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Based on a popular Christian book series, this animated show uses fun games, sing-along songs, and clever rhymes to teach the littlest set of stories from the Bible. In a mix of 3D and traditional animation the Bedbug Gang tell traditional stories ranging from David and Goliath to the Gospels in an entertaining way, using a whimsical and child-like perspective suitable for younger children.

Vision Video
3 Seasons, 47 Episodes
June 1, 2006
Animation & Cartoons
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Bedbug Bible Gang Full Episode Guide

  • Every bedbug loves weddings, and you're invited to come along to three of their favorites! Hear the stories of The Wedding That Nobody Went To and Jacob and Rachel.

  • Preschoolers will catch the Spirit in the Bible stories The First Pentecost, The Fruits of the Spirit, and Philip and the Ethiopian!

  • Pull up to the table and hear the stories of Moses and the Pharaoh, The Passover Meal, and Crossing the Sea!

  • The bedbugs are just itching to show you three of their favorite stories from the Bible: the parables of the Sower, the Lost Sheep, and the Good Samaritan.

  • The bedbugs lick their lips in anticipation of this fabulous food, sharing the stories of the Bottomless Jar, Jesus' Special Supper, and the Lunch That Grew and Grew!

  • The bedbugs search for three fun Bible stories to share: Lost in the Temple, The Lost Coin, and The Forgiving Father Farmer.

  • Welcome to the Bedbug Bible Gang Just John! The bedbugs share the story of one of their favorite people from the Bible, a man named just John.

  • The bedbugs set out on a trio of mixed-up adventures in the desert. Hear the stories of The Ten Commandments, Wilderness Wandering, and Jesus' Temptation told through song.

  • Hear the bedbugs' favorite farming stories from the Bible, including the Parable of the Sower, the Story of the Helpful Son, and Farmer Brown Goes to Town.

  • See "Treasure in the Field, "The Widow's Mite" and "Bee-Attitudes," which combine 3-D computer Animationwith illustrations and live-action puppets.

  • This episode combines 3D computer Animationwith illustrations and live-action puppets to make learning Bible stories fun for kids!

  • This fun episode includes three 3-D computer animated programs, "Elijah and the Chariot", "The Rich Man and Lazarus," and "Jesus' Ascension."

  • Includes "Noah's Ark", "Anointing of David" and "The Twelve Disciples" which combines 3-D computer Animationwith illustrations and live-action puppets.

  • The Bedbugs are aglow over three light-filled Bible stories, Three Wise Men, Light of the World, and the Transfiguration.

  • The bedbugs are inviting all of their brothers and sisters to join the family fun, and you can, too! Hear the stories of Miriam and Moses, Ruth and Naomi, and Mary and Martha.

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