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  • TV-G
  • 1980
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (967)

Astro Boy, also known as Mighty Atom, is a Japanese anime television series that was first created by the legendary Osamu Tezuka. The series first aired in Japan in 1980 and has since then gained a massive following in various countries across the world. The show is set in a fictional world where robots coexist with humans. The main protagonist, Astro Boy, is a robot created by Dr. Tenma, a scientist who worked for the Ministry of Science. Astro was initially designed to replace Tenma's deceased son, Tobio. However, upon discovering that Astro lacks the emotional capability to fill the void of his son, Tenma abandons the robot. Astro is then found and repaired by Dr. Ochanomizu, a man who becomes Astro's mentor and father figure, and the two begin to fight against evil together.

The series follows Astro's various adventures as he fights against different villains and encounters challenges along the way. Despite being a robot, Astro has a heart of gold and is always fighting to protect humanity and his fellow robots.

The show features a diverse cast of characters, including Astro's allies and foes. Mari Shimizu voices the character of Uran, Astro's younger sister who is also a robot, and Masako Sugaya voices the character of boy genius Kenichi, a human who befriends Astro and becomes an ally. Tamio Oki voices Dr. Ochanomizu, Astro's human mentor, while Hisashi Katsuta voices Professor Elefun, an elderly scientist who often helps Astro on his missions.

In addition to the main characters, Astro Boy features a variety of robots designed for different purposes, such as household robots and robots specialized for industrial and military purposes. The show delves into the idea of robots having their own set of emotions and personalities, making viewers question their beliefs about what it means to be "alive."

While Astro Boy is primarily an action series, it also has a sentimental side. The show explores themes such as love, friendship, loyalty, and the importance of doing the right thing. The series also touches on social and political issues, including discrimination against robots and the consequences of technology while providing commentary on the role of science and its impact on society.

The animation of Astro Boy is stunningly beautiful, featuring vibrant colors and smooth movements. The show's music is also memorable, with a catchy theme song that has become iconic in the world of anime.

Astro Boy ran for a total of 52 episodes, airing from 1980 to 1981. The show was later dubbed into English and aired on various networks across the world, introducing the series to a new generation of fans.

In conclusion, Astro Boy is a timeless anime classic that captures the hearts of viewers of all ages. The show's blend of action, heartfelt storytelling, and exploration of complex themes make it a must-see for any anime fan.

