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  • TV-14
  • 2003
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.8  (187)

Air Master is an anime television series produced by Toei Animation and directed by Daisuke Nishio. The show first premiered on Nippon Television in Japan in the year 2003 and ran until 2004. It is an action and martial arts anime, which follows the life of Maki Aikawa, a former gymnast who becomes a street fighter.

The show features an ensemble cast of voice actors, including Tomoko Kaneda as Maki Aikawa, Mika Doi as Kaori Sakiyama, Romi Paku as Julietta Sakamoto, Masumi Asano as Tamaki Nakamura, Yukana as Michiru Kawamoto, Mariko Suzuki as narrating voice, Toshio Furukawa as Kinjiro Kitaeda, Kenyu Horiuchi as Shingo Aozaki, Kentaro Ito as Tatsuhiro Yasuda, Unsho Ishizuka as Jin-i Kaito, Kihachiro Uemura as Kintaro Ishida, Daisuke Sakaguchi as Yojiro Kurokawa, Takehito Koyasu as Hanjiro Nakajima, Kazunari Tanaka as Machizo Machida, Mami Koyama as Yuki Kano, Katsuyuki Konishi as Itsuki Tominaga, Hikaru Midorikawa as Kendo Mutabura, Kazuko Sugiyama as Sakiyama's grandmother, Nanaho Katsuragi as Zenjuro Saori, and Rie Ishizuka as Renge Komadori.

The story follows Maki Aikawa, a former All-Japan Gymnastics champion who retires from the sport after a back injury. She spends her days as a flight attendant and amateur street fighter. One day, she happens to come across a group of street fighters in action and becomes fascinated by their skills. She decides to join them and becomes known as the "Air Master" for her aerial acrobatics in combat.

As Maki's reputation grows, she faces challenges from other fighters who want to prove their own skills. Her main rival is Julietta Sakamoto, a former pro wrestler who is jealous of Maki's popularity. They have several intense fights throughout the show, each one pushing Maki to her limits.

The show also explores the lives of other street fighters, such as Kaori Sakiyama, a detective who uses her martial arts skills to take down criminals; Tamaki Nakamura, a shy girl who gains confidence through fighting; and Michiru Kawamoto, a tough girl who sees street fighting as a way to escape her troubled home life.

Throughout the show, there are several other storylines that intersect with Maki's, such as a street fighting tournament organized by a mysterious man named Kintaro Ishida, and the introduction of new characters who challenge Maki's skills and beliefs.

The animation in Air Master is fluid and detailed, with exaggerated movements that showcase the characters' martial arts skills. The show also has a distinctive visual style, with bright colors and bold outlines.

One of the strengths of Air Master is its characters, who are all well-defined and have their own unique personalities and motivations. Maki, in particular, is a memorable protagonist, with a fierce determination to prove herself in the world of street fighting. She is also vulnerable, struggling with her own doubts and fears.

The show also has a great soundtrack, featuring a mix of rock, techno, and hip-hop music that fits the high-energy action sequences.

Overall, Air Master is an entertaining martial arts anime with well-drawn characters and exciting action scenes. It's a great choice for fans of the genre, as well as anyone looking for a fun and engaging show to watch.

Air Master is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (28 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2003.

