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The story of Kaiji involve a man naed Itou Kaiji who lives his life as a homeless bum and a thief by stealing emblems from cars, as well as destroying car tires. One day, a man wearing a trench coat finds and visits Kaiji after he requested a loan that he still hasn't paid off yet to an emploter named Furata.

Originally, Takeshi asked for a loan for 30000 yen, but after Takeshi went missing, Kaiji was then in charge of paying off the loan.

The only way Kaiji can pay this loan off is to gamble for the amount, which leads him into bigger problems. These problems forced Kaiji to work twice as hard to pay off both his and Takeshi's debts.

One day, Kaiji decides to clear his name by taking on a particular position on the boat.

Nippon TV
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
October 3, 2007
Anime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Masato Hagiwara, HakuryĆ», Naoya Uchida, Hideo Ishikawa
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Kaiji Full Episode Guide

  • Exhausted from its long war with Kaiji, the Bog finally falls and pays out! Kaiji now has enough money to save himself and his friends underground, but will he give into the temptation to keep the fortune for himself?

  • Even with the plates filled to the brim with silver balls, Ichijou's secret weapon, the Curtain of Wind, prevents Kaiji from winning. All seems lost when Kaiji runs out of money, until a ray of hope pierces the darkness!

  • Kaiji continues to fire away until even the losing holes on the third plate are blocked! It's just a matter of time now...or is it?

  • With the extreme tilt, the lost balls have clogged up the reject chute, blocking off the losing holes on the first two plates! Yet just when victory seems imminent, Kaiji realizes his fatal mistake!

  • Endou loans Kaiji his emergency cash and Kaiji resumes his attack on the Bog! As the crowd watches, he tapes three bills to the glass, declaring they're about to see a magic trick they'll never forget.

  • Kaiji's wild idea of tilting the building to tilt the Bog pays off, and Ichijou scrambles to counterattack! Can he stymie Kaiji again, or is it too late?!

  • Ichijou is backed into a corner and begins a frantic search for the remote that will activate the Bog's final "impenetrable defence." Will Kaiji lose his shot at the jackpot, or can he sink a ball before Ichijou gets the chance?

  • Even with the Forest of Pins cleared, Ichijou's block keeps Kaiji away from the Bog's final area, the three plates. Will Kaiji's relentless assault on the flippers succeed before he runs out of money?!

  • Kaiji's devious plan leaves the Bog's Forest of Pins in ruins, and a frantic Ichijou turns on the same automatic block that stopped Sakazaki. With no hope for victory, why does Kaiji continue to fruitlessly pound on the blockade?!

  • Even after being tortured by Ichijou, Kaiji returns to the casino with Sakazaki and Endou to carry out his plan and begin his duel with the Bog.

  • Of all the potential accomplices, Kaiji brings on the merciless loan shark from Teiai, Endou! Along with Sakazaki, the three plan to mount a final assault on the Bog and win the jackpot!

  • From his descent into the underground hell to his first encounter with the Bog and Ichijou, relive Kaiji's journey and see just how far he has left to go.

  • After his attempt on the Bog fails, Sakazaki takes the last of his money to the track. But when Kaiji has an epiphany on how to defeat the monster machine, can he get there in time to stop Sakazaki from wasting his cash?!

  • Sakazaki ignores Kaiji's warning and continues sinking money into the Bog, and it's only when he's nearly bankrupt that the two realize how tough the machine's defenses really are.

  • Sakazaki attacks the Bog with his magnetic beer as he attempts to win the jackpot, but as he continues to play, Kaiji smells a rat.

  • Kaiji encounters a man named Sakazaki who entices him with a sure-fire way to win six hundred million yen in one night! The key? A pachinko machine where each ball is worth 4,000 yen...A machine known as the Bog!

  • The Forty-fivers beat Ootsuki at his own game and win a huge windfall! The group entrusts Kaiji with the lot of their winnings, counting on him to go back to the surface and find the money to pay off all their debts!

  • Kaiji catches Ootsuki red handed, but when the foreman tries to weasel his way out of the game, will Kaiji walk away empty-handed?

  • The Forty-fivers are all in, and Ootsuki's got no choice but to resort to his magic dice. But will he get away with cheating this time?!

  • After three long, brutal months, Kaiji and his friends finally pay off their debts, and decide to pool their money at the next chinchiro game. With the max bet limit removed, can they win big or will they be bankrupt again?!

  • It's a test of willpower as Kaiji and the Forty-fivers struggle to save up and pay their debts, enduring hunger, thirst, and abuse from Ootsuki.

  • Ootsuki and Isawa clean Kaiji out with big rolls, and Kaiji finds himself in debt once again, even in the depths of hell. Now his wages are garnished, landing him in the company of fellow losers, the "Forty-fivers."

  • The stakes are raised when Kaiji's first turn as dealer comes up, and the foreman and his crony bet the maximum amount!

  • Kaiji attempts to win big money underground playing the dice game chinchirorin, but will his big bet pay dividends or clean him out?

  • Months after amassing a ten million yen debt to the Teiai Group, Kaiji is finally caught and sent to an underground forced labor camp. His only hope of escape is to save up for a one-day pass back to the surface.

