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Juda, a self-obsessed poker player and a real pain in the butt, gets by on wheeling and dealing. A job takes him to Romania but there, he falls victim to the legendary Vampires of the Carpathians.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
April 27, 2017
Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Cast: Tzion Baruch, Amos Tamam, Moris Cohen, Mike Burstyn

Juda Full Episode Guide

  • Shinko and his gang finds Juda and fights him. Tania and The Rabbi has to make tough choices. Asher confronts Menachem to get info about Juda, who needs to find a shelter before dawn.

  • Orit finds a connection between all the victims. Juda tries to break Asher out of prison by using is abilities despite the Rabbi's advices.

  • Tania pursuing after Juda alone, while Asher got arrested by the police. After his interrogation, Mister Jacques appears to make a threat.

  • The Rabbi continues his lessons to Juda. Asher tries to get a new passports for them, and things goes mad when the french mobster finds them.

  • The French mafia is chasing Juda. He manages to escape them, but got kidnapped by a mysterious Rabbi, who explains him how to deal with his new power, while the police is chasing him.

  • Juda Ben Haim is a showy little thug, on his way to the biggest gambling in Romania with the money of a dangerous French mobster. A mysterious and beautiful woman shows up and changes all the picture.