Hundred Year Inheritance

A Hundred Year Inheritance is a drama themed television show. It is a show that takes a more outside the box approach with its development and even though this may be the case, it still portrays and resonates the particular aspects of a show that is to be considered drama oriented. What makes this show so unique is that its plot is centered around the concept of food, more specifically noodles.

The A Hundred Year Inheritance television series is a show that originates from Korea. Korean culture is a mainstay of this show as the setting of the show is based in the suburbs of Seoul, the capitol city of South Korea. In these suburbs, you will find what is effectively the heartbeat of this television series and the basis behind the whole show. What you will find in these suburbs of Seoul is a noodle company. This noodle company is family owned and has been in the family for quite some time. It is a company that is in its third generation of ownership.

The plot of the show is based on Min Chae Won, who is played by Kim Yoo Jin aka Eugene, returning to work for the noodle company that has been in her mother's family for three solid generations. It seems that Min Chae Won's three other siblings do not want to continue family tradition by running the family business. So Min Chae Won takes it upon herself to take on the task of doing the job. In the process of returning, Min Chae Won is dealing with the extreme challenge of having to rebuild her life after being part of a turbulent marriage and going through an inevitable divorce. Min Chae Won sees running the family business as an opportunity to change her life for the better and ultimately move on from her darkened past life.

A Hundred Year Inheritance, formerly known as Third Generation Noodle House or Noodle House, first aired on January fifth of 2013 with an estimated fifty episodes produced and developed. It is broadcasted on the Munhwa Broadcasting Network, MBC for short, which is a major television and radio network in South Korea.

Saturday & Sunday 9:50 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 50 Episodes
January 4, 2013
Family, Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Hwa-yeon Cha, Won-young Choi, Sun-Hee Hwang, In-hwa Jeon
Hundred Year Inheritance

Hundred Year Inheritance Full Episode Guide

  • Seyoon ends up in the emergency room after a fatal car accident. Cholgyu begins working as a chauffeur.

  • Hyodong askes Choonhee at Grandpa's funeral to come home. Chaewon makes a decision to meet Seyoon at the airport, but can't get a hold of him.

  • The family finds out about Grandpa's cancer as his condition gets worse. Meanwhile, Seyoon gets ready to move abroad.

  • Golden Dragon Foods finds itself on the verge of bankruptcy. Seyoon finally has a moment with Choonhee as mother and son.

  • Seyoon finds out the truth about his birth mother. Metal is detected in the Bhang family's latest noodle product.

  • Choonhee is deciding if she should sacrifice for the sake of everyone else. In the meantime, Cholgyu is still trying to win Chaewon over.

  • Choonhee is sad after she finds out the truth and resents Solju. Meanwhile, Solju tells Chaewon to break up with Seyoon.

  • Keeok's parents find out about her marriage. Choonhee receives the package instead of Solju.

  • Juri takes over the family business. Solju panics as she finds out that the parcel has been sent to Choonhee.

  • Seyoon's parents finally approved their marriage. However, Seyoon's mother is worried about the letter she received from the orphanage...

  • Chaewon goes to the final round of the competition. Keeok holds onto Mr. Khang as he is about to leave...

  • Chaewon tries out for the noodle contest. Seyoon's mother finds out that he lost his taste buds.

  • Cholgyu's mother apologizes to Chaewon and asks her to take back her son. Meanwhile Keeok chases after Mr. Khang.

  • As Hongju's parents get divorced, Ms. Bhang finds out the truth about Hongju. Solju tries to convince Hyodong to disapprove of Seyoon and Chaewon's relationship.

  • Solju is appalled when she finds out that Choonhee still resides in Korea. Seyoon is determined to gain approval from Chaewon's father.

  • Cholgyu and Chaewon are mistaken and charged for adultery. As Seyoon continues to fall in love with Chaewon, his mother greatly disapproves of her.

  • Seyoon calls off the engagement with Juri, which causes chaos within the households. Juri is furious and goes to Chaewon's house to question her.

  • Seyoon refuses to get engaged to Juri. Chaewon finds out about Seyoon's past and how he lost his taste buds.

  • Chaewon is wrongfully accused of accepting a bribe in the workplace. Hyodong and Choonhee begin their life as newlyweds and make the other family members envious.

  • Seyoon at last agrees to get engaged to Juri. Hyodong and Choonhee get married.