Air Master
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Final Episode Fly! Maki Aikawa
14. Final Episode Fly! Maki Aikawa
January 1, 2003
"Win, Maki." Maki Aikawa tosses her body away during the fight and realizes the true essence of fighting. She thinks. She searches. That is why she's so strong when at full power. Her opponents all know this well. The people she encounters all experiences this and changed forever. She allows them to change. Kaori Sakiyama represents one such people. From meeting with Maki, a fire was lit inside her heart and her passion level rose. She was also the first friend that Maki, someone who has lived her life fighting every day, has ever known. She's no longer a lonely fighter. She has a friend who worries about her. Maki then thinks of all her friends, Yuu, Michiru, Renge, Mina... How they all cheer her on. Maki can fight full-on because she has friends in her corner. She'll continue to meet people, friends and enemies. People are able to grow and feel despair from the people they meet. But no matter what, she'll continue on. It's because she's continued on that she's made it to the place she's currently in. The person she encounters here is called an Eternal. She doesn't know if he's aiming for the top or not. Nevertheless, Maki flies through the air with all her power. She's the Air Master!
Feel it! The Wind of the Fight
13. Feel it! The Wind of the Fight
January 1, 2003
A few days after being completely defeated by the woman, Yuki Minaguchi, Kinjiro Kitaeda puts on a new Shizuna-man outfit dubbed Shizuna-man Version 2. But once Nagato saw him in that armor, the atmosphere suddenly changes. He doesn't seem like the normal, passionate Kin-chan... Wanting to test out Shizuna-man Version 2, Shizuna takes Kin-chan directly to a park that night. Kin-chan starts to realize his power, but somewhere in his heart he feels uneasy. But, he cannot conceal the greatness of the power he's received. But something is different... His opponent is Lucha Master, who is giving him all he's got in return. What happened to the fight he expected?
Break! Konishi vs. Julietta
12. Break! Konishi vs. Julietta
January 1, 2003
"I will defeat you. I will become a perfect dazzling star in the night sky tonight!" declares Konishi. While standing up to Julietta's random power, Konishi keeps telling himself to remain cool. Konishi breaks Julietta's right leg with his left arm! You can hear the ligament snap in the quiet of the evening park! Konishi prepares for him to submit. However, for some reason, Julietta's right leg comes flying in! And faster than before! How can this be? His ligament was torn! In any case, this is true. Konishi, telling himself to stay cool even more than before, stops trying to guard Julietta's kicks and tries to tackle him instead. If he uses all five of his senses at once he'll tackle him and defeat him! While this is going on, Maki is practicing attacks blindfolded with Miori at their home. Maki learns to be able to sense her surroundings. And then, Maki learns to feel the air...
Grill it! Meat
11. Grill it! Meat
January 1, 2003
It's been ten days since the showdown between Maki and Yuki Minaguchi. Maki has been out of it, not sure if she feels good or bad. At Maki's father, Saeki Shiro's dojo, a man calling himself Konishi shows up. He says he won't use his bat and challenges Saeki. The truth is that Konishi is a judo master calling himself the Submission Hunter. The way he speaks is very odd. Honestly speaking, he's a strange guy. The fight begins quickly but what is surprising is the rate at which he knocks out Saeki's knees. When asked about his real background, Konishi admits to being in the Fukamichi Ranking. Wanting to know more, Saeki invites him out to a Korean barbeque restaurant. Konishi thought they'd talk while eating but Saeki isn't letting him eat the meat at all. This irritates Konishi. Their conversation doesn't work well either. Finally, Saeki admits that he can't enjoy eating his meal to the max when dining with a guy. As their conversation creeps further into absurdity, Renge shows up, bedazzled by the smell of the Korean barbeque.
Slash Through! Yuki Minaguchi
10. Slash Through! Yuki Minaguchi
January 1, 2003
Kin-chan loses to Yuki Minaguchi. His right arm is back to full function but he's overwhelmed by Yuki's strength. Her next opponent is the Air Master. All the Fukamichi Ranking fans across the country have been awaiting this battle as the fight begins in earnest. Both Maki and Yuki try to end the fight with their special attack right at the start. But, they both notice the other's attack and dodge. Yuki smiles happily at Maki and for the first time Maki feels terror throughout her body. The difference in emotion is apparent in the fight and Maki is handily being beaten. About to accept her own defeat, Maki suddenly hears Kaori Sakiyama's loud yells! "Are you running away?! What will you do then?!" Maki, beaten ragged, stands up against Yuki saying, "I won't... lose. Fighting is all I know."
