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  • TV-14
  • 2012
  • 1 Season
  • 8.0  (304)

Preamar is a Brazilian television series produced by HBO Latin America in partnership with Conspiração Filmes and directed by Estevão Ciavatta. The show debuted in June 2012 and ran for two seasons, concluding in November 2013. It follows the lives of a group of people who make their living by harvesting seafood in the coastal region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The show's title, Preamar, is a term used by Brazilian fishermen and refers to the highest tide of the year. This is a time of abundance in the sea, when the fishermen can often catch more fish and seafood than usual. However, outside of preamar, life can be more challenging for these fishermen, as they struggle to make ends meet and compete with larger commercial fishing operations.

At the heart of the show is João Ricardo Velasco, played by actor Henri Castelli. João is a former lawyer who has given up his previous life in the city to return to the coastal town where he grew up. João's father was a fisherman, and he sees potential in the local fishing industry to sustain the community and provide a better future for its residents.

Throughout the show, we see João navigate the challenges of bringing sustainable fishing practices to the town, including dealing with skeptical fishermen and navigating a legal system that favors commercial fishing operations. João also reconnects with his childhood friends, including his former girlfriend, Ana Clara (played by Letícia Sabatella), who is a marine biologist working to protect the local ecosystem.

In addition to João's story, the show also explores the lives of other local fishermen, including Gão (played by José de Abreu), who runs a local bar and is struggling to make a living, and Daniela (played by Priscila Assum), the owner of a seafood restaurant who is also looking to source her ingredients more sustainably.

The show's creators have emphasized the importance of accurately portraying the lives of Brazilian fishermen and the challenges they face. To that end, the show was filmed entirely on location in Rio de Janeiro, with many scenes shot in real fishing villages and on real fishing boats. The show also uses local actors and incorporates the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture into its storytelling.

One notable aspect of the show is its use of music. The show's soundtrack features a mix of Brazilian and international music, including samba, bossa nova, and indie rock. The songs are often reflective of the show's themes, with lyrics about the sea, nature, and the struggles of everyday life.

Overall, Preamar is a compelling and insightful look at the lives of Brazilian fishermen and the challenges they face in a changing world. The show's portrayal of sustainable fishing and its efforts to spotlight local culture make it a unique and valuable addition to the HBO Latino lineup.

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Waters of Preamar
13. Waters of Preamar
July 29, 2012
There are last minute complications with freeing Fred from jail. Diretoria has caused some problems with Nanato's blackmail.
Preamar Is Carnaval
12. Preamar Is Carnaval
July 22, 2012
Velasco and Paula trap Judge Nonato with drugs and women. The blackmail works and Fred posts bail.
The Slammer
11. The Slammer
July 15, 2012
Fred gets a visit from his father. Velasco and Paula hook up again. A meeting is set up with a judge to discuss Fred's bail.
Life is Like a Party
10. Life is Like a Party
July 8, 2012
Velasco's event with the wealthy foreigners turns out to be a success. Mariana surprises Fred by arresting him at a luau.
9. Rainbow
July 1, 2012
Velasco enlists the help of Xerife to organize a list of rich foreigners as he tries to sell the family boat.
New Moon Tide
8. New Moon Tide
June 24, 2012
A customer loyalty plan is hatched by Velasco and Xerife. Maria Isabel makes a profit from the donated jewelry.
For Noble Causes
7. For Noble Causes
June 17, 2012
Maria Isabel discovers her husband's true situation, while he is worried about a demonstration in front of the kiosk.
New Year
6. New Year
June 10, 2012
When New Year's Eve arrivesm the Velasco family gets ready for the celebration. Fred and Manu go to the party at the kiosk, which is a big success.
Appearance and Charisma
5. Appearance and Charisma
June 3, 2012
Manu gets worried after her father's argument with Fred. Xerife confronts Velasco and asks him why he didn't say that he was Fred's father.
Deep Waters
4. Deep Waters
May 27, 2012
Fred lays low, afraid he will be tied to the death of a beach atand concession holder, who is suspected of being a drug dealer. Velasco pretends to be from Sao Paulo abd meets with Paula. Fred is confronted by his hather, who tells him he knows everything.
When Demand is Bigger than the Offer
3. When Demand is Bigger than the Offer
May 20, 2012
Velasco realizes that he is out of touch with his family, and alming to find out more about his son Fred's life makes some important discoveries, while brilliant idea brings him closer to Xerife.
The Law of the Beach
2. The Law of the Beach
May 13, 2012
Velasco asks the doorman Biu to arrange a meeting with Xerife, the boss of the beach, who perceives that the investor could be very useful to this business dealings. Velasco makes an important discovery about his family.
The Dive
1. The Dive
May 6, 2012
The higly successful Joao Ricardo Velasco got fired from the bank where he worked, and when he observes the movements of the vendors who make their living from the beach, he realizes this could be the place for him to start all over again.
  • Premiere Date
    May 6, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (304)