Watch TV Shows on Nippon TV

Nippon TV is a Japanese television station that has been broadcasting since 1953. As of 2011 it is only available as a broadcast on digital television. That same year it became to number one station in Japan. Nippon TV is also recognized for its philanthropy, having given financial aid to various historic and artistic renovations and restorations.

The station runs a number of dramas and variety shows. Japanese and international sporting events are also featured prominently. Nippon TV has daily morning, evening and midnight news programs, as well as running NNN News 24, a station that continually runs news coverage. Many of Japan's most notable television shows just on the station and in 2011 it was the home to Japan's highest rated program, Kaseifu no Mita. Nippon TV's Shoten is a game show in which contestants answer questions posed to them by a host as wittily as possible and it is the second longest running show in Japan.

Nippon TV also runs a number of popular anime shows. Of particular note is the stations relationship with Hiyao Miyazaki, creator of such renowned films as My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke, and his production company, Studio Ghibli. Nippon TV has the exclusive rights to show Studio Ghibli movies in Japan and Miyazaki designed the station a new mascot for their fortieth anniversary.