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In this crime drama series, a pair of investigators try to unravel the plot of a deranged man who is driven to acts of violence by a tragedy in the past. The investigative project is made even more complicated by the budding romantic relationship between the two investigators. The series debuted on HBO Latin America in 2004.

HBO Latino
1 Season, 26 Episodes
December 7, 2005
Action & Adventure, Drama, Mini-Series, Latino
Cast: Julio Chávez, Cecilia Roth, Villanueva Cosse, Carlos Portaluppi
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Epitafios Full Episode Guide

  • Renzo, a prisoner of his past and anger, begins hunting for the murderer alone. In the end, everything ends as it started, and the commander receives a package in which a crime is revealed, once again replicated in a photographic sequence.

  • Renzo will try to change the destiny presaging a photograph. Marina interrogates the killer with the help of Velasquez's psychiatrist, who confronts him with the truth. Both lead a double life and they will have to pay the consequences.

  • Renzo's recklessness and his thirst for revenge become obstacles in the investigation. Velasquez gives the detectives an address that leads them to the killer's door and to the truth. In the end, everyone will be surprised again.

  • Marina is out of control and is desperate to hide her past. Velasquez leaves behind a very important address. The analysis of the bodies, the photographic evidence and a few interviews reveal the shady past of a sick mind.

  • When the force loses one of its men, it is confirmed that they are very close to the killer. Marina and Renzo try to resolve their conflicts and stir Velasquez's premonitions, while they continue to trace the evidence from the mysterious bodies, .

  • Marina is confronted by the truth. Six dead bodies in an apartment and the results of the presumed killer's DNA test once more guide the investigations, a photograph could reveal his identity.

  • With Velasquez away, and the force unexpectedly looking for him after they had closed the case, the killer carries out what he had promised in the beginning. Marina is being investigated by an officer outside the force, and is haunted by her skeletons.

  • While the investigation into the death of the congressman continues, an unexpected visitor confronts Marina with her past . The detectives lose the only clue that can lead them to the murderer, but the dead speak...and deceive.

  • Attention is diverted from the detectives and Marina, who is living a double life, when the mysterious corpse of a congressman appears. Renzo without knowing that he is closing in on the killer, follows the trail of a photographer linked to the cases.

  • The body of a prostitute confirms the pattern of killings that is very similar to some old cases. Velasquez provides key clues for the investigation,his visions put her in grave danger. Renzo is close to finding out the killer's identity.

  • There is a massacre in the psychiatric hospital which leads to a search for XL. Marina continues to be trapped in a deadly game, the name of the next victim and the greed seal the destiny of a beggar and place the killer closer to Velasquez, XL.

  • Renzo and Marina find new clues about the killer being in Renzo's father's house, and they anticipate what has been written.

  • Renzo and Marina return to put a stop to a killer who sees murder as one of the highest forms of art.

  • In the first season finale, the search for Bruno intensifies when a member of the police investigation ends up missing. Plus, Marina warns Carlos about the roulette network.

  • Laura worries about her patients after a break-in occurs at her apartment. Bruno creates an elaborate scheme that he hopes will through the police off his trail.

  • After a disruption of his routine, Bruno quickly gets back on track with his next victim. Meanwhile, Renzo begins reconsidering his latest decision.

  • The body count contiues to rise as Bruno takes action when Renzo decides to release his photograph to the media; Laura prepares to follow her son to Miami.

  • Marina makes a fresh start with Renzo while telling him what she has learned about the killer. Meanwhile, the killer makes a daring attempt to find out just how much the police know.

  • A picture reveals the face of the killer and leads to important discoveries for both Laura and Marina; Renzo prepares a trap for the killer and a new epitaph is revealed for "someone who is unable to distinguish between trash and a miracle."

  • After making sure Fernando's mother doesn't reveal any information to the police, the killer concentrates on fixing the only mistake he has committed so far. Meanwhile, the ringing of a phone in the basement may foretell the death of "the one who ignored the misfortune will answer at all times."

  • Frustrated by the events at the airport, the killer decides to reveal his name to Laura. In the meantime, a gravely injured, unexpected visitor arrives at Renzo's house and Marin receives information that could lead him to the killer. By the end, a new epitaph reveals that somebody "who lived at the wrong time" could die the same way.

  • As the relationship with her ex-husband becomes increasingly tense, Laura discovers new information about the killer. A new epitaph is found near Lansky's body, which reads "the one who ignored the misfortune will answer at all times." Laura believes she knows the identity of the next victim. Renzo, the killer and the victim will be very close at the airport.

  • Renzo discovers a very important piece of information in the warehouse; Manuel once again goes to Laura's office. Meanwhile, there's a new victim whose epitaph reads "the one who made darkness an obsession." During a complex police investigation, Renzo receives help from an unexpected source. In the end, Laura and Renzo witness a sadistic and deadly event.

  • Trying to find the identity of the killer, Renzo and Martin trace the steps of one of the suspects. Meanwhile the fate of the one who was "deceiving the game" will be written on a new epitaph. In the end, Renzo will be very close to his prey.

  • Five years after the school murders, a brutal crime brings together Renzo and Martin decide to work together after the death of Benitez. Their investigation leads them directly to the father of one of the kids that was murdered at the school. Laura is forced to meet with Renzo. An old debt inspires the next epitaph, which says "the one who denied what's fair."

  • Five years after the school murders, a brutal crime brings together Benitez, the superintendent, Renzo M'árquez, an ex cop, and Laura Santini, a psychiatrist. They soon discover a tombstone which reveals the message "never should have."

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