Launch it! The Flame Fighter
9. Launch it! The Flame Fighter
January 1, 2003
Deciding to follow the invitation of Shizuna, who said she could fix his arm, Kinjiro follows her to a mysterious basement and passes out. The pain and fatigue had pushed him to his limits. Shortly afterward, when he awakes, he feels that his pain threshold had been raised and his body feels strange. He then realizes that he's been turned into a Shizuna-man! By the way, what's a Shizuna-man? Thinking his outfit looks stupid, Kin-chan takes off the pieces of the Shizuna-man armor one by one as Shizuna scowls at him like some sort of monster. Then, he realizes that he can use his left arm. Though he dislikes the outfit, he'd rather have that than not be able to use his arm. Reluctantly he strips down to the bare minimum amount of armor and goes to defeat the Air Master once again. Around the same time, the younger Fukamichi brother appears once again, this time challenging Maki to a fight. But this time he doesn't show himself and begins a fight in a showy blast of fireworks on top of a roof. At the same time, Kin-chan is out to challenge the Air Master. But this time Fukamichi declares that his opponent is the 4th ranked Minaguchi. Kinjiro suddenly gets angry proclaiming, "I won't just do as you want me to!"
Make Him Talk! Fukamichi (Little Brother)
8. Make Him Talk! Fukamichi (Little Brother)
January 1, 2003
The man who appeared in front of Julietta was the younger brother of the ringleader of the Ranking's younger brother, Fukamichi. Nobuhiko challenges Julietta to a fight. He thought Julietta Sakamoto would be unable to fight and he mistakenly feels happy. Fukamichi watches the fight on the monitor excitedly, with bated breath. He then sees his brother get knocked out and his head stuck into the ceiling. The fight ended while he was still introducing himself. Then, Kinjiro, whose left arm was destroyed in the fight against Kai, stumbles into a clinic. He says crazy things to the doctor like, "please reset the bone now," and "just make it so I can throw five more punches." His requests ignored and being told to be admitted in the hospital, Kinjiro leaves in search of another doctor. Just then, he meets a girl nurse named Shizuna. She tells him to come with her because she can fix his arm and then leads him into a strange basement. Kin-chan feels like something strange is about to happen to him!
Strike! Kai vs. Kinjiro
7. Strike! Kai vs. Kinjiro
January 1, 2003
Kai is walking along a large road following the locator that Fukamichi gave to her. Slowly but surely, she approaches her opponent. Miori is alongside and her and is completely emotionally attacked to Kai. Her opponent happens to be Kinjiro Kitaeda, or Kin-chan! As soon as they realize who their opponent is, they start into a full-out battle! Izakaya Bomber vs. Chi Punch. Or more so, Sky Star Pro Wrestler vs. the Spirited Right Puncher!" They're in the middle of a busy street with cars and people around, plus it's broad daylight. A large gallery of people form to watch them find each other un affected by their surroundings. Though Kin-chan is looking for the Air Master, he cannot hide is surprise at her toughness. The tension between the two grows! Kinjiro tries to end it with his ultra-fast right while Kai is trying to show him her "way of life." The fight between these two is one for the ages! They're in a dead heat! Which one will win?
Lurk in the Shadows! Koji Ogata
6. Lurk in the Shadows! Koji Ogata
January 1, 2003
Maki and Kai will have real Fukamichi Ranking battles. Fukamichi gives them both locators to find the other person, to be worn on their wrists. Though it's an incredible device to help you locate your opponent, Maki can't figure out how to work it at all! Fukamichi is amazed how dull she is besides for her fighting skills. Though she can't figure it out, she ends up in a dilapidated building. The locator shows her opponent is close by and then he shows up! His name is Koji Ogata. He's dressed oddly and his unusual movements confuse Maki. His attack style is Ninjutsu! Maki can't figure out his attacks and his being hit over and over. Fukamichi sees this and says, "For Maki Aikawa, it's only a matter of time." Like he's signaling the final blow, Ogata sends out this shrill whistle sound. Maki continues to be hit. Then, Ogata begins to look like multiple people! Is that possible?! Maki's in trouble!
Cosplay! Shigeo Komata
5. Cosplay! Shigeo Komata
January 1, 2003
