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Air Master tells the story of Maki Aikawa: A tall, naturally athletic high school student and adrenaline junkie. Maki is a former competitive gymnast, these days, however, gymnastics don't give her the thrill she needs to feel alive, so she spends most of her time in a depressed fugue until an alleyway brawl shows her how well her acrobatic skills work when applied to fighting. This starts her on a quest to find increasingly more skilled opponents, because the more danger she finds, the more time she gets to spend feeling truly alert and aware of the world around her. Maki's aerial prowess is soon the talk of the Tokyo underground fight scene, and earns her a following of combat enthusiasts who give her the moniker of "Air Master."

Tokyo has always been a mecca of the martial arts, and the yakuza (Japanese Mafia, represented by their corporate face, the Fukamichi group) turn a tidy profit from sponsoring the worlds greatest street fighters in their infrequently held "Fukamichi Ranking Tournament," paying the winners more at each level of the tournament. News of a fresh up-and-comer with a gravity defying style of fighting and the flashy title of Air Master, earns Maki the attention of the Fukamichi group and an invitation to the tournament. There she finally finds the challenge she needs to lift the fog of apathy and live life like there is no tomorrow, because a miscalculation in the Fukamichi rankings could mean the ultimate price for the loser.

Will Maki ride the wave of adrenaline, and prove to herself and the world that the Air Master is the worlds greatest fighter, or will she find out that the higher you fly, the longer you have to fall?

Air Master is a Anime series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2003. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.8.

Air Master is available for streaming on the Nippon TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Air Master on demand at Amazon online.

Nippon TV
2 Seasons, 27 Episodes
January 1, 2003
Cast: Tomoko Kaneda, Mika Doi, Romi Paku, Masumi Asano, Yukana
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Air Master Full Episode Guide

  • "I will defeat you. I will become a perfect dazzling star in the night sky tonight!" declares Konishi. While standing up to Julietta's random power, Konishi keeps telling himself to remain cool. Konishi breaks Julietta's right leg with his left arm! You can hear the ligament snap in the quiet of the evening park! Konishi prepares for him to submit. However, for some reason, Julietta's right leg comes flying in! And faster than before! How can this be? His ligament was torn! In any case, this is true. Konishi, telling himself to stay cool even more than before, stops trying to guard Julietta's kicks and tries to tackle him instead. If he uses all five of his senses at once he'll tackle him and defeat him! While this is going on, Maki is practicing attacks blindfolded with Miori at their home. Maki learns to be able to sense her surroundings. And then, Maki learns to feel the air...

  • Maki and Kai will have real Fukamichi Ranking battles. Fukamichi gives them both locators to find the other person, to be worn on their wrists. Though it's an incredible device to help you locate your opponent, Maki can't figure out how to work it at all! Fukamichi is amazed how dull she is besides for her fighting skills. Though she can't figure it out, she ends up in a dilapidated building. The locator shows her opponent is close by and then he shows up! His name is Koji Ogata. He's dressed oddly and his unusual movements confuse Maki. His attack style is Ninjutsu! Maki can't figure out his attacks and his being hit over and over. Fukamichi sees this and says, "For Maki Aikawa, it's only a matter of time." Like he's signaling the final blow, Ogata sends out this shrill whistle sound. Maki continues to be hit. Then, Ogata begins to look like multiple people! Is that possible?! Maki's in trouble!

  • Maki's strength is fully tested by the Fukamichi Ranking. Maki easily defeats the 17th ranked fighter but waiting at the side is a dangerous looking fighter, her opponent. He says "Welcome to the Sniper Karate course." There is also a man who has come to Tokyo after hearing of Maki's spectacular fights. The leader of the Ranking, Fukamichi himself, invited him and it's none other than Kinjiro Kitaeda. Instead of fighting a rematch with the Air Master he opts to join the Fukamichi Ranking. Nagato overhears Fukamichi say "Kinjiro Kitaeda, I want you," while recruiting him. Nagato says "What did you just say to Kin-chan?" Nagato is in a blind rage of jealousy due to those words. Fukamichi, who just came to recruit him, is unfazed and taunts Nagato. This doesn't look like it'll end smoothly!

