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  • 2015
  • 8 Seasons

The comedy series House of Payne Season 1 follows the exploits of a wacky extended family. The series revolves around a multi-generational family living under one roof in Atlanta led by patriarch Curtis Payne and his wife Ella. While primarily a comedy, with elements of slapstick, House of Payne was known for featuring dark themes and subject matter, such as substance abuse and addiction. The show is also heavily serialized, with many references to past episodes, creating a continuing story arc.

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All's Well
62. All's Well
March 29, 2018
Before a fancy anniversary dinner, Miranda confesses to Janine that she doesn't see any reason to celebrate her marriage to Calvin, and she later walks out on him.
The Call Back
61. The Call Back
March 29, 2018
Harboring resentment since his forced retirement, Curtis balks at C.J.'s request for him to return to the fire department, while Floyd finds out he has royal lineage.
Trial And Tribulation
60. Trial And Tribulation
March 28, 2018
After Travis Harris's trial for the attempted murder of Calvin, the Paynes anxiously await the verdict and worry about the content of Calvin's victim impact statement.
Payneful Realization
59. Payneful Realization
March 28, 2018
With Calvin and Miranda constantly arguing, Calvin plans a special night to reconnect with her, however their marriage may be past the point of saving.
The Invention of Trust
58. The Invention of Trust
March 28, 2018
Floyd lists himself as the sole inventor of a product that Curtis helped him with, and Calvin discovers that Miranda has funds she intentionally hid from him.
The First Date
57. The First Date
March 28, 2018
While Janine is away, Jazmine is asked by a boy to the school dance, and it's up to protective C.J. and Curtis to put him through an interrogation to earn their approval.
Amazing Matriarchs
56. Amazing Matriarchs
March 28, 2018
Ella shows great composure when her mother Eunice passes away, but she is stunned when Evie discloses a long-held family secret that affects their inheritance.
All Work And No Play
55. All Work And No Play
March 18, 2018
Spending a day in C.J. and Janine's office, Jazmine is bored until she watches them handle a crisis, while Calvin and Miranda struggle to find a new place.
Not In The Cards
54. Not In The Cards
March 18, 2018
Hired by Ella to buff the floors of the Help Center, Floyd uses it as an opportunity to host a casino night, as C.J. and Janine teach Jazmine a lesson about talking in class.
Payneful Distance
53. Payneful Distance
March 18, 2018
Janine is in disbelief when C.J. gives her below-average scores on her annual performance evaluation, as Miranda worries that Calvin is no longer the man she married.
Dodging Bullies
52. Dodging Bullies
March 18, 2018
Jazmine's friend sends out email blasts with hurtful jokes about their classmate, while a pregnancy scare causes Miranda and Calvin's anger towards each other to surface.
Bake, Rattle and Roll
51. Bake, Rattle and Roll
March 18, 2018
As Ella works with Jazmine to improve her baking skills, the family stages an intervention when Calvin's addiction to painkillers comes to light.
Keep It Moving
50. Keep It Moving
March 18, 2018
Curtis replaces C.J. as coach of Jazmine's winless soccer team, guides them to defeating the toughest team in the league and sets his sights on the state championship.
House of OMG
49. House of OMG
March 17, 2018
Mobile technology overtakes the family, when Jazmine communicates only in text speak, Curtis discovers the functionality of his tablet, and Ella becomes glued to her laptop.
Payneful Pop In
48. Payneful Pop In
March 17, 2018
C.J. and Janine are fed up with Curtis and Ella's unannounced visits, and Jazmine is caught with a cheat sheet at school.
House Of Sabotage
47. House Of Sabotage
March 17, 2018
Janine and Miranda's clash of egos puts an important church sponsorship presentation in jeopardy, while Malik has trouble moving past his failed marriage to Summer.
Up To The Challenge
46. Up To The Challenge
March 17, 2018
Curtis gets a new appreciation for Ella's management of the Help Center when he covers for her, as Malik gets hopped-up on caffeine pills to manage work and studying.
Payneful Divorce
45. Payneful Divorce
March 16, 2018
Malik is devastated when Summer acts evasive and insists they end their marriage, while Miranda makes Janine jealous with her overachieving temp skills in the PR office.
The Loan Ranger
44. The Loan Ranger
March 16, 2018
When Ella borrows $200 from Curtis, he makes the dubious claim to C.J. and Calvin that she'll pay it back, and Malik is shocked to find out his longtime friend Rashard is gay.
Right Turn
43. Right Turn
March 16, 2018
Curtis's lackluster community service work at the Help Center aggravates Ella, while Janine is disappointed when Miranda chooses Calvin to go to a concert.
What You Know About Me
42. What You Know About Me
March 16, 2018
