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"Mujer de Fases" (2012) is a Brazilian TV comedy. The main character is Graça, a newly-divorced real estate agent on the search for Mr. Right. Every episode, she meets two guys. A running gag is that the two men will be extremely different from each other. Another gag is that Graça is something of a chameleon who copies the behavior of other people. The show gives Graça an opinionated best friend who has a sarcastic daughter.

HBO Latino
1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 13, 2012
Comedy, Latino
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Mujer de Fases Full Episode Guide

  • On the season finale Grace meets a surfer and meets a man who she already knew and is closer than she imagined.

  • Grace meets a butcher on a dating website and her charity leads her to meet Deacon Lucio.

  • Grace meets a depressed man named Juliano who leads her through his suicidal tendencies to meet and Argentinian hunk.

  • Grace goes out with a vain model named Giovani and a former apartment seeking schoolmate.

  • Grace meets a traveling salesman and at the same time meets a Bohemian.

  • Grace gets treated by a Dr. Fernanda for a cream she bought from street vendor and they connect.

  • Grace meets a moody guy named Bruno and a badly dressed man.

  • Grace falls for an elderly patient and a handyman.

  • Grace reconnects with a schoolmate named Alfonso and is attracted to a city councilman.

  • Grace meets an 18-year-old son of a client and a strict Major.

  • Gracia meets Pierre at a concert, a young emo.

  • Gracia moves by Selma and meets a millionaire and a personal trainer.

  • Gracia starts a new life as a divorced woman with the help of her mother and best friend.

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