for excitement and is frequently caught up in humorous and ridiculous situations.

The other characters in And Yet the Town Moves are all added to complement Hotori's strange nature. Toshiko has been her best friend since childhood, who is reserved and practical, working part-time at the library. Futaba Kon, another girl in Hotori's class, blends well with her unique nature as a school student, who is always devoted to following the rules.

Hotori's grandfather is a former detective, and many of the people in town come to him for help when they need it. The town that Hotori lives in is a quiet, slow-paced place, but it's full of life and excitement, enough for this collection of characters.

The show is divided into many episodes, each one focusing on individual stories that interconnect with each other. The episodes typically begin with Hotori coming up with a new idea or getting involved in another bizarre situation. The show's pacing is leisurely and always has its quirky element, with the occasional bit of slapstick comedy.

Despite her somewhat gloomy appearance, Hotori has an optimistic and energetic personality that makes her one of the most interesting protagonists in anime. Her character is the only one that remains consistent throughout the series, and her unique take on the world around her has a significant impact on how the audience experiences the show.

The visual aesthetic of And Yet the Town Moves perfectly encapsulates the blend of mystery and humor the show aims for. The art style is soft and detailed, with a color palette appropriate for the show's laid-back nature.

The sound design and music do an excellent job of setting the tone for the show. The opening theme is upbeat and cheerful, with a catchy melody that lifts up the mood. The sound effects that accompany the various comedic moments in the show are well-placed and effectively enhance the humor.

The art style and soundtrack work together to create a relaxing atmosphere that slowly draws the audience into the town's charm, which essentially becomes one of the show's secondary characters.

In conclusion, seeking out And Yet the Town Moves is highly recommended for anyone looking for a light, humorous and story-driven anime. Each episode has its own unique element that highlights the town's quirkiness and gets the audience to laugh. With its well-balanced blend of humor and mystery, this anime series is perfect for those who seek out relaxing and enjoyable storytelling.

And Yet the Town Moves is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on October 7, 2010.

And Yet the Town Moves
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Sore Machi...
12. Sore Machi...
December 23, 2010
Futaba and Toshiko aren't on speaking terms because Toshiko refuses to join the high school table tennis club. Hotori ruins an expensive pen and dreams about being judged in the afterlife.
Kon's Summer of Tears
11. Kon's Summer of Tears
December 16, 2010
Mr. Moriaki tries to help Hotori with her remedial math class by comparing it to detective work.
The Finger Pointing Geriatric
10. The Finger Pointing Geriatric
December 9, 2010
The news reports mysterious holes that have appeared in the neighborhood. Futaba questions Hotori about the holes.
The Clash of the Buytans
9. The Clash of the Buytans
December 2, 2010
Harue challenges Toshiko to a table tennis game. Both girls put up a furious fight.
The Fully Automated Orchestra
8. The Fully Automated Orchestra
November 25, 2010
Hotori, Futaba, and Toshiko discover a vending machine with astonishingly good food after being caught in a downpour. Hotori's class isn't planning anything for the Cultural Festival until Futaba suggests forming a band.
The Lovers' Midnight Dash
7. The Lovers' Midnight Dash
November 18, 2010
Sanada devises a plan and uses his daily horoscope reading to win Hotori's heart. The two decide to play hooky for the remaining school day.
The Pandora Maid Service
6. The Pandora Maid Service
November 11, 2010
Hotori visits an antique shop in search of the perfect birthday gift for Tatsuno. Hotori searches for a PC to scan an image for her website and encounters a spreading pandemic amongst her friends.
The Amazingly Strange Toshiko Tatsuno
5. The Amazingly Strange Toshiko Tatsuno
November 4, 2010
Tatsuno receives tickets to see a movie and wants to invite her love interest, Sanada. Takeru, Hotori's younger brother, is asked to hang out by his classmate, Ebi-chan.
The Cursed Equation
4. The Cursed Equation
October 28, 2010
After scoring a 0 on her math test, Hotori's math teacher, Moriaki, sentences her to detention and divulges his murderous presumptions.
The Cat Boy
3. The Cat Boy
October 21, 2010
Moriaki begs Hotori to use her detective skills to discern the mystery surrounding two paintings left behind by his grandfather. Hotori assists an upperclassman with his pet cat, Koban.
The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
2. The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
October 14, 2010
An encounter with a police officer leads Hotori to threaten a sexual harassment suit.
The Fortune Cafe
1. The Fortune Cafe
October 7, 2010
Hotori's and Toshiko's job at a maid cafe lead to conflicts in school.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 7, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (132)