Kassem Show Full Episode Guide

  • So this is how the war with Kushtopia comes to an end.

  • My kids are still kidnapped. Joe Goes is our guest.

  • SteeBee WeeBee is our guest and my kids are still missing.

  • This is all your fault.

  • Hiimrawn and actor Dante Basco (AKA RUFIO) joins us to talk about his new short film, Bangarang: The Hook Prequel. VINVLOG makes a triumphant return. Speaking of Hook, my mom reviews the classic Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman movie. Also a very disturbing leaked Chad Parker video.

  • A very hot episode! Mom reviews Requiem for a Dream, Brandon Wardell stops by for a chat, Layne fills in for stupid Jon because Jon was busy making money, a response from the Gundo Army, and our second ever family vlog! Also thank you to the kind viewer that sent us the train set! Very cool! Choo Choo!

  • I'm armed and mildly dangerous, ready for any of Del's goons. Stand-up comedian, Theo Von, joins us. My mom reviews Pulp Fiction. Part 2 of Omar's vicious beating orchestrated by evil Del. And a message from Kushtopia delivered by a giant nug of weed?

  • My brother Omar got into an altercation in the last episode with Kushtopia so now we are at war. My mom reviews Fight Club. Comedian Sara Weinshenk is our guest. Mess with my family, you get the nose...

  • A very personal episode of Kassem Live. I share my family with you in our first family vlog, Layne subs in for Jon Na News, Slink Johnson AKA Black Jesus stops by to chat about his show, Charlie Murphy, and playing Lamar in GTAV. My mom reviews THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE because YOU bastards recommended it, and Omar has to run off set to deal with an unexpected problem! I hope he's okay...

  • In this cobbled mess of an episode Jon has some BIG news regarding his fatherhood, we get our DNA results back finally proving that I am a direct descendant of Jesus, my mom reviews Get Out despite her poor connection, I spill coffee all over myself, and a video from Chad Parker who thinks he's taking over the music biz!

  • Jon is back with Na News, Chad Parker pulls his ads from the show, we fulfill mom's request to bury Peter in the garden, idiot Del sends his goon to make amends, and my mom reviews Arrival and discusses my dad's terrifying chicken incident.

  • Should my mom forgive Peter for what he said about Jesus last week or should we bury him in sand? An update on the whereabouts of stupid Del, and my mom reviews the wrong ROOM movie.

  • Our old friend, Nathan Barnatt, stops by the show.

  • Kassem institutes a blunt band. Comedian Bobby Lee and Khalyla of Tigerbelly drop by the show.

  • Jon Na and his wife are expecting a baby so Kassem and the gang helps Jon get ready for fatherhood.

  • Amy Pham is the guest on the first episode. Kassem's mom reviews Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Del the Vacation Dalmation drops in as well.

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