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Being a staple of the Spike television program, MANswers is a show widely known, primarily by men, who watch the channel. The show is a comedy series that explores common myths or beliefs that pertain to sex, dating or just "manly" things in general. It seeks to bring answers to such questions for the male viewers who would likely be interested, hence the title "MANswers."

MANswers is categorized by ridiculously exaggerated sketches that seek to reenact whatever myths are being discussed. It makes use of high energy, over-the-top narration and cheesy, whimsical sound effects in order to make the sketches more exciting. While the special effects may seem cheap or somewhat primitive at times, the main goal of the show is ultimately to be funny. The almost cartoonish sketches of MANswers highlight its status as more of a comedy than a scientific program.

Some of the very myths explored on the show are clearly included to generate laughter. Examples of some stories explored on the show include things that are obviously meant to appeal to men, as well as create obvious humor for the overall audience. One episode asks if women's breasts float in water. Another explores whether you can freeze flatulence and thaw it later to smell it. Still another asks what the five cutest animals that can kill you are. It's these types of ridiculous questions that the show aims to answer.

However, a silly myth still needs an answer. The show does generally answer the questions it postulates, albeit in a less sophisticated way than a documentary or scientific article would. Oftentimes, experts are interviewed and/or consulted for the sake of finding the "manswers" to the crazy questions the show is based on. As strange as the results may be, and as silly as the show makes them, they do actually provide information to the audience.

If you're one to wonder about strange things regarding sex, drugs, bodily functions, or weird ways to die, then this show will deliver.

MANswers is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on September 20, 2007.

Where do I stream MANswers online? MANswers is available for streaming on Spike TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch MANswers on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV online.

Wednesday 12:00 AM et/pt on Spike TV
4 Seasons, 44 Episodes
September 20, 2007
Talk & Interview, Comedy
Cast: Bobbi Billard, Matt Short, Ward Roberts, Elizabeth Deo
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MANswers Full Episode Guide

  • How long can you survive in space without a spacesuit?

  • How did a guy have sex while flying a helicopter? How many leeches does it take to drain the life out of a dude? Which vegetable can cause erectile dysfunction? The best way to clean up dog poop.

  • The most vicious predator ever killed with bare hands. What type of dog attracts the ladies? How to binge drink without brain damage? The secret weapon to winning beer pong.

  • How to increase pain tolerance by 200%. The secret that guarantees a babe will win a wet t-shirt contest. How can a toilet save a guy's life? How to increase your "size" by 40%? How many elevator farts does it take to KILL?

  • How an expert escaped being buried alive in a locked coffin. How can a guy survive being struck by lightning? The right bed can make your manhood bigger. What day are you most likely to die in a hospital?

  • Can you measure earthquakes with boobs? How did a guy take out his own appendix? Can you grill salmon on a hot babe's ass? The secret to total control of your testicles. What's the best day to shag a cougar?

  • How a guy escaped the DEATH GRIP of a killer Python. Can a laptop lower sperm count? The secret to getting in her pants. How can vodka save a life? How much water does it take to get a MANswer Girl clean?

  • Can a guy plug up a blown-out airplane window? How to become a professional porn star. How much Communion Wine does it take to get drunk? Which stall has the cleanest crapper?

  • Sex while Skydiving. Secrets to winning a fist fight in an elevator. How long does it take to eat a horse? Is the Urban Legend, "The Kiss Of Death" for real? What's the slipperiest substance on earth?

  • How a guy survived water boarding. How can a lap dance jump start a car? How to pick a combination lock with a beer can. How a guy escaped an ass-crunching garbage truck. Make a radiation-proof suit for under 5 bucks.

  • The secret to surviving a Great White Shark attack. A gun that makes people puke. What kind of people meat do cannibals prefer to eat? MANswer Girls uncover the best camouflage in the world. How a guy can get free beer.

  • What car will turn a girl on?

  • The best place for a 3-way.

  • Rules for eating beaver, drink more and pee less, and have sex as much as possible.

  • Watch MANswers for answers to your questions.

  • Find out if she's a virgin.

  • Can cell phones enlarge your breasts?

  • Tonight MANswers tries to answer the questions of: Can you fart so hard your balls explode? Or how flat would a person be if they were run over by a steam roller?

  • What' the best way to bribe a warlord? Can a police dog sniff drugs and get high? What's the fastest way to completely disintegrate a dead body? What's the best drug to find in a girl's medicine cabinet?

  • How fat do you have to be to stop a bullet? What drink is most likely to get you into her pants? What's the best way to kick the crap out of somebody? How loud do speakers have to be to blow a girl's clothes off? What's the surefire ware to get your junk in that trunk?

  • How can boobs wash your car? What is the secret to surviving an elephant attack? These and more on Manswers!