As C.J., Janine and Miranda throw a house party and agree to exclude Curtis and Ella, college newlyweds Malik and Miranda realize they don't know each other well.
Payneful Matrimony
41. Payneful Matrimony
March 16, 2018
Curtis and Ella grow tired of Calvin and Miranda taking advantage of them, while C.J.'s advisement to Malik and Summer not to have premarital sex has an unexpected result.
Batter Up
40. Batter Up
March 16, 2018
Unathletic Janine is thrilled to play on C.J. and Curtis's softball team, as Miranda fundamentally disagrees with Ella's philosophy of physically disciplining children.
Payneful Injection
39. Payneful Injection
March 15, 2018
Malik is arrested while leading a student demonstration to prevent the execution of an arsonist, whom C.J. helped convict 12 years earlier.
No Pass, No Play
38. No Pass, No Play
March 15, 2018
A television reporter twists Curtis's on-camera statement about C.J.'s job performance, while Malik tutors an illiterate football player and is asked to take a test for him.
Stop, Drop and Roll
37. Stop, Drop and Roll
March 15, 2018
Believing Janine's PR event idea doesn't have merit, C.J. overrides it with his own plan, and Ella is offended when Malik thinks critically about creationism and faith in God.
Down for the Count
36. Down for the Count
March 15, 2018
While Curtis bonds with Miranda over man-centric activities, C.J.'s college buddy gives him a sports car and event tickets, expecting a significant favor in return.
Neighborhood Crisis
35. Neighborhood Crisis
March 15, 2018
Curtis hopes to be honored by the mayor for his neighborhood patrolling prowess, as Malik works his school's crisis hotline and fields a call from a suicidal student.
If it Ain't Broke
34. If it Ain't Broke
March 15, 2018
The opening of Ella's shelter for battered women is threatened when C.J. finds multiple fire code violations, while Curtis has Calvin at his beck and call for denting his car.
House of Forced Closure
33. House of Forced Closure
March 28, 2018
Calvin and Miranda's condo gets foreclosed on and they are forced out. Not wanting to turn to his parents again, Calvin and Miranda try to make their own way and end up sleeping in a motel. Curtis tells Calvin to bring his family to their house. Floyd con
Guess Who Came To Breakfast
32. Guess Who Came To Breakfast
March 14, 2018
The family meets Malik's new free-spirited girlfriend, Summer.
Payne vs. Payne
31. Payne vs. Payne
March 14, 2018
Curtis runs for neighborhood watch president. C.J. helps until he realizes he disagrees with some of Curtis's policies. When Curtis challenges C.J., C.J. decides to run himself. Meanwhile, Malik runs up his parent's credit card.Note: Malik makes his retur
Scars Of Payne
30. Scars Of Payne
March 14, 2018
Ella runs a gun buy back program at the Help Center that is threatened by rival gang members. Curtis, bored, wants to volunteer at the Help Center and causes mischief.
Pills And Thrills
29. Pills And Thrills
March 14, 2018
Calvin is invited back to work, then decides he isn't ready and doesn't show. Floyd has a new girlfriend who looks awfully familiar to Curtis. Curtis realizes he knew the girlfriend, when she was a man.
Daddy Day Scare
28. Daddy Day Scare
March 14, 2018
C.J. is left to look after the twins during the big game. Ella gets in the way of Calvin's transition back home.Note: Beginning with this episode, Palmer Williams, Jr. , who portrays Floyd joins the main cast
27. Payback
March 13, 2018
Calvin plans to get revenge on Travis Harris for shooting him. Curtis makes plans with Ella then pretends to be sick when he gets tickets to a baseball game. When footage of Curtis at the game is aired, Curtis does everything he can to keep Ella from find
In Payne
26. In Payne
March 13, 2018
A depressed Calvin admits to Ella that he think he would have been better off dead. The family is very concerned and Curtis has a heart to heart conversation with Calvin. Deshawn's mother visits and wants Deshawn back. Deshawn decides to go live with her.
House Of Nightmares
25. House Of Nightmares
March 13, 2018
Calvin has nightmares about being shot and is uncomfortable at home with Miranda who is overwhelmed with caring for an ailing husband, two kids, a career and home. Ella and Curtis are worried that Calvin isn't receiving proper care and wants him to move i
Payneful Recovery
24. Payneful Recovery
March 13, 2018
Calvin might get discharged from the hospital after he finally awakened. Curtis attempts to mortgage his house for money to pay Calvin's medical bills.
Payne-ful Survival
23. Payne-ful Survival
March 13, 2018
The Payne family waits for Calvin to wake up, but the fight isn't over. Curtis decides not to move.
R.I.P (Rest in Payne)
22. R.I.P (Rest in Payne)
March 13, 2018
After being discovered by Janine, Calvin battles for his life at the hospital. Ella's unwavering faith won't let the family get down.
Do or Die
21. Do or Die
March 12, 2018
After Christian's Christening, The family gets ready to have one last Sunday dinner at Curtis and Ella's house. Unbeknownst to the family, as they prepare the meal, Calvin has been shot and is laying on C.J. and Janine's floor.
