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  • TV-14
  • 2016
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.7  (55)

Greatest Party Story Ever is a reality television series that initially premiered on MTV on December 1, 2016. The show, hosted by Peter Murphy, Spencer Morgan, and Gideon Adlon, showcases wild and hilarious stories from real-life partygoers across the country. Each episode features a number of different segments, typically between three and five, each highlighting a different individual's account of what they consider to be their most epic party ever. The stories come from people of all walks of life -- college students, festival-goers, clubbers, and more -- and range from the silly and embarrassing to the legitimately dangerous.

The hosts set the tone for the program and provide commentary throughout, guiding viewers through each story and frequently offering their own insights and opinions. Although the individuals sharing their tales of revelry on Greatest Party Story Ever are mostly unrecognizable to the general public, the show's true stars are the outrageous and often unbelievable anecdotes they share.

One common theme present in many stories on the show is the use of drugs or alcohol, which often lead to partygoers making ill-advised decisions. For example, one episode featured a tale of a young woman who accidentally ate an entire baggie of cocaine at a party and ended up having to go to the hospital, while another featured a story of a group of friends who went to a club and ended up getting so drunk that they woke up the next day locked inside the venue.

Other stories focus more on the absurd or outrageous circumstances that arose during a particular party. In one episode, viewers are regaled with the tale of a man who accidentally set half of his friend's house on fire during a New Year's Eve party with some ill-placed fireworks. Meanwhile, another episode features a man who became the object of ridicule after drunkenly passing out on the toilet in the middle of a party, only to have his friends draw all over his face in permanent marker while he was unconscious.

Many of the stories on Greatest Party Story Ever are incredibly cringe-worthy, perhaps none more so than a tale from one woman who ended up getting entangled in a threesome with two of her closest friends while heavily intoxicated. The ensuing awkwardness nearly ruined their friendship, and ultimately led to a lot of soul-searching and self-reflection on the part of all involved.

Despite the often shocking content of the stories, the overall tone of the show is light and humorous, and the hosts frequently add their own witty commentary to the proceedings. Although most of the content is NSFW, it's nonetheless entertaining to watch and provides plenty of laughs along the way.

Greatest Party Story Ever ran for a total of two seasons, with the final episode airing on February 23, 2017. The show received generally positive reviews during its run and was praised for its irreverent and often absurd take on party culture. At its core, the series presented an unfiltered look at the wild and unpredictable world of partying, exemplified by the often unbelievable stories shared by its guests.

Greatest Party Story Ever is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on January 14, 2016.

Greatest Party Story Ever
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Rob Dyrdek
10. Rob Dyrdek
December 22, 2016
We find out what happens when you pretend to be Rob Dyrdek, become an accidental wedding crasher, throw a demolition house party at the wrong house, and much more. Welcome to the party!
Donald Trump & Paris Hilton
9. Donald Trump & Paris Hilton
December 22, 2016
On an all new episode of Greatest Party Story Ever we find out what happens when you try to throw a dildo at Donald Trump, get conned by an old lady, and steal Paris Hilton's birthday cake. Welcome to the party!
Justin Timberlake
8. Justin Timberlake
December 22, 2016
You'll experience a magical encounter with a spider, find out what it's like to be trapped in a bar alone, and feel the downside of hacking a Justin Timberlake look alike contest. Welcome to the party!
Katy Perry
7. Katy Perry
December 22, 2016
On an all new episode of Greatest Party Story Ever you'll learn how to crash a Hollywood party, crash a bus and get away with it, and crash a kids party with Katy Perry. Welcome to the party!
Drugs, Jail & a Four Wheeler
6. Drugs, Jail & a Four Wheeler
December 8, 2016
We learn what it's like to take a lot of drugs and turn into a slice of pizza, have a good time in jail, and experience how four people on a four wheeler is a recipe for fail. Welcome to the party!
The Fat Jew, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Lexi Atkins
5. The Fat Jew, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Lexi Atkins
December 15, 2016
On an all new episode of Greatest Party Story Ever we'll smoke pubic hair with The Fat Jew, dance with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, follow Lexi Atkins on a wild goose chase, and wrestle with an alligator. Welcome to the party!
Lamorne Morris, Molly Tarlov & Khloe Kardashian
4. Lamorne Morris, Molly Tarlov & Khloe Kardashian
December 8, 2016
Get ready to go "Straight Intta Compton" with Lamorne Morris, have an awkward moment with Molly Tarlov, and see how a fan obsession can turn into a meeting with Khloe Kardashian.
Nev Schulman
3. Nev Schulman
December 8, 2016
On an all new episode of Greatest Party Story Ever you'll learn the art of cuckolding, see what happens when you accidently put drugs in your vagina, and party like a rock star with Nev Schulman. Welcome to the party!!
Travis Mills
2. Travis Mills
December 1, 2016
Stories about Moroccan hash, mom eating a weed cookie at Coachella and how Travis Mills used a tattoo to get out of getting married.
Snooki & Steelo
1. Snooki & Steelo
December 1, 2016
Snooki has a wild night out on the town, meet the "other Obama", and you might not want to know what Steelo did with milk.
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    January 14, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (55)