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Golden Rainbow is a television series that shows the love between a group of siblings. This seven siblings that this show follows are not related by blood. They are a group of orphans that came together and built a bond stronger then natural siblings have. Each week a little bit more of the background of the each sibling is reviled. The siblings also face hardships and tribulations that they overcome on the show. Baek Won is the leader of the group and is the one that hold this makes ship family together. She is strong for the others. The show also deals with social topics that may families have to face and shows how this family is able to survive even the worst of times.

Golden Rainbow is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on November 3, 2013.

Golden Rainbow is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Golden Rainbow on demand at, Viki online.

Saturday 9:55 PM et/pt
1 Season, 41 Episodes
November 3, 2013
Kids & Family, International, Romance
Cast: Yoon-seok Jeong
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Golden Rainbow Full Episode Guide

  • Jinki agrees to turn himself in, but Doyoung gets a call that Mr. Oh is missing. Doyoung asks Bagwon to spend the day with him before he joins his father at the prosecution.

  • Bagwon's grandmother dies after fighting with Jinki. Bagwon calls a shareholders' meeting to oust Jinki from the chairman position and Doyoung looks for evidence to prove he murdered Hanju.

  • Doyoung decides to marry Cheonwon to carry on in deceiving Jinki. Cheonwon and the rest of the family find out that Jinki was behind Hanju's death.

  • Jinki takes Ms. Khang to their house to find out more about her Swiss bank account. Bagwon suggests a partnership between Cheonwon and Mr. Oh in the bidding for her mudflat.

  • Youngwon buys Golden Suisan and gives it to Bagwon. Jinki still has his eyes on Bagwon's mudflat and tells her to sell it to him.

  • Doyoung asks Bagwon to give up everything and leave the country with him. Meanwhile Cheonwon convinces Taeyoung to give her his shares to buy Gold Suisan.

  • Bagwon corners Jinki into giving her 2% of his shares for causing damage to her cockle project. Forever Micinski visits Bagwon's sushi restaurant.

  • Bagwon listens to Doyoung's recording and finds out that Jinki may have had a hand in the deaths of Hanju, Ghangdoo, and Deoksu. Ms. Khang is rescued from the detention hospital.

  • Cheonwon joins with Bagwon to fight against Jinki to save the company. Jinki brings people from a mental ward to take the former chairman away.

  • Bagwon starts her work for the foundation but is threatened by Jinki. Doyoung breaks up with Bagwon and teams up with Jinki to take the foundation away from Bagwon.

  • Bagwon is concerned about her relationship with Doyoung after finding out that she's the real Habin. Ms. Khang tries to place Taeyoung as the new Chairman of Gold Suisan.

  • Doyoung confronts his father about Hanju and Ghangdoo's death. Meanwhile Cheonwon tells Ms. Khang that Jinki is secretly buying Gold Suisan shares.

  • Doyoung investigates his father while looking into Hanju's murder. Meanwhile Bagwon asks Youngheh about Ghangdoo Jo and Worldwide Loans.

  • Doyoung has the police looking for Ghangdoo after finding out that he's back from hiding in China. Ms. Khang tells Cheonwon about her condition.

  • Hanju proposes to Youngheh to get married so Bagwon invites Habin to the wedding. Hanju and his family forgives Ukjoe and his family for stealing from the counter and lets the work again.

  • Bagwon starts her work at the fish farm. Doyoung comes back to work as a prosecutor and sets Golden Suisan as his first target.

  • Bagwon tells Manju that she will carry on with meeting Doyong despite Manju's warning about his family. Manwon ends up revealing to Bagwon that he no longer wants to hide his feelings.

  • Youngheh finds out who her real daughter's kidnapper is and looks into Ghangdoo Jo. Jinki tells Hanju to split up Doyoung and Bagwon.

  • Bagwon decides to go work for GS to bring cheap fish to her store. DA Seo is working on finding out the past of Cheonwon.

  • Bagwon arrests Manwon and everyone finds out that he'd been working as a gangster for the past ten years. Habin returns Taeyoung's stocks to Ms. Khang.

  • Jinki tells Bagwon to stay away from Doyoung. Hanju confronts Manwon about his secret life as a gangster.

  • Youngheh and Hanju make a decision to keep in touch. Youngheh is going to stop her revenge and everything related to it for Hanju.

  • Jinki's wife suspects Jinki of having an affair and has him followed. Bagwon finds suspicious pollacks being sold in the fish market and asks Doyoung to help her look into their origin.

  • Jinki finds out about Doyoung's assault and threatens Mr. Park. Hanju asks Bagwon to quit her job as a police officer.

  • Habin takes on Youngheh's case at the police station and meets with Bagwon. Taeyoung offers Habin a position at Golden Suisan.

  • Jinki pressures his son to release Jaesu Kim. Bagwon and Doyoung find out that Youngheh is the Vice Chair of Worldwide Loan.

  • Hanju is out of jail and pays a visit to Jinki. Jinki wants to use Habin in his plans to take over Gold Suisan. Meanwhile Bagwon follows Doyoung around to catch Jaesu Kim.

  • 14 years pass and Bagwon is still bitter at Manwon because of what happened to Youngwon. Bagwon is now a police officer, continuing her search into her father's smuggling case.

  • Doyoung keeps digging into Hanju's case and gets caught by Jinki's men. Cheonwon leaves the Kim house in search of Youngheh.

  • Bagwon overhears Youngheh's conversation with her creditor and suspects her of being the reason behind Hanju's smuggling. Bagwon's landlord tells the kids to move out.

  • Ilwon is sent to the hospital in critical condition. Hanju escapes the police to ask Jinki for Ilwon's surgery fee, but is told to flee to Japan.

  • Hanju decides to go through with the smuggling for Manwon and Youngheh's safety. Bagwon goes inside a burning warehouse to save Ilwon.

  • Trawling boats working under Gold Suisan are threatening the livelihood of fishermen, including Hanju and his family. Youngwon runs away from home after hearing that he's burdening Bagwon.

  • Bagwon pleads with Ms. Khang to release Hanju from the police station. Youngheh decides to take care of the children at Hanju's home in the meantime.

  • Hanju gives the film to Bagwon and tells her to keep it safe until he is released. While Hanju is taken away, social services come to take the children to the orphanage.

  • After Jinki refuses to stop the trawling boats, Hanju goes out to find evidence to stop it himself. Youngheh begins to work with Jinki to get revenge on Jeongshim Khang.

  • Bagwon and Manwon save a girl from her abusive father. Hanju catches Ghangdoo Jo illegally trawling the waters.

  • The trawling boats that are working under Gold Suisan are threatening the livelihood of fishermen, including Hanju and his family. Youngwon runs away after hearing that he's burden to Bagwon.

  • Youngheh is forbidden to see her daughter, Habin, by her mother-in-law. On Habin's first birthday, Hanju plans to take Habin to Youngheh.