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Gun X Sword is a television series which blends science fiction and a classic Western cowboy feel, creating a unique and intriguing story. The show, which is an anime, or Japanese animation, takes place on a world called the Planet of Endless Illusion. Some parts of the planet have a modern feel, but most places are very rustic. Either way, the planet is mostly lawless, making it both a dangerous and exciting place to live. Van, the main character of the series, is wandering the planet. He is in search of a man with one arm ending in a claw. This clawed man killed Van's bride, and now Van is determined to exact revenge. Unfortunately, Van does not know where to find the clawed man.

As Van travels the planet, he meets a young girl named Wendy. Wendy and her faithful turtle are searching for Michael, Wendy's brother. Wendy believes that Michael has been captured by the clawed man. Seeing that their goals more or less line up, Wendy asks to travel with Van. At first, Van wants nothing to do with her. However, Van can't seem to get rid of Wendy. They begin to travel together, and it soon becomes clear that Van needs Wendy as much as she needs him.

Van and Wendy continue to roam the planet, seeking any clues about the clawed man. As they travel, the pair encounter old friends of Van's and also meet many new and interesting people. In addition, as they gather more and more information, they learn that there is much more to the clawed man than meets the eye. They begin to uncover a large conspiracy and find themselves entangled in a stickier plot than they ever imagined. In addition, Wendy learns more about Van and discovers several startling secrets about his past.

Gun X Sword is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on July 4, 2005.

Gun X Sword is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Gun X Sword on demand atHulu, Crunchyroll online.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 26 Episodes
July 4, 2005
Anime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Kikuko Inoue, Takanori Hoshino, Houko Kuwashima, Takahiro Sakurai, Junko Noda
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Gun X Sword Full Episode Guide

  • The villain with the clawed-hand killed Van's one true love, sparking a quest for vengeance that could only end in death. Now, it's time for Van to return the favor by destroying the villain's murderous dream.

  • Joshua has been captured; Brownie and El Dorado are battered and beaten; and the "birthday party" has resumed. As the villain nears his ultimate goal, the world looks skyward, hoping for a hero to appear.

  • The fall of Fasalina opens a crack in the claw-fisted man's formerly impenetrable defenses. The prey Lundgren has pursued for so long is finally in his sights, but can he trust his eyes?

  • While awaiting news of Van's fate, his friends chart a course for the claw-fisted man's island refuge. Their advance is stopped by Fasalina's ambush, forcing Ray, Priscilla, and El Dorado into a desperate counterattack.

  • With his satellite destroyed, Van is powerless to activate Dann, and his body slowly begins to deteriorate. His only chance for survival is linking with Gadved's former base, but he won't succeed without help.

  • Fasalina enters the fray on a mission to delay Van long enough for Michael to complete his launch into orbit. Her highly unusual fighting style proves to be unlike anything Van has ever encountered.

  • The claw-fisted man reveals the broad strokes of his plan to his minions, and Fasalina uses her feminine wiles to secure Michael's cooperation. Later, Wendy is shocked by a surprise visit from her brother.

  • Carossa's crippling fear of abandonment leads to a rogue attack on Van and company. As always, Melissa is quick to follow her brother's lead, but Carossa's defiant nature could spell disaster for them both.

  • As the hour of the blessed moment approaches, Michael is caught in a mutinous uprising which threatens to derail the finely-laid plans of the claw-fisted man.

  • Carmen99 and the girls travel to Swimsuit Kingdom in search of a revolutionary metal-based fabric. To get what they're after, Wendy must defeat a curvaceous champion - or don the dread super-tight swimsuit!

  • Van's life is spared, but only for the moment. Wu gives him three days to leave this world - or face death. Van's anguish over this decision is intensified by lingering feelings for Elena and Wendy's illness.

  • Thanks to a little help from her turtle, Wendy wins enough money for two tickets on a luxury airship, but the posh journey is crudely interrupted by an armor pilot looking to settle the score with Van.

  • A greedy promoter recruits Van as a ringer for the final match of an armor tournament. He's ordered to crush a popular - and honorable - female pilot, but the man behind Dann has a problem with authority.

  • Gadved and Van mix it up in a brutal showdown between members of the Original 7. Meanwhile, Ray's attempt to assassinate the claw-fisted man spills innocent blood.

  • Van learns something devastating about the man who fused him with Dann, and Wendy - still reeling from her brother's rejection - converses about dreams with a strange old man.

  • Wendy's reunion with her long-lost brother leaves her weeping, and Van's reaction to her sorrow is shockingly heartless. Meanwhile, members of the Original 7 convene beneath a train station.

  • In need of cash and a lift to the next town, Van takes a job guarding an excavation site. When the operation is attacked by a submarine, Van finds out how his armor handles underwater!

  • Van, Wendy, and Joshua travel to Carmen's hometown to find answers about the claw-fisted man. All is well at first, but Wendy soon succumbs to the scent of an unusually beautiful - and perhaps deadly - flower.

  • Wendy bonds with an intelligent boy who's also searching for his lost brother, and Van teams up with his arch rival to destroy a rogue dragon armor that's terrorizing a peaceful mountain village.

  • Thieves maroon Wendy and Van on a remote island where a mysterious man of great wealth welcomes them into his palatial estate. Living the good life is easy, but Van suspects their host's motives.

  • Two lawless lovebirds try to finance their wedded bliss by stealing Van's armor, but their intended prey becomes their heroic rescuer when a mob boss comes looking for a piece of the action.

  • Carmen99 lures Van into the middle of a deadly power struggle between warring factions of identical twins. The role he must play is that of bodyguard; his reward will be news of the claw-fisted man - if he survives.

  • When Van falls victim to a dangerous fever, Wendy puts her own life at risk on a quest for medicine; however, there's something she doesn't know about her new friend's unique abilities.

  • Wendy and Van get caught in a barroom brawl sparked by aging armor pilots who spend their days drinking. The...

  • Van and Wendy arrive at Bridge City only to cross paths with a curvy mercenary known as Carmen99. The...

  • Van is a mysterious drifter who seeks revenge against the villain with a clawed right hand. His quest is...