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  • 2016
  • 2 Seasons

Love That Bob is a classic American sitcom that was first broadcast in the late 1950s. The show is centered around the character of Bob Cummings, a handsome and charming bachelor who lives in Southern California. Cummings plays himself in the show. The show is known for its light-hearted and comedic tone, and it has become a beloved classic of early television. The show's popularity was due in part to Cummings' charisma and likability, as well as the clever writing and expert comedic timing of the cast.

The show follows the adventures and misadventures of Bob as he navigates the dating scene in Southern California. Bob is an eager bachelor who is constantly on the lookout for a new romantic escapade. He spends much of his time at the beach and the local hot spots, trying to impress and woo the many women that he encounters.

Bob's love interests often include beautiful and glamorous women, but he also has a soft spot for the girl-next-door types. His romantic pursuits are often hampered by his bumbling friend and business partner, Schuyler Davis, who is always getting in the way of Bob's conquests.

The show also features the character of Margaret Davis, Schuyler's wife and Bob's long-time friend. Margaret is a strong, opinionated woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. She often clashes with Bob over his romantic escapades, but deep down she cares for him and wants him to find true love.

The show is notable for its depiction of California beach culture in the 1950s. Much of the show takes place outdoors, with scenes filmed on location at various beachside locations. The show features a variety of beach sports and activities, from volleyball and surfing to picnicking and sunbathing.

Love That Bob is also notable for its innovative use of video technology. The show was one of the first sitcoms to be shot using a multi-camera system, which allowed for seamless transitions between scenes and a more realistic depiction of the characters' interactions. This technique would go on to become standard for television sitcoms.

The show was a critical and commercial success during its run on television, garnering multiple Emmy nominations and winning several awards. It was also a cultural phenomenon, popularizing many of the 1950s beach fashions and trends.

In conclusion, Love That Bob is a beloved classic of early television, known for its light-hearted tone and comedic performances. The show's depiction of California beach culture in the 1950s and its innovative use of multi-camera technology make it a landmark in the history of television sitcoms. Fans of classic television will love this charming and entertaining show.

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Grandpa's Christmas Visit
14. Grandpa's Christmas Visit
December 9, 2016
Grandpa tries to steal Bob's date at Christmas party.
  • Premiere Date
    December 9, 2016