Astro Boy 1980
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Astro's First Love
51. Astro's First Love
December 23, 1981
Astro falls for Nikki (Nuka), his partner as they search for some stolen plans.
The Secret Of The Mayas
50. The Secret Of The Mayas
December 16, 1981
Astro explores a Mayan pyramid and finds a new mystery.
The World Of Odin
49. The World Of Odin
December 9, 1981
Astro travels to the land of the Vikings with Dr. Elefun.
Uran Falls In Love
48. Uran Falls In Love
December 2, 1981
Uran and Astro both want to get rid of an unwanted robot.
The Human-Faced Rock
47. The Human-Faced Rock
November 25, 1981
Daddy Walrus takes the class to see a mysterious face in a rock, and the legend behind it.
The Hijacked AirShip
46. The Hijacked AirShip
November 18, 1981
Astro is powerless for a day, just as a hijacker takes over a luxury airship.
Outer Space Port R45
45. Outer Space Port R45
November 11, 1981
Astro goes in search of space pirates.
Uran's Quest
44. Uran's Quest
November 4, 1981
Uran goes on the ultimate quest - for God!
The Snow Leopard
43. The Snow Leopard
October 28, 1981
Snow in the summer is a portent of a new alien threat.
Atlas Forever
42. Atlas Forever
October 21, 1981
Atlas attacks space stations near Saturn and Jupiter, prompting an all-out attack by Earth's forces.
The Robots Nobody Wanted
41. The Robots Nobody Wanted
October 14, 1981
Three obsolete robots fight for a new purpose, with the help of Astro.
The Genie From Outer Space
40. The Genie From Outer Space
September 23, 1981
A powerful new invader from space threatens the Earth and its up to Astro and Dr. Elefun to save the day.
Blackie Young
39. Blackie Young
September 16, 1981
Dr. Elefun reassembles a dismembered robot which leads to a new quest.
The Man-Made Solar Sphere
38. The Man-Made Solar Sphere
September 2, 1981
One of Dr. Elefun's old inventions is in the wrong hands and Astro and Shalock Holmespan must find it.
The Anti-Proton Gun
37. The Anti-Proton Gun
August 19, 1981
The most powerful weapon on Earth becomes the target of some of Astro's foes.
Lily On Peligro Island
36. Lily On Peligro Island
August 5, 1981
Astro goes in search of the writer of many messages in bottles.
The Monster Of Clarken
35. The Monster Of Clarken
July 22, 1981
Astro and friends try to save the Golden Coral Forest and run into a hunter and a monster.
The Secret Of The Bee City
34. The Secret Of The Bee City
July 15, 1981
Astro and Uran visit Bee Island and uncover a new mystery.
The Baby Elephant Pook
33. The Baby Elephant Pook
July 8, 1981
A real elephant and cub wander into a robot safari and its up to Astro to save them from Zohra.
The Runaway Subway Train
32. The Runaway Subway Train
July 1, 1981
An out of control subway train is Astro's newest ploy to draw Astro out.
The Return Of Queen Cleopatra
31. The Return Of Queen Cleopatra
June 17, 1981
Astro travels back in time and Julius Caesar entrusts him with Cleopatra's royal staff.
Speeding Through The Storm
30. Speeding Through The Storm
June 3, 1981
An old D51 steam engine must weather the storm to save Astro and his classmates.
Uran's Twin
29. Uran's Twin
May 13, 1981
Uran gets a twin as she is unable to live up to the expectations of her parents.
The Great Meltdown
28. The Great Meltdown
May 6, 1981
Astro helps Livian as she brings news of the melting polar icebergs.
The Robot Stuntman
27. The Robot Stuntman
April 29, 1981
Uran yearns to meet the movie-star Tom Stanton and finds that the real star is his stunt double, Sam.
The Time Machine
26. The Time Machine
April 8, 1981
Astro travels through time to save a 15th century Prince.
The Robot Vikings
25. The Robot Vikings
April 1, 1981
The Vikings terrorize the city and Astro must go undercover to find them.
The Greatest Robot In The World - Part 2
24. The Greatest Robot In The World - Part 2
March 25, 1981
Pruto continues on his rampage and only Astro can stop him.
The Greatest Robot In The World, Part 1
23. The Greatest Robot In The World, Part 1
March 11, 1981
Bruton is the most powerful robot in the world and is sent to destroy Astro!
The Girl From Alsoar
22. The Girl From Alsoar
March 4, 1981
stro Boy and his family go on a skiing trip, but it gets interrupted when some strange spaceships appear from another planet.
The Liar Robot
21. The Liar Robot
February 25, 1981
Astro meets another robot named True who unfortunately doesn't live up to his name.
The Wreck Of The Titan
20. The Wreck Of The Titan
February 18, 1981
Astro Boy's adventure on Titan, the most advanced luxury spaceship in the world.
The Transformation Robot
19. The Transformation Robot
February 11, 1981
On a visit to a very unusual island, Astro Boy meets a special robot named Buck.
The Death Balloon
18. The Death Balloon
February 4, 1981
An army of balloons begin appearing over the city.
The Rainbow Comet
17. The Rainbow Comet
January 28, 1981
All the students in Daddy Walrus' class go on a field trip to space to study astronomy.
Save The Carolina 3
16. Save The Carolina 3
January 21, 1981
Astro's adventure with his friend Gene who lives on a satellite with his father.
Astro Fights Aliens
15. Astro Fights Aliens
January 14, 1981
Astro Boy is appointed captain of a ship bound for Mars.
Robio And Robiette
14. Robio And Robiette
January 7, 1981
Astro Boy learns the story of Robio and Robiette - a couple in love with feuding families.
Uran The Tomboy
13. Uran The Tomboy
December 25, 1980
Dr. Elefun presents Astro Boy with a most unusual surprise - a sister of his very own.
The Light Ray Robot
12. The Light Ray Robot
December 17, 1980
It's Christmas Eve and there is a big contest in the National Robot Hall to see which is the best robot of the year.
Goliath's Head
11. Goliath's Head
December 10, 2009
A rocket carrying a Mars development robot named Goliath crashes to Earth with a terrible explosion.
The Robot President
10. The Robot President
December 3, 1980
The country of Guravia has elected the first robot President, but the Deadcross Party is bent on keeping President Ricci from taking power.
The White Planet
9. The White Planet
November 26, 1980
Join Astro for the round-the-world rocket car race.
The Crystal Of The Desert
8. The Crystal Of The Desert
November 19, 1980
Astro Boy finds big trouble in the desert when he investigates a strange series of droughts.
The Red Cat
7. The Red Cat
November 19, 1980
Thirteen Thirteenth Street is a spooky old haunted house that is the setting for Astro Boy's exciting adventure.
6. Frankenstein
November 6, 1980
Astro Boy saves the day again in this action-"‹packed full-"‹color story. Astro flies to the protection of another robot, an escapee from the evil Robot Land. But the other denizens of Robot Land aren't going to let this happen without a fight.
Robot Land
5. Robot Land
October 29, 1980
Astro Boy has a strange feeling before bad things happen. His robot parents are taken and he's out to rescue his parents. He takes on his nemesis Atlas who is bent on taking revenge on humanity.
Atlas Lives Again
4. Atlas Lives Again
October 22, 1980
Astro Boy goes to school to try to fit in as a normal being, but he meets with the opposition of his classmates who want robots out of the school. Astro Boy shows his superior powers and kicks butt in this full-color episode.
Save The Classmate
3. Save The Classmate
October 15, 1980
When Astro and his father are seperated on the cruise, he accidentally signs a contract to join a robot circus. The ringmaster Hamegg is cruel to his robot performers, but Astro befriends Hamegg's assistant, Kathy. Soon, the new Minister Of Science is curious about Astro's past...
Robot Circus
2. Robot Circus
October 8, 1980
The second Japanese episode relating the birth of Atlas, Astro's brother-nemesis. The first two episodes_4-18 of the Japanese series were edited into one for English language broadcast.
The Birth Of Astro Boy
1. The Birth Of Astro Boy
October 1, 1980
The Minister of Science, Dr. Tenma, is devestated after his son Tobio is killed in a car accident. He builds, with the Ministry's resources, a robotic version of Tobio.
  • Premiere Date
    October 1, 1980
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (967)