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  • TV-14
  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 5.7  (1,465)

Free Agents was a half-hour comedy series that premiered on NBC in 2011. The show was based on a British television series of the same name, and it followed the professional and personal lives of two public relations executives who had recently gone through difficult breakups.

Hank Azaria played the lead role of Alex, a recently divorced PR executive who was still struggling to come to terms with his breakup. He had a complicated relationship with his ex-wife, and he was still dealing with the fallout from their split. Kathryn Hahn played the role of Helen, Alex's co-worker and friend who was also dealing with the aftermath of a breakup. She had recently lost her fiancé, and she was trying to move on with her life while also dealing with feelings of sadness and loss.

The show was set in a fast-paced PR firm in New York City, where Alex and Helen worked together. They were both responsible for coming up with innovative and creative ideas to promote their clients, and they often found themselves in challenging and stressful situations. Throughout the series, the two tried to balance their work with their personal lives, while also dealing with the awkwardness and tension that came from their own attraction to each other.

One of the recurring characters on the show was Stephen, played by Anthony Stewart Head. Stephen was the head of the PR firm where Alex and Helen worked, and he was known for being tough, demanding, and brutally honest. He had a strained relationship with his wife, and he was often seen trying to juggle his professional and personal responsibilities. Another notable character was Gregg, played by Joe Lo Truglio. Gregg was one of Alex's friends who often provided comic relief with his awkward and inappropriate behavior. He was constantly trying to find love, but his attempts usually ended in disaster.

The show also featured a number of guest stars, including Al Madrigal, who played the role of Dan, a new employee at the firm who struggled to fit in. Natasha Leggero played Emma, a snarky and self-centered copywriter who often clashed with Alex and Helen.

Overall, Free Agents was a charming and well-written series that offered a unique perspective on the struggles of modern relationships. The show tackled themes like love, loss, and intimacy with humor and sensitivity, and it was able to strike a balance between the serious and the absurd. Despite its critical acclaim, the show was cancelled after only one season, leaving fans disappointed and craving for more.

Free Agents is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 2011.

Free Agents
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Sexin' the Raisin
8. Sexin' the Raisin
January 16, 2012
Helen works on a campaign to make Oregon raisins more sexy while Alex strikes up a relationship with a woman in his building.
The Kids Are Probably Alright
7. The Kids Are Probably Alright
January 19, 2012
When Alex (Hank Azaria) learns that his ex-wife is seeing a super-achiever lawyer who is treating his kids to helicopter rides and boat excursions, he enlists the help of Walter (Joe Lo Truglio) to do a little research on the guy. Elsewhere at the office, Stephen (Anthony Head) assigns Helen (Kathryn Hahn) the task of mending the reputation of a young beauty-queen client who has been caught in a scandal and Helen embraces the job as if the girl were her own daughter. Natasha Leggero, Mo Mandel and Al Madrigal also star.
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
March 20, 2009
Alex and Helen's relationship issues come to a head at Stephen's latest wedding.
Are You There, Helen? It's Me, God
6. Are You There, Helen? It's Me, God
January 15, 2012
Helen is tapped to be a Godmother and feels unprepared while the Hale Dayton team attends a competitor's funeral in search of new clients.
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
March 13, 2009
Alex organizes a surprise birthday party for Helen.
4. Rebranding
October 5, 2011
The team works on damage control when Fred Potter is caught in an extra-martial tryst. Stephen and Helen mastermind the response for the client.
Dr. Hu
3. Dr. Hu
September 28, 2011
Stephen asks Emma to assist him on an important pitch presentation. Meanwhile, Helen goes to a therapist (Ian Anthony Dale), and ends up being attracted to the doctor.
What I Did for Work
2. What I Did for Work
September 21, 2011
Alex and the team do everything they can to entertain a client who shows signs of defecting; Emma tries to get in touch with her softer side.
1. Pilot
September 14, 2011
It's the morning after the night before and colleagues Alex and Helen must cope with the aftermath of their drunken one-night stand.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 14, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (1,465)