How the Bible Came to Be

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  • 2009
  • 1 Season

How the Bible Came to Be is a documentary produced by Vision Video that explores the origin and history of the Bible. The film unravels the mystery and miracle of how the Bible was written, preserved, and distributed throughout the ages. The show takes us on a journey through the historical, archeological, and literary evidence that undergirds the Bible's credibility as a divine revelation. We learn about the ancient writing systems, languages, and cultures that shaped the Bible's composition, translation, and transmission.

The documentary features interviews with leading scholars, such as Daniel Wallace, Craig Evans, Darrell Bock, and others, who provide insightful commentary and analysis on the biblical text. They offer their expertise on the biblical manuscripts, the canonization process, and the cultural and religious contexts in which the Bible was produced.

We are introduced to the major players who played a role in the dissemination of the Bible, such as the Roman Empire, the Church Fathers, the Reformers, and the Bible societies of the nineteenth century. We learn about the challenges and controversies they faced in their efforts to spread the Word of God to the masses.

One of the intriguing aspects of the show is the section on the Dead Sea Scrolls. These ancient manuscripts, discovered in the mid-twentieth century, shed light on the historical accuracy and textual integrity of the Old Testament. We hear from experts who highlight the significance of these scrolls in verifying the authenticity of the biblical text.

Another fascinating part of the documentary is the discussion of the Apocrypha. These books, considered by some to be part of the biblical canon and by others to be spurious additions, raise questions about the criteria for determining the authenticity of the sacred text.

The show also explores the role of the Bible in modern times, including its impact on literature, art, music, and social justice movements. We see examples of how the Bible has inspired individuals to rise above adversity and reach new heights of understanding and compassion.

One of the strengths of How the Bible Came to Be is its accessibility to a wide audience. The documentary does not assume prior knowledge of the Bible or Christian beliefs but rather provides a comprehensive and engaging overview of the subject matter. Its rich visuals, re-enactments, and animated graphics help bring to life the ancient world of the Bible and make it relevant to contemporary viewers.

While the documentary presents the historical and literary evidence for the Bible's divine origins, it does not shy away from the controversies and complexities surrounding the text. It acknowledges the differences in interpretation and translation that have arisen over the centuries and provides a balanced and thoughtful perspective on these issues.

In conclusion, How the Bible Came to Be is a well-crafted and informative documentary that provides a fascinating glimpse into the historical, cultural, and religious backdrops that formed the world's most influential book. Its thorough and engaging presentation makes it a valuable resource for scholars, students, and anyone interested in understanding the Bible's origins and significance.

How the Bible Came to Be is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (2 episodes). The series first aired on May 14, 2009.

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How the Bible Came to Be, Volume 2
2. How the Bible Came to Be, Volume 2
May 14, 2009
Volume Two gives a graphic overview of the New Testament and how it came to be written.
How the Bible Came to Be, Volume 1
1. How the Bible Came to Be, Volume 1
May 14, 2009
Volume One gives a graphic overview of the Old Testament and how it came to be written.
Where to Watch How the Bible Came to Be
How the Bible Came to Be is available for streaming on the Vision Video website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch How the Bible Came to Be on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    May 14, 2009