  • Exhausted from its long war with Kaiji, the Bog finally falls and pays out! Kaiji now has enough money to save himself and his friends underground, but will he give into the temptation to keep the fortune for himself?

  • Kaiji is fully confident his rigged tissue box will trick Hyoudou and net him over 100 million yen. But does the sly President know more than he lets on?

  • Unsatisfied with besting the corporate puppet Tonegawa, Kaiji challenges the President of Teiai himself, Hyoudou himself. His brilliant plan to make Teiai pay and walk away with a fortune? A simple tissue box raffle.

  • The final round of E-Card has finally come. Tonegawa, Hyoudou, the Teiai suits, and the losers from the Human Derby all look on as Kaiji plays his final card.

  • The madness of E-Card continues as Kaiji is now up 11 million yen. Now betting 18 millimeters and risking death or brain damage, Kaiji strives to humiliate Tonegawa and avenge the deaths of his friends.

  • Round 11 of E-Card sees Kaiji resort to his most extreme, most desperate, and most brilliant plan to date. Does he have what it takes to defeat Tonegawa once and for all?

  • Even with the overwhelming advantage of playing Emperor, Kaiji is to scared to risk more than the minimum bet of one millimeter. But with his paralyzing fear of Tonegawa turn into an unexpected benefit?

  • With his sense of hearing on the line, Kaiji becomes more and more panicked as Tonegawa begins to read him like a book. Can he survive E-Card with his hearing intact, or is Tonegawa simply too experienced to outwit?

  • Tonegawa continuously presses Kaiji, questioning him, trying to get inside his head. Meanwhile, Kaiji is wracking his brain trying to decide the perfect moment to strike, badly needing to survive his turn playing the Slave with minimal losses.

  • Cheated out of his prize on a technicality, Kaiji is given one last chance to make some money before leaving the Starside Hotel - a psychological battle with Tonegawa himself, "E-Card."

  • Kaiji and his friend Sasahara are the last two men clinging to their lives 74 meters above the ground. Sasahara finally traverses the beam to the window on the other side, but the smiling faces of the rich elite behind the glass have Kaiji confused...and terrified.

  • As the desperate group of men begin plummeting off the beams to their deaths, Kaiji screams for Tonegawa to cut the power to the elecrified iron beams. But when his pleas are ignored, can he muster the courage to press forward?

  • Kaiji and 11 other men are forced into a footrace across a narrow beam high off the ground. But with no way to pass the person in front of him, will Kaiji give into the temptation to push him off?

  • Stepping foot into the Starside Hotel, Kaiji is greeted with a familiar face from the ship of hope. He once again falls into the world of bizzare gambles, this time as a contestant in what the hotel bills as a "Human Derby."

  • Four months after the Espoir, Kaiji is working part-time at a convenience store, barely able to even pay off the interest on his massive debt. Things only get worse when the store owner starts suspecting him of stealing.

  • Furuhata and Andou's true colors emerge as they leave Kaiji to rot with the other losers, sentencing him to a fate worse than death. As a fellow prisoner mocks his doom, Kaiji frantically searches for a way to escape.

  • No one can find the three missing "Scissors" cards for a good reason - someone tried to sneak out of playing by flushing them down the toilet. Now with an odd number of cards, someone in Kaiji's group will have to be the odd man out and fall into the loser's pen...but will the other two come to his rescue?

  • With the other players too afraid to move and the clock winding down, Kaiji's group seems trapped. Their only option is to go along with Funai, the man who swindled Kaiji at the start, and his plan to shuffle everyone's cards so that everyone starts from a clean slate.

  • After soundly defeating Kitami, Kaiji weasels his way into getting their pool of "Paper" cards as well. Now with 30 Rocks, 34 Papers and 5 Scissors, Kaiji's team has a huge deck to draw on. But can they use it to get the stars they need to escape the ship?

  • Pooling their resources, Kaiji's team begins buying up all the "Rock" cards on the floor. If things go according to plan, they could walk away with enough stars to win the game and have leftovers to sell! But have they tipped their hand too soon?

  • Kaiji, his old friend Furuhata and newcomer Andou band together to try and conquer the Espoir with the power of teamwork. Kaiji devises a strategy for victory, but when Andou makes a move on his own, will Kaiji cast him aside?

  • Boarding the ship of hope, the Espoir, Kaiji prepares to play a unique game called "Restricted Rock-Paper-Scissors." The MC, Tonegawa, explains that everyone is given twelve cards and three stars. If you can play all twelve cards and keep three stars, you may leave the ship with your debt forgiven, but fail and a fate worse than death awaits.

  • Three years after moving to Tokyo, Itou Kaiji is a bum wasting his life away on cheap liquor and cheap gambles. His dull world is turned upside-down when he is paid a visit by a man named Endou, a loan shark coming to collect on a loan Kaiji once co-signed as a favor to a friend. He learns his friend defaulted on the 3 million yen loan and the responsibility now falls to Kaiji! Broke and desperate, Kaiji's one ray of hope is a unique proposition from the shady loan shark..

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