  • Seyoon's father suddenly collapses with chest pains and gets taken to the hospital. Keeok finds Mr. Khang's old trophies and realizes that he is Tenor Jingyu Khang, her first love.

  • Ms. Bhang gets in an argument with Hongju, causing her to go ballistic. After Seyoon mistakes Juri for Eunseol, Juri feels like she has no reason to live and leaves the house.

  • Chaewon's father, Hyodong, brings Choonhee over to ask the grandparents for approval on their marriage. Seyoon's mother meets Ms. Bhang for lunch and invites Seyoon and Juri to the restaurant.

  • Hyodong shops for a wedding ring as he plans to propose to Choonhee. Cholgyu's new wife, Hongju, becomes hysterical when Ms. Bhang asks her to see a doctor.

  • Juri spread false rumors about Chaewon to get her to quit Seyoon's company. Choonhee ends up deciding to stay in Korea and rekindles her relationship with Hyodong.

  • Cholgyu gets married to the youngest daughter of the Taesan group but still struggles to get over Chaewon. After fighting with Hyodong, Choonhee decides to move to America and start a new life, leaving Hyodong in despair.

  • Juri feels threatened and asks her mother to pay Chaewon to quit her job. After witnessing Hyodong on a blind date, Choonhee decides to sell her restaurant and move back to the States.

  • Choonhee and Hyodong miss the last ferry and are stranded on an island for the night. Seyoon helps Chaewon land a job interview at his company which leaves Juri in shock.

  • The competition for the inheritance of the family noodle business has begun and the first assignment has been revealed. Cholgyu continues to harass Chaewon and demands to know about her relationship with Seyoon.

  • Cholgyu kidnaps Chaewon and takes her to a secluded home in hopes of spending time alone with her. Juri continues to pursue a relationship with Seyoon although he wants to take it slow.

  • While living at home, Chaewon begins to work part-time and sells fish at the market. Ms. Bhang excitedly sets up Cholgyu on a blind date in search of a new daughter-in-law.

  • Chaewon files for divorce and returns back home to live with her father and grandparents. Chaewon's grandfather asks her to inherit and run the noodle factory business, which leaves her aunts and uncles in utter shock.

  • Chaewon agrees to divorce Cholgyu with no conditions as long as Ms. Bhang helps to settle her father's case. Chaewon's father, Hyodong, confesses his love to Choonhee and asks her to accept his heart.

  • A fire breaks out in a storehouse owned by Golden Dragon Foods and Hyodong is taken under arrest as a suspected arsonist. As Hyodong's family is shocked and worried, Chaewon tries to figure out the culprit.

  • As Cholgyu hands in a resignation letter and plans to emigrate with Chaewon, his mother is furious and begins to panic. Meanwhile, Juri is in the hospital due to stress and exhaustion.

  • Juri confesses her love to Seyoon and tries to build a relationship with his mother. After Chaewon's grandfather made the surprising announcement, the competitive sons and daughters immediately move into the house and try to win his favor.

  • Chaewon gets trapped in the basement while spying on her mother-in-law. The feeling of panic and anxiety triggers her memory of when she was confined in the mental hospital.

  • As Chaewon explains the scandalous pictures to Cholgyu, he apologizes to her and wants to start fresh by moving abroad. Chaewon's grandfather offers to give a 10 million dollar wheat field to the child that succeeds the family noodle business.

  • Chaewon has a sudden flashback of when Cholgyu attacked her in the past. The 100th anniversary celebration for the family noodle business turns out to be quite a disappointment.

  • Ms. Bhang fabricates Chaewon's past and tells her that she had an affair with Seyoon. Choonhee meets Solju in person for the first time in 30 years.

  • Seyoon tells Chaewon that she was confined in a psychiatric hospital and asked him for help at the time. Chaewon is unsure of whether she should believe Seyoon or her husband, Cholgyu.

  • Chaewon returns back to her mother-in-law's home and is oblivious to Ms. Bhang's mistreatment. She begins to wonder why she was in Namhae at the time.

  • After losing her memory, Chaewon is unable to remember her name and relies on Seyoon for help. Chaewon's mother-in-law and husband quickly come to get her but Seyoon shows a slight suspicion towards them.

  • After Chaewon agrees to a divorce and threatens to file a lawsuit, her cruel mother-in-law traps her in a psychiatric hospital. Chaewon's grandfather is disappointed in his children as none of them want to succeed the family business.

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