God Bless the Paynes
20. God Bless the Paynes
March 12, 2018
The Payne's say goodbye while praising God in church. Guest Star(s): Troy Winbush as Travis Harris
Curtis Jefferson
19. Curtis Jefferson
March 12, 2018
Curtis wakes up as a Jefferson. Guest Star(s): Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson and Marla Gibbs as Florence
No More Payne
18. No More Payne
March 12, 2018
Miranda takes over renovating the condo while Calvin and Deshawn bond.
Do the Hustle
17. Do the Hustle
March 12, 2018
Miranda's new client flirts with her while the family honors Curtis. Guest Star(s): Troy Winbush as Travis Harris
Paynefully Fit
16. Paynefully Fit
March 12, 2018
Curtis becomes a contestant on Paynefully Fit, while Deshawn get advice about girls. Guest Star(s): Shaun T as himself
Help Me, Ella
15. Help Me, Ella
March 27, 2018
When the Help Center's director position is vacated, Ella competes for it against a polished candidate with extensive experience, while Malik considers dropping out of school.
Pledging Paynes
14. Pledging Paynes
March 27, 2018
Malik is enthusiastic about joining a college fraternity, until he experiences the hazing process and stands up for a legacy pledge being abused.
Roommate Paynes
13. Roommate Paynes
March 27, 2018
When Malik's progressive college assigns him a female roommate, C.J. and Janine disapprove, as Ella is concerned with Claretha's use of home remedies to fight her cancer.
Mentoring Paynes
12. Mentoring Paynes
March 27, 2018
C.J. is uncomfortable when Janine decides to help her friend overcome cocaine addiction, while Curtis and Ella become DeShawn's official foster parents.
The Rich and Payneless
11. The Rich and Payneless
March 27, 2018
Ella is disappointed when her celebrity friend Felicia has allowed fame to go to her head, as Calvin and Miranda spend time with Calvin Jr. under close supervision.
Dead Wrong
10. Dead Wrong
December 7, 2017
After an enormous downtown fire claims multiple lives, C.J. faces a public outcry on slow response times, while Miranda goes stir-crazy being home and out of work.
The Best Surprise
9. The Best Surprise
March 27, 2018
Tempers potentially flame up when CJ is forced to lay off firefighters because of budget cuts. Meanwhile, Calvin and Miranda are moving on up-they hope to move upstairs, stirring up household tension in the process.
Working Paynes
8. Working Paynes
December 6, 2017
Nepotism doesn't work out when Calvin starts working for Roland and Janine but fails at being detail-oriented, while Curtis rediscovers his long-dormant artistic talent.
Number Five's Fight
7. Number Five's Fight
March 26, 2018
C.J. makes the painful decision to close three fire stations, including Curtis's beloved Number Five, and finds an unlikely ally in Roland to handle the PR nightmare.
6. 1096
March 26, 2018
Janine is deeply hurt when C.J. forgets her three-year anniversary of being clean and sober, as Ella buys DeShawn an absurd lavender suit for school picture day.
Do the Fight Thing
5. Do the Fight Thing
March 26, 2018
DeShawn's relentless bullying of schoolmate Tommy drives the boy to attempt suicide, while Floyd offers his services as mediator between the feuding Janine and Miranda.
The Gifted and the Grout
4. The Gifted and the Grout
March 26, 2018
As Calvin and Miranda resort to hiring a cut-rate contractor (Johnny Brown) to repair their condo, DeShawn is enrolled in his school's gifted program to avoid being expelled.
The Payne Gang
3. The Payne Gang
March 4, 2018
Curtis, Ella, and Floyd try to bring DeShawn a reality check when he wants to join a gang. C.J. and Calvin tussle over their living arrangements.
Talented Paynes
2. Talented Paynes
March 4, 2018
Claretha secretly deals with the possibility of losing her home; the family participates in a talent show C.J. warned them against; after an argument with Curtis, Calvin and Miranda combine their unique talents for the show. Guest Star(s): Denise Burse
Mother's Day Out
1. Mother's Day Out
March 4, 2018
Deshawn's mother shows up at the Paynes'; C.J. upgrades Janine's wedding ring.

The comedy series House of Payne Season 1 follows the exploits of a wacky extended family. The series revolves around a multi-generational family living under one roof in Atlanta led by patriarch Curtis Payne and his wife Ella. While primarily a comedy, with elements of slapstick, House of Payne was known for featuring dark themes and subject matter, such as substance abuse and addiction. The show is also heavily serialized, with many references to past episodes, creating a continuing story arc.

House of Payne Season 1 is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (190 episodes). The series first aired on November 1, 2015.

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House of Payne Season 1 is available for streaming on the BET+ website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch House of Payne Season 1 on demand at Apple TV.

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    November 1, 2015