A cosplaying man named Shigeo Komata, his clothes are ragged and he has a crew cut like someone out of a video game. Though he based his attacks on a video game character, his power is not to be taken lightly! For this reason, he is number six in the Fukamichi Ranking. Maki definitely sees that he's not someone who will be beaten if she doesn't give 100%. At the same time, Kinjiro Kitaeda is fighting the 10th ranked fighter upon Fukamichi's instructions. He's being swiftly punched by his nimble opponent, but he responds with "There's no soul in your punches" and knocks him out in one blow. Fukamichi watches this all happen and even sees Yashiki, the 8th ranked fighter who can use the osmosis attack, be quickly overcome. We have a new rival here, folks! Meanwhile, Maki is reluctantly going to have her rematch with Shigeo. She is thinking up a special attack to finally beat him while watching a movie with Mina. A move to beat an opponent in one split second... Maki has an idea!
Gather Round! Street Fighters
4. Gather Round! Street Fighters
January 1, 2003
Maki's strength is fully tested by the Fukamichi Ranking. Maki easily defeats the 17th ranked fighter but waiting at the side is a dangerous looking fighter, her opponent. He says "Welcome to the Sniper Karate course." There is also a man who has come to Tokyo after hearing of Maki's spectacular fights. The leader of the Ranking, Fukamichi himself, invited him and it's none other than Kinjiro Kitaeda. Instead of fighting a rematch with the Air Master he opts to join the Fukamichi Ranking. Nagato overhears Fukamichi say "Kinjiro Kitaeda, I want you," while recruiting him. Nagato says "What did you just say to Kin-chan?" Nagato is in a blind rage of jealousy due to those words. Fukamichi, who just came to recruit him, is unfazed and taunts Nagato. This doesn't look like it'll end smoothly!
Fight! Fukamichi Ranking
3. Fight! Fukamichi Ranking
January 1, 2003
A mysterious man calling himself Fukamichi suddenly appears in front of Tsukio and Reiichi asking them to join the Fukamichi Ranking. Tsukio is annoyed at his attitude but invites Lucha Master to take his place. Right when they think the fight is about to start, Fukamichi calls out the 36th ranked fighter in the Fukamichi Ranking and he defeats Lucha Master in one second. The three of them are disappointed and shocked by this. While this is going on, a man who says he is in the Fukamichi Ranking appears before Kai and Mio. This man is named Yashiki. He appears to want to fight the Air Master. He is ranked number nine and appears quite confident in his fighting abilities. Kai doesn't really understand what the Fukamichi Ranking is all about but she says to Yashiki that if he wants to fight the Air Master, he has to beat her first. Then Yashiki busts out an osmosis attack like Kaori Sakiyama's, and a strong one at that! Kai is knocked down in one blow! Miori is stunned by what is happening before her and she called out for her sister, Maki! The mysterious street fighting story of the Fukamichi Ranking is underway!
Conquer! Empress Cockroach
2. Conquer! Empress Cockroach
January 1, 2003
After the pro wrestling event, everyone slowly starts to change. Shinnosuke makes a resolution in his heart and leaves on a solitary voyage. Maki, on the other hand, is rendered completely dumb after the match. She isn't giving off the same aura she had while in the ring! Dumbfounded by this, Kaori Sakiyama begins to preach to Maki and confesses that she was fired from her job. Kaori then drags Maki to work the same part-time job she took up. Her job is to play the villain in the High Rangers hero show at the amusement park. Maki is up there, dumb as ever, with a bunch of wannabe fighters on stage. Then, the enemy leader that Sakiyama is playing, Empress Cockroach, enters the stage! Sakiyama is a natural to play this role and the children are likewise truly frightened. She kicks Maki to the side as the show heats up. Maki seems to be wondering what the heck she is doing on stage and then she comes attacking out of nowhere! Now the real hero show will begin!
Fly Through! Kai and Maki!
1. Fly Through! Kai and Maki!
January 1, 2003
Air Master vs. Sky Star, the mid-air battle extravaganza has finally begun! But Kai is a cut above Maki when it comes to the ring. Maki is about to collapse! But then, Sakiyama yells from ringside, "What the hell are you doing in there?!" But then Maki is smacked! Mio, Kai and the spectators are all stunned. Sakiyama is screaming to kick Kai and Mio's butts! Sakiyama goes to unleash her Hua Jing on Kai but it misfires. Then Kai and Mio explode in a magnificent combination attack! Sakiyama and Maki are knocked into their corner. Kai hits with her Missile Kick and Mio unleashes her special attack, the Izakaya Bomber, on the back of Maki's head. Mio and Kai sandwich her with an Izakaya Bomber. Mio taunts Maki, saying this is what pro wrestling is really like, but Sakiyama smirks back saying this is perfect for her. Hearing that, Kai decides to unleash an attack that employs her true spirit as a pro wrestler. The match is approaching its climax!
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (187)