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Insights is a holistic tour and directory of thirteen cosmopolitan cities throughout the world. It offers valuable information to the discerning leisure and business traveler seeking more than beach, cocktails and bikinis.

2 Seasons, 54 Episodes
December 6, 2011
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  • Insights from Kellee Khalil.

  • Insights from Lindsay Nahmiache.

  • Insights from Elliot Tayler.

  • Insights from Jeffrey McIntosh.

  • Insights from Jay Rosenzweig.

  • Insights from Daymond John.

  • Insights from Cole Hatter.

  • Insights from George Beall.

  • Insights from Jesse Itzler.

  • Insights from Ian Siegel.

  • Insights from Mark Lack

  • This guy just opened a bar where all of its profits go towards resisting Trump.

  • Hes 28, gay, pro-Trump and trolled his way into the White House...

  • This guy gets paid to wait in line for strangers...

  • The Erotic Film School is an annual three-day intensive hands-on course that teaches students the art of pornographic filmmaking.

  • This artist is selling other people's Snapchat nudes and calling it art. Really?

  • A street artist who calls himself Plastic Jesus has composed a life-size gold sculpture of Kanye West recreating the crucifixion of Jesus and called it "False Idol."

  • Andrej Ciesielski has been illegally climbing skyscrapers since he was 15. Some people will do anything for the perfect photo op, like climbing the pyramids of Egypt.

  • Madison Young, a sex-positive feminist, porn star, author, director, and sex-educator, has spent more than a decade trying to bring more authentic female experiences and fantasies into the mainstream adult film industry.

  • This guy just threw a wild Veterans Day party where all vets got free haircuts, tattoos, and blow jobs.

  • She's a former stripper, current Ivy League student, and she's running for Congress...

  • What if, in this slew of scam social media profiles, one of them really was a lingerie model earnestly looking for a boyfriend?

  • Protestors pass out safety pins in New York City as a gesture of solidarity with anyone who's feeling disenfranchised.

  • Follow these young innovators on a cross-country train as they develop solutions to the biggest problems we are facing.

  • This girl dropped out of college to live-stream her life full-time. She paints, bakes, and plays music during the day. At night she plays online games. Is it better than a real job? Oh, yes.

  • These twins paint stills from celebrity sex tapes and sell them as works of art.

  • Lamontre Randall is only 23, and he's leading the effort to unite the Baltimore Police and the black community.

  • What would inspire young people€who traditionally represent progress and open-mindedness€to vote for Donald Trump?

  • This New York City-based organization is comprised of professional women of all ages who are dedicated to empowering and inspiring other women to pursue their dreams and break the rules if necessary.

  • In New York City, fare beating is the reason for the largest number of arrests made each year. In fact, over 29,000 arrests were made for fare beating alone last year, costing the city more than $51 million.

  • This Mothers Day, lets give a heartfelt shoutout to all of the surrogates who have stepped forward to give the gift of family.

  • Refugee Sana Mustafa relays horrific stories of war-torn Syria. Her father was abducted, and she was imprisoned. Resettling in the U.S., she is grateful, but pained by policies preventing family from joining her.

  • Activist Bob Gangi had to find a way to direct the public focus to ending discriminatory police policies. So hes flipping the script and handing out tickets (fake) in rich white neighborhoods and doing whatever else it takes.

  • Rich B. Caliente has established himself as one of the most highly sought-after automotive designers in the industry. It's no longer uncommon to see Rich's signature logo on some of Miami's most luxurious pieces of rolling art."

  • Brooklyn residents Tran and Caleb are similar to most couples, except for one small detail€•theyre in a loving open relationship. Monogamy isnt for everyone, but polyamory has its own challenges as well as joys.

  • The impact of Star Wars has been incredible, even spawning a religion called Jedism. Violence only when necessary, respect, and simplicity are its basic principles. And any good Jedi knight must control his impulses.

  • When his older brother, Eric, died of cancer at the age of 17, the pain lingered for his little brother, Jason. To reinvigorate Erics spirit, he went on a journey to raise funds for the camp that provided so many happy memories for the brothers.

  • Meet Zulu P, a group of four developmentally challenged rappers who create some wild beats.

  • Yes, its true, a sex toy manufacturer did launch a vaginal beauty contest that prompted everyday women to upload pictures of their vulva to be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. Controversial? Oh, yeah.

  • As the first-ever Youth Envoy in the United Nations 70-year history, Ahmad Alhendawi, 31, is the advocate and representative for 1.8 billion young people, the largest generation of youth the world has ever known.

  • Enthusiastic and dedicated, the members of Aleteia's @popeishope Digital Street Team are social media€'savvy millennials who used Pope Franciss East Coast tour to demonstrate how #GoodIsWinning.

  • Edinburgh, Scotland is a land of mists, mountains and mystery. It is a city that represents passionate history and culture. Scottish legacy, mixed with a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere, makes Edinburgh a most exciting stop on your journey.

  • Situated high on the Judean hills, Jerusalem is a unique example of living history, ancient and current, tranquil and troubled. Despite its current difficulties, it is a sacred city, holy to millions, and it still inspires the dreams and devotions of all who come to experience its uniqueness.

  • From 17th Century splendor to eastern temples, Amsterdam is a vibrant cosmopolitan experience. With its cutting edge consciousness and refreshing approach to life's challenges, Amsterdam is a very exciting European experience.

  • Cape Town's greatest exports are the memories and experiences that you take with you on your departure. However you choose to relax and rejuvenate, the endless natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop.

  • In this episode we explore the Upper Nile in Egypt, a land of ancient temples that go back more than 5,000 years. The awe-inspiring collection of ruins and monuments in and around the towns of Luxor and Aswan, have made this region a favorite destination of tourists since the 19th Century.

  • Cairo, founded on the site of ancient Babylon, it is the capital of Egypt and largest city in Africa. Cairo pulses with the sounds of life and at the same time is the silent keeper of ancient mysteries. From the bustling markets to ancient monuments, there is much to see and do in Cairo.

  • Although its roots go back more than a millennium, Dublin, the capital of the Irish Republic, is a very youthful city. Whether you are looking for the modern shopping, natural health markets or a view of the past, Dublin has something for any visitor.

  • Established in the 9th Century AD, Fez is the oldest of the country's imperial cities and a modern-day centre of religious, cultural and intellectual importance. Whether you're just passing through or fortunate enough to stay for a while - Fez touches your soul with her timeless mysticism and beauty.

  • In this episode we explore the Namib, one of the world's few remaining great wilderness areas. This vast, mysterious area in southwestern Africa has a timeless quality that gives life a new perspective.

  • A visit to Rome is a fun, cultural and educational experience at the same time. It has been shaped over 26 centuries, and woven through all these diverse layers of history is a thread of spiritual energy that is tangible to everybody.

  • Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey, is the only city in the world that joins two continents, situated at the crossroads between Asia and Europe. Steeped in 10,000 years of colorful history, Istanbul is a true melting pot of styles, cultures and beliefs.

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