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In the action thriller series The Family Man, a special agent tries to balance work and family. That's not easy because his work involves trying to thwart terrorist plots. He's always in danger, so normal life isn't easy. Manoj Bajpayee, Priyamani, and Sharib Hashmi star.

The Family Man is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on September 20, 2019.

Where do I stream The Family Man online? The Family Man is available for streaming on Amazon Prime, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Family Man on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Amazon Prime
1 Season, 10 Episodes
September 20, 2019
Action & Adventure, Drama
Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Sharib Hashmi, Vedant Sinha, Mehek Thakur
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The Family Man Full Episode Guide

  • Srikant learns that a plan B of Zulfiqar is in motion. Zoya and Milind reach Orion Chemicals. The devious plan of Zulfiqar may already be underway. Zoya and Milind are cornered and incapacitated, with no reinforcements around, as Srikant and JK rush to help them.

  • Basharat shows Sajid the canisters tucked away in a forest in Kashmir. Sameer is interrogated in Pakistan. Jonali gets a text message from Kareem. Jonali thinks the text could be related to Kareem's bodycam. General Khurshid meets Sameer who realises he is a mere pawn. Kulkarni tips off Srikant on the location of the canisters. Jonali searches for Kareem's bodycam. Sameer instructs Basharat to stop the truck carrying the canisters. Srikant bids goodbye to Saloni and leaves Kashmir. In Delhi, Sajid questions whether Mission Zulfiqar is over.

  • Srikant calls Bruce, CIA's man in Islamabad, tipping him off about Faizan's location. The Pakistani PM asks General Khurshid to stop General Ansari from maligning Pakistan's reputation. Suchitra and Arvind go to Lonavala for a startup conference. Sameer tells Ansari that it is time to launch Phase Two of Zulfiqar. Srikant goes to Afghanistan. Arvind praises Suchitra about her talk at the conference. Later, they are forced to stay in a single room but neither of them can sleep. Dhriti goes to a party where she is offered a pill. She refuses. Srikant offers Faizan a deal for information on Zulfiqar and its perpetrators.

  • Moosa tries to contact his mother, but learns that she has moved out. Sajid is impatient and wants to meet Basharat. Srikant requests Sharma to issue a red alert. Suchitra helps Arvind nurse his sick daughter to health. Faizan assures Sameer that Sajid will fall in line. Sajid is taken to Basharat, who is expected to attend a wedding in Baramulla. Srikant finds out about the wedding and wants to nab Basharat at the wedding. At the wedding, Sajid meets Basharat and finally gets to speak to Faizan. Srikant realises that he knows where Faizan is.

  • Srikant meets Saloni, his Commanding Officer, in Srinagar. JK talks to Asif's doctor because he suspects foul play. Suchitra adjusts well at her new place of work. Saloni, Srikant, and Major Vikram check out a safehouse to look for Basharat, an infamous handler. Vikram tells Srikant that if his asset is in Kashmir, he will surely meet Basharat. Srikant runs a face-recognition programme on a hunch and discovers he has been played. He calls JK to salvage the situation, but it is too late.

  • Altaf asks Sajid to go to Kashmir. Srikant gets a punishment posting to Kashmir. Moosa tells the nurse Mary that it is his mother's birthday and he wants to call her. She helps him. Srikant reaches Kashmir along with Sajid. Big boss Kulkarni calls Srikant and tells him to look out for an important Zulfiqar asset in Kashmir. With Mary's help, Moosa slips into Asif's hospital room.

  • Srikant tracks Suchitra's phone and finds that she is in a hotel. At the hotel, Srikant sees Suchitra with Arvind, and gets ticked off. TASC finds the video on Kareem's laptop. Srikant figures Kareem and his men are planning to attack the politician. Disguised as caterers, Kareem and his men leave in a van. Srikant is already waiting for them with Pasha and team. They find something quite unexpected. Srikant drinks all night with JK and Pasha. When he gets back home, he argues with Suchitra.

  • Two Muslim drivers suspected of carrying beef are lynched by extremists. Kareem is upset by this news. Jonali tries to calm him down. Srikant interrogates Moosa about Zulfiqar. The local police rounds up suspects. Suchitra meets Arvind and his boss and considers accepting the startup job. Kareem meets Altaf, who gives him a key. Someone has used the dropbox and Srikant tries to snoop around in their room. Kareem finds a video, which shows a politician inciting the men who lynched the Muslim men. The TASC team finds out there is a dangerous plan in place.

  • Srikant is tipped off about a scooter bomb in Kala Ghoda. He rushes to the spot to investigate who is behind it. Sameer talks to Pakistan's General Ansari and his cabal about Mission Zulfiqar. Arvind, Suchitra's colleague, asks her to quit her job as a college teacher, and join his startup. A couple of BMC employees show up with an earth mover at the Dhriti's school, as Srikant shows up with Dhriti, fortuitously. Srikant, who had looked up the documents of the school earlier, calls the BMC commissioner, an old friend, immediately and prevents the demolition of the school. The Principal revokes Dhriti's suspension. Kulkarni, Srikant's boss, tasks him with investigating Mission Zulfiqar. Three men claiming to know the scooter bomber, tell Srikant that the bomber is from Victoria College hostel and uses a drop box to communicate with them. In a theatre, Kareem refuses to stand up for the Indian national anthem, and is beaten up.

  • Srikant's boss Sharma asks him to interrogate ISIS recruits caught off the coast of Kochi. Zoya, JK, and Srikant meet Pasha, from Force One for the hand-over. Dhriti's school principal calls Srikant,threatening to suspend her for carrying a dubious pill. He rushes to plead with the Principal, but leaves hurriedly after getting an emergency message from his friend, JK. At home, Suchitra, Srikant's wife, scolds him for leaving the meeting with Dhriti's principal midway. Major Sameer, ISI, meets Faizan, a recruiter and handler, wanted by the Americans, and tells him of a secret mission called Mission Zulfiqar.