Loosely Translated

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Discover the power of language in this instructional video series that melts down after one little translation flub causes a huge misunderstanding.

Funny Or Die
1 Season, 8 Episodes
March 26, 2020
Cast: Holly Tuggy

Loosely Translated Full Episode Guide

  • This 80's language video explains that, in Spain, the word 't

  • One mispronunciation in Japanese has ruined this man's life

  • This vintage language series teaches us that the Russian expression 'Delayt Noge' means different things to different people.

  • Watch this video if you're a fan of ZIP-OFF-JEANS

  • Watch this video if you want to date an Argentine woman

  • Learn how to say "poo" "shoe" and "liar" in Hindi

  • French is a sensual language, even if you're talking about taking a poop

  • How to say vagina in Spanish