Los Beltran

A Cuban-American Patriarch and his family deal with life, love and changing values in a Southern California suburb.

Sony Pictures Television
1 Season, 43 Episodes
October 17, 1999
Comedy, Latino
Cast: Yeni Alvarez, Margarita Coego, Emiliano DÑez, Demetrius Navarro
Los Beltran

Los Beltran Full Episode Guide

  • Manny is at heaven's gate. Will he get in?

  • Letti and Anita both deal with the possibility of having a baby.

  • The family goes on vacation at their new timeshare property in the middle of a military base.

  • A family feud ensues when Miguel finds a lucky hat in the bodega and everyone wants a piece of it.

  • Letti lies to join an upscale Cuban women's social club. It's up to Manny to expose Letti and the club's true colors.

  • Manny goes to People's Court to try to make some easy money, but he's in for a surprise.

  • When Miguel's little league team under performs, Manny comes to the rescue.

  • Teofilo is set up on a date with his perfect match, until Manny and Letti get involved.

  • A Cuban baseball player defects and hides in the Beltran household.

  • The girls enter a Salsa contest, leaving the boys out.

  • Teofilo gets community service and has to serve it at El Bodegon

  • Miguel gets chosen to draw a famous comic strip.

  • Manny wants a traditional Cuban dinner, but he loses his nerve when he has to kill the little piglet himself.

  • Anita and Miguel pretend to get a divorce to teach Manny a lesson about respecting his son-in law.

  • After a fight with the boys, the girls go to a strip joint, only to be surprised by the performers

  • Femandito and Kevin hear wedding bells.

  • At Manny's insistence, Letti gets a cameo in a movie, to later find out that it is an X rated film.

  • When a serial robber holds up the bodega, Manny cowardly foils the attempt and becomes a hero.

  • Manny pretends to be poor in order to land a big catering job.

  • Manny is feeling like he's lost his touch, and Letti sets up the unthinkable to prove him wrong.

  • Miguel & Anita have a big fight and Miguel, regretting his behavior, serenades Anita.

  • Anita and Miguel's relationship is put to the test when Anita's best friend from childhood makes a surprise visit to the Beltran household.

  • Manny loses Abuela Petra's ashes and might end up being dead himself if Letti finds out.

  • Manny takes up golf to meet the president of a Cuban business association with deadly results.

  • The Beltran family must come to the rescue when Fernandito and Kevin decide to tell Fernandito's father, a Spanish general, the truth about their relationship.

  • In his on-going effort to become a member of the Fortuna 2000 club, Manny hires a homeless man to impress the president but a case of mistaken identity leaves him in an unexpected position.

  • Miguel decides to give up painting when he doesn't win a very prestigious award.

  • When Letti's addiction to a televovela leads to a hilarious dream where she and the rest of the cast land in an 18th century novella.

  • In the second of a two-part Los Beltran, the controversy Manny ignites within the Latino community when he sells out to casino developers threatens to ruin Manny and Gilberto's longtime friendship

  • Manny and Letti decide to take the money and run when casino developers make an offer to buy out El Bodegon in the first of a two part Los Beltran.

  • When Manny's old baseball teammate comes to town, Manny discovers his old buddy has changed in ways he could have never imagine.

  • Hoping to boost the bodega's profits, Manny rigs an apparition that tests his family's patience and his own faith.

  • A misunderstanding over the results of a routine check-up lead Manny down a road of reconciliation and preparation for what he believes the immediate future holds for him.

  • Acting like the over-achiever that her father raised her to be, Anita makes some rash decisions when she doesn't find herself at the top of the class in law school.

  • When Leti decides to re-enter the workforce, she is caught off guard by Manny's opinion about her career.

  • Manny feigns interest in Miguel's art exhibit to meet a critic he wants to impress and is outraged to find a nude painting of Anita for sale.

  • Manny finds himself supporting a politician for the sole purpose of boosting his business only to find that Mr. Gruber is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • A curse is placed on the Beltran house, and the family seeks the help of a "professional" santero to cleanse the veil spirit before an important visit by the local newspaper.

  • The new living arrangements at the Beltran residence prove to be sexually frustrating for the entire family.

  • A longtime family friend, who is handsome, Cuban, and rich, comes to wine and dine with the Beltran's, upstaging Miguel's efforts to impress Manny with the sale of one of his paintings.

  • The differences between Mexican and Cuban traditions prevail when the Beltran's prepare for Anita and Miguel's church wedding.

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