  • A mysterious man calling himself Fukamichi suddenly appears in front of Tsukio and Reiichi asking them to join the Fukamichi Ranking. Tsukio is annoyed at his attitude but invites Lucha Master to take his place. Right when they think the fight is about to start, Fukamichi calls out the 36th ranked fighter in the Fukamichi Ranking and he defeats Lucha Master in one second. The three of them are disappointed and shocked by this. While this is going on, a man who says he is in the Fukamichi Ranking appears before Kai and Mio. This man is named Yashiki. He appears to want to fight the Air Master. He is ranked number nine and appears quite confident in his fighting abilities. Kai doesn't really understand what the Fukamichi Ranking is all about but she says to Yashiki that if he wants to fight the Air Master, he has to beat her first. Then Yashiki busts out an osmosis attack like Kaori Sakiyama's, and a strong one at that! Kai is knocked down in one blow! Miori is stunned by what is happening before her and she called out for her sister, Maki! The mysterious street fighting story of the Fukamichi Ranking is underway!

  • After the pro wrestling event, everyone slowly starts to change. Shinnosuke makes a resolution in his heart and leaves on a solitary voyage. Maki, on the other hand, is rendered completely dumb after the match. She isn't giving off the same aura she had while in the ring! Dumbfounded by this, Kaori Sakiyama begins to preach to Maki and confesses that she was fired from her job. Kaori then drags Maki to work the same part-time job she took up. Her job is to play the villain in the High Rangers hero show at the amusement park. Maki is up there, dumb as ever, with a bunch of wannabe fighters on stage. Then, the enemy leader that Sakiyama is playing, Empress Cockroach, enters the stage! Sakiyama is a natural to play this role and the children are likewise truly frightened. She kicks Maki to the side as the show heats up. Maki seems to be wondering what the heck she is doing on stage and then she comes attacking out of nowhere! Now the real hero show will begin!

  • Air Master vs. Sky Star, the mid-air battle extravaganza has finally begun! But Kai is a cut above Maki when it comes to the ring. Maki is about to collapse! But then, Sakiyama yells from ringside, "What the hell are you doing in there?!" But then Maki is smacked! Mio, Kai and the spectators are all stunned. Sakiyama is screaming to kick Kai and Mio's butts! Sakiyama goes to unleash her Hua Jing on Kai but it misfires. Then Kai and Mio explode in a magnificent combination attack! Sakiyama and Maki are knocked into their corner. Kai hits with her Missile Kick and Mio unleashes her special attack, the Izakaya Bomber, on the back of Maki's head. Mio and Kai sandwich her with an Izakaya Bomber. Mio taunts Maki, saying this is what pro wrestling is really like, but Sakiyama smirks back saying this is perfect for her. Hearing that, Kai decides to unleash an attack that employs her true spirit as a pro wrestler. The match is approaching its climax!

  • Although the kidnapped Mina was rescued from the hands of the Black Alliance, Tsukio, Reiichi, and Shinnosuke are soon overwhelmed by the growing number of the Black Alliance. Tsukio realizes that they would soon be annihilated and orders Shinnosuke and Reiichi to flee from the scene carrying Mina. However, they are soon cornered by the growing number of Black Alliance members. At the same time, there is a man with a dignified look sitting in a caf?' calling out the leaders of the Black Alliance. He is the president of Black Alliance of Justice and Sincerity "Kinjiro Kitaeda," also known as "Kin-chan." In realizing what has done, Kinjiro becomes agitated and hit one of his members with all his might! And finally, Maki arrives to find Mina! At last, the fight of Black Alliance of Righteousness and Sincerity vs. Maki starts!

  • Maki is confronted by a man named Julietta Sakamoto who Tsukio knows and calls a strong man. Approaching Maki, he begins to whisper words of love into her ear and gently kisses her hand. Maki is quite surprised while her friends Yuu and Michiru drop their jaws at the sight of this. Renge uncontrollably eats a snack that was given to her by Julietta. And as for Mina, she blurts out "I am Maki's lover!"Maki and her companions are completely caught off guard by the actions of Julietta. And as for Maki who wants to fight Julietta, she knows to get involved further might be a dangerous risk of a different sort.

  • Yuu, Michiru, Mina, Renge, and Maki went to Shibuya. When on the street, a young man named Shinnosuke Tokita whose goal was to beat the Air Master, presented his challenge. This man who challenged Maki carried a Sansetsukon, a deadly weapon that he had trained with since the age of five.Before the fight with Shinnosuke could commence, Kaori Sakiyama shows up unexpectedly to challenge Maki to the first fight.