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UnREAL is a drama series based around the work of Rachel Goldberg. She is a returning producer for a reality television series called Everlasting. Rachel just recently returned to her job after a breakdown. She's worried about rebuilding her reputation after her unfavorable collapse. To make matters worse, the executive producer of her show, Quinn King, is watching her every move. She needs audience-grasping drama on the show to keep her boss impressed.

Quinn pressures Rachel to take uncouth measures to ensure the show is a hit that retains a growing audience. Rachel works the mental game of manipulating the dating contestants behind-the-scenes to evoke as much outrageous on-screen drama as she possibly can.

Everlasting, the on-camera show, is a dating competition. There is a bachelor that meets a group of hopeful women looking for love. They all want that intimate romance and fairy tale wedding. But, when you get that many women all wanting the same guy things don't go so well.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime
3 Seasons, 33 Episodes
June 1, 2015
Cast: Brennan Elliott, Shiri Appleby, Constance Zimmer, Craig Bierko
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UnREAL Full Episode Guide

  • A life-changing offer from Serena and a shocking discovery about Dr. Simon drive Rachel to strongly question her future at Everlasting. Chet makes an astonishing confession while Quinn takes one final swing at Gary.

  • Rachel helps Serena navigate the home stretch and narrow the suitors down to two at Chet's lifetime achievement gala. However, clashing opinions cause a public fight and Quinn's plan to take down Gary takes a turn.

  • Rachel confronts her mother; Serena gets ambushed by someone from her past, threatening her relationships with the remaining contestants; Chet struggles with Gary's offer.

  • Under the watchful eye of Dr. Simon, Rachel attempts to help her father come off his medication, forcing her to make a painful decision. Jay delivers difficult news regarding his new show. Quinn and Chet take matters into their own hands with two of the contestants, making Everlasting gold.

  • Under Dr. Simon's watchful eye, Rachel tries to help her father come off his medication; Jay delivers difficult news regarding his new show; Quinn and Chet decide to handle two of the contestants.

  • Quinn and Jay's new show pitch to Gary doesn't go as planned, driving a fuming Quinn to pull the ultimate power play. Rachel confronts her father about her past and rescues him from her mother's control. Serena finds out about a contestant's secret while Jay's arrangement with Alexi becomes even riskier than before.

  • A reporter looking to expose Everlasting's secrets leaves Rachel with no other choice but to come clean to Serena. After Quinn approves Jay's idea for a new show, he must make a potentially dangerous deal with one of the contestants. Rachel revisits a trauma from her dark past and uncovers distressing news.

  • After a poker game with the contestants that leaves Serena the sore winner, Chet teaches her how to be the woman that all men want to marry. Quinn makes a connection with one of the contestants after meeting Chet's new swimsuit model girlfriend.

  • In the Season 3 opener, Quinn brings Rachel back from self-imposed exile in a desperate attempt to keep "Everlasting" afloat following a PR nightmare. Together they must manage Serena, a Silicon Valley mogul and this season's suitress.

  • A recap of Seasons 1 & 2 of UnREAL.

  • In the second-season closing, Quinn's ideas for the remaining two contestants could be ruined by a surprising turn of events. Meanwhile, Rachel stands up to Coleman right as his plan to expose the show starts to unfold.

  • Coleman attempts to coerce Rachel into helping him ruin Quinn and the show, but Rachel has her own idea. Meanwhile, Darius and Jay unite to ensure their ideal competitors make it to the finale; and Quinn receives perspective-changing information.

  • Rachel shares a big secret with Coleman in the aftermath of an episode with Darius. Meanwhile, Quinn tries to balance her focus between her feelings for John and the turmoil on set; and Chet gets attention from a surprising source.

  • Quinn interferes with Rachel and Coleman's new romance; Darius chooses to take a rest from the show with Romeo; and Rachel makes a decision with dangerous outcomes. Meanwhile, a surprise visitor stops by the set.

  • Rachel copes with a trauma, and Chet comforts her. Meanwhile, Quinn goes after a new relationship; Rachel learns something unexpected on a hometown date; and an upset Darius makes a surprising choice.

  • Coleman asks Rachel to the Impact Awards; Quinn and Coleman compete for Rachel's devotion; Quinn discovers an ally in the network's new owner; and Darius has an overnight date on the show. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Rachel's romance causes issues on set.

  • Darius confesses his secret to Rachel and decides he has to quit the show, but Rachel asks Coleman to help change his decision; Quinn and Chet unite to produce a football episode; and Chet brings his infant to the set. Also, Quinn approaches Rachel about betraying the network.

  • Chet is granted permission to make a more male-oriented version of the show; Quinn goes after two vulnerable contestants in efforts to produce a dramatic episode; and Rachel thinks Darius is hiding a secret. Also, Chet battles for custody of his child.

  • Quinn and Chet start producing two separate versions of the show, forcing the team to choose sides. Meanwhile, Rachel worries her new promotion could be at stake, so she takes matters into her own hands and winds up yielding surprising results.

  • In the season two opening, Rachel recruits the show's first African-American suitor after Quinn advances her to produce the new season. Meanwhile, Chet tries to regain control of the show and sways the suitor's opinion to agree with his view.

  • A re-cap special of Season 1 to get you caught up for Season 2 of UnREAL.

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