Watch TV Shows on Vision Video

Vision Video is an innovative Christian media resource that has produced over 1400 family and Christian titles. Vision Video produces a wide assortment of faith based media for all ages. Their first groundbreaking biographical drama, The Cross and The Switchblade, dramatized the moving conversion story of New York City gang leader Nicky Cruz under the ministry of courageous country preacher David Wilkerson. This film has since been translated into over thirty languages. Since this promising beginning, Vision Video has consistently produced quality inspirational films, many of which have won cinematic awards.

One exciting series Vision Video has produced in recent years is the Torchlighter series for children. This animated series depicts the lives of Christian leaders who have impacted individuals and cultures with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of these Christian heroes depicted in the Torchlighter series are missionaries, such as Amy Carmichael, whose service in India helped put an end to child prostitution. Others are Christian martyrs such as Perpetua, who died under the Roman persecution of the early Church. Still others are Christian activists, such as Corrie Ten Boom, who suffered in a concentration camp for hiding Jews in her home during World War II. These educational films will inspire children to live lives of selfless dedication to Christ and their fellow man.

Vision Video offers their premier selection of Christian history, animated, and dramatic DVDs for reasonable prices. All these resources and more can be found for purchase on their web site and in their catalog.