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This show is a romantic sit-com. Gretchen (Aya Cash) is a music publicist who is allergic to romance. Jimmy (Chris Geere) is an embittered British novelist. When they meet, sparks fly, in both a good way and a bad. When the friction and sparks between them aren't rubbing each of them all wrong, they are lighting up their lives.

These two smart but sharp-tongued and somewhat cynical young people fall in love in spite of themselves. The charm of the show has a special appeal for some members of the Millennial generation portrayed therein. You could call it modern love meets real life and real personalities. Instead of unrealistic warm, fuzzy characters who spout platitudes and who experience love as a frictionless fulfillment of their childhood fantasies, this is love as experienced by two adults with real careers and strong personalities who must then hash out their differences.

A combination of acerbic wit and outrageous situations form the back-drop for exploring the lives and love of this couple. Gretchen is surprisingly likable in spite of bad habits like being a slob and showing up at work hung-over more than she should. Similarly, her beaux is charming in spite of himself.

Wednesday 10:30 PM et/pt on FX
4 Seasons, 49 Episodes
July 17, 2014
Cast: Chris Geere, Aya Cash, Desmin Borges, Kether Donohue
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You're the Worst Full Episode Guide

  • Jimmy and Gretchen go for a long drive to force a conclusion on the confusing state of their relationship. Edgar finds closure with Max while Lindsay figures out a way to solve Becca, Vernon, and Paul's problems all at once.

  • Gretchen spends the day with Boone and his daughter in an attempt to distract herself from having slept with Jimmy the previous night, while Jimmy tries to prove to himself he's moved on. Lindsay attempts to save Olivia from getting too close to the unreliable Gretchen, and Edgar trails Max to figure out why they're no longer writing partners.

  • Gretchen participates in a family tradition with Boone and his daughter while Jimmy competes on an NPR game show in an attempt to regain some literary cred. Lindsay's desire to help people leads her back into Paul's orbit, and Edgar attempts to deepen his friendship with Max.

  • Jimmy spends a day with a woman from his past and attempts to fit in with her friends while Gretchen attempts to impress Boone's ex-wife. Lindsay reconnects to a former father figure and Edgar, prompted by Max, buys a fancy car he can't afford. directed by Heath Cullens.

  • Lindsay's mom comes to town, shedding light on the origin of Lindsay's issues, while Jimmy attempts to get over Gretchen by hooking up with someone from his past. Meanwhile, Edgar struggles to reconcile his new writer life with his old veteran life.

  • Jimmy goes out of town for a Romance/Erotica fiction convention while Gretchen throws a divorce party for Lindsay, leading to an unintended deepening of Gretchen's relationship with Boone. Meanwhile, Edgar's friend Max encourages him to overspend on party planning.

  • Gretchen goes home for the birth of her brother's baby, but instead ends up reconnecting with a friend from her past, who inadvertently reveals why Jimmy may have left her.

  • Edgar takes Jimmy on a "man date" in an effort to emotionally bond with him while Gretchen discovers some startling news about the new guy she's seeing. Lindsay attempts to make friends at work.

  • Gretchen has moved back into the house and plays mind games with Jimmy, sabotaging his first interview for the new book. Seeing an opportunity in Gretchen's return to the house, Edgar and Lindsay plot to get Jimmy and Gretchen back together.

  • Jimmy learns that his literary novel is being marketed as erotica. While doing Vernon's podcast, Gretchen realizes she's been letting Jimmy off easy. When Edgar and Lindsay babysit Tallulah, Lindsay learns for the first time that she's capable of love and Edgar tries a new technique to pick up women.

  • After Jimmy returns to Los Angeles, he attempts to make amends with Gretchen, leading to their first confrontation. Lindsay and Edgar enjoy their new friends-with-benefits arrangement while Edgar tries to show Jimmy that Gretchen wasn't the only person he abandoned. directed by Stephen Falk.

  • In the Season 4 premiere, Jimmy has gone into hiding after proposing to Gretchen and immediately abandoning her on a hilltop. Elsewhere: Gretchen starts reconstructing her life as Edgar and Lindsay struggle to find normalcy in a post-Jimmy/Gretchen world.

  • Jimmy and Gretchen investigate a murder site. Lindsay sees a different side of Paul. Edgar makes a sacrifice with unforeseen consequences.

  • The three couples engage in day-long fights.

  • At a wedding together for the first time since the day they met, the tension between Jimmy and Gretchen erupts. Edgar's relationship is threatened by his newly newfound success. Lindsay is forced to be completely honest with Paul.

  • Jimmy constructs a tree house. Gretchen offers support to Lindsay during a potentially emotional event. Dorothy is horrified by Edgar's burgeoning professional life.

  • Vernon and Paul take a road trip. An FX Original Series Wednesdays 10PM ET/PT on FXX. HD Version.

  • Gretchen mothers her friends with mixed results. Jimmy does Vernon’s podcast. Edgar tries out an alternative therapy. Lindsay pushes Paul too far.

  • Gretchen and Jimmy hold an unusual funeral. Paul has a difficult time giving Lindsay what she needs sexually. Edgar takes a stand against the VA.

  • The gang embark on a very special Sunday Funday.

  • Edgar is on a mission to find relief for his PTSD.

  • Gretchen offers Jimmy support through a tragedy. Lindsay decides she wants to be a good mom.

  • Everyone sits down to break some big news to Jimmy.

  • Gretchen starts therapy. Jimmy begins to doubt himself at work. Lindsay neglects a bedridden Paul.

  • Jimmy and Gretchen adjust to saying "I love you." Edgar and Dorothy struggle sexually. Lindsay and Paul start a new hobby.

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