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  • TV-14
  • 2013
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.1  (13,898)

Mistresses is an American television drama series created by K.J. Steinberg and produced by ABC Studios. The show premiered on ABC in June 2013 and ran for four seasons until September 2016. It explores the romantic relationships and complexities of four women – Savannah (Alyssa Milano), April (Rochelle Aytes), Karen (Yunjin Kim), and Josslyn (Jes Macallan) – who are all best friends in Los Angeles.

The show is based on the British series of the same name, which was broadcast on the BBC from 2008 to 2010. However, unlike the original series, which focused on the lives of professional women in their thirties, the American remake is set in a more glamorous world of wealthy and successful women in their late thirties and early forties.

Savannah is a successful lawyer who is married to Harry (Brett Tucker), a chef, and they have a daughter. April is a single mother who owns a home decor shop and discovers shocking secrets about her late husband's past. Karen is a psychiatrist who has a complicated love life after having an affair with a terminally ill patient. Josslyn is Savannah's free-spirited younger sister, who works as a real estate agent and gets involved in a series of tumultuous relationships.

The show follows the four women as they navigate the ups and downs of their personal and professional lives, as well as their close friendships with each other. Mistresses deals with themes of love, betrayal, trust, infidelity, and the challenges of balancing work and family life, all while trying to be there for each other through thick and thin.

As the series progresses, the characters are faced with a series of unexpected and sometimes harrowing situations that test their loyalty to each other. Savannah's marriage is threatened by a series of affairs and a trip to paradise that tests their already fragile relationship. April discovers that her late husband was leading a double life with a mistress, leading her and her daughter into danger. Karen's involvement with a patient's family leads to tragedy and a crisis of conscience. And Josslyn's past catches up with her in the form of an ex-husband who seeks revenge.

In addition to the four leading ladies, the show features a number of notable supporting actors. Harry, Savannah's husband, is played by Brett Tucker, while April's ex-husband, Paul (Dondré Whitfield), is a recurring character. Karen's patient, Thomas Grey (John Heard), also plays a significant role, as do Luca Raines (Noam Jenkins) and Calista Raines (Jennifer Esposito), Josslyn's ex-husband and sister-in-law respectively.

Throughout the run of the series, Mistresses received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the show's exploration of female friendship and the nuanced performances by the lead actresses, while others criticized it for its predictability and soap-opera-esque plot twists.

Despite its flaws, Mistresses remains a popular guilty pleasure for fans of romantic dramas. Its portrayal of four strong, independent women who support each other through thick and thin has resonated with viewers, and the show has developed a strong fan base over the years.

Overall, Mistresses is a compelling and addictive drama that explores the complexities of modern relationships and the challenges of balancing love, work, and family. The show's strong performances, complex characters, and high-stakes plot twists make it a must-watch for fans of romantic dramas.

Mistresses (2013) is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on June 3, 2013.

Mistresses (2013)
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The Show Must Go On
13. The Show Must Go On
September 6, 2016
In the fourth season finale, the couples experience life-changing events, especially when a man from their past returns.
Back To The Start
12. Back To The Start
September 5, 2016
April is unsettled on how to announce her baby news to Marc right as his career is picking up; Karen hits a relationship milestone when she is introduced to Adam's parents, but her happiness is on-the-line when the Lydia problem resurfaces; Kate's animosity toward Joss shows no signs of subsiding, until she discovers the truth about what actually happened with Scott.
Fight Or Flight
11. Fight Or Flight
August 29, 2016
Despite April attempting to win Marc back, he stops things between them for good, but there might be a surprise waiting for them. Karen is enraged when she finally learns that Lydia was posing as her online and ends up letting her go. Harry balances two possible business opportunities, but it ends up backfiring. Meanwhile, Joss, as well as her impact class pals, set out to find the man who murdered their friend and teach him a lesson. After so much contention, Joss finally tells Harry the truth about a past situation.
10. Confrontations
August 22, 2016
Marc zones in on his music and connects with Sofia. Meanwhile, Lydia attempts to spoil Karen's new relationship; April makes a choice after witnessing her mom's display of intolerance; and Joss copes with the death of a pal from her impact class.
The Root of All Evil
9. The Root of All Evil
August 15, 2016
April's mother brings trouble in April and Marc's relationship. Meanwhile, Karen meets a new boy after Lydia secretly sets up an online dating page for her; Kate alters her living arrangements; and Joss downs pills to deal with her anxiety.
Bridge Over Troubled Water
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water
August 8, 2016
April's mother shows up for an overnight stay, but she prolongs her stay because of health issues. Meanwhile, despite her misgivings, Karen makes an attempt to bond with her new nanny; Harry copes with his sudden fame; and Joss finds out that Kate is dating Scott.
Survival of the Fittest
7. Survival of the Fittest
August 2, 2016
Alec wants full custody of Vivian, which alarms Karen. April and Marc find a condom in Lucy's jacket. Kate chooses to keep her new boyfriend a secret from Joss and Harry. Joss' actions put Jonathan's nephew in the hospital.
What Happens In Vegas
6. What Happens In Vegas
July 11, 2016
Alec shows up unexpectedly and upsets Karen's life with his news. Meanwhile, April and Marc have conflicting views on parenting; Kate finds out that her new boyfriend has a connection to Joss and Harry; and Harry's business partner asks him and Joss to join him in Las Vegas.
Lean In
5. Lean In
July 4, 2016
Karen discusses new book ideas with her agent, Barbara, but she's not impressed. After an interview with a shock jock host goes poorly, Karen is determined to defend herself, leading to possible consequences.
Blurred Lines
4. Blurred Lines
June 27, 2016
Karen discovers she's very happy to be back working with her clients once more, despite putting her love life on the back burner. April's new client gets slightly too close for comfort, while a person from Marc's past becomes very present. Kate struggles after finding out her ex-fiancé is dating somebody else, while Joss plays dirty to gain a new client.
Under Pressure
3. Under Pressure
June 20, 2016
Kate soon discovers dating in L. A. is somewhat harder than she expected. Harry has an exciting new job opportunity while April finally figures out what her passion is with a little help from Marc. The boundaries between Karen and her many, Robert, become problematic. Also, Joss is still trying to determine how to cope with the aftermath of the past year.
Mistaken Identity
2. Mistaken Identity
June 6, 2016
Harry's sister comes for a visit and reveals that things are not well concerning her and her fiance. In the meantime, Joss struggles to celebrate her own engagement; April finds out about a painting fellowship; Marc enlists in a music group; and Karen bonds with her male nanny.
The New Girls
1. The New Girls
May 30, 2016
It's been one year since Wilson's murder and Joss is forced to relive the hurtful memory while testifying in court in his trial.
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  • Premiere Date
    June 